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Around the Central Line

The Central Line originally opened on the 27th June 1900, work on its construction having commenced in 1896, as the Central London Railway.  It originally ran between Shepherds Bush and Cornhill (later becoming Bank).

Various extensions were built over the years, though it was not until the late 1940's that the line finally reached its current termini, both to the East and West of London.

It's original depot was at Wood Lane (later to become White City) but with the extensions additional depots were constructed at West Ruislip and Hainault.

The following collection of photographs have been supplied by Chris Cobley and Phil Wimbush and give an impression of the line and rolling stock as in use today.

Although not unique on London Underground, the Central Line's trains are operated automatically by means of codes being transmitted by the signalling equipment to the trains; the Train Operator normally allows the train to operate in ATO (Automatic Train Operation) mode, though there are certain times and places when the trains are driven manually.

The Automatic Train Protection system (ATP) is also different from 'conventional' London Underground lines, in that the trains and track are not equipped with the trainstop and tripcock system - this too has been replaced by an electronic system controlled by the signalling equipment.  The entire line is controlled and signalled from one central location at Wood Lane; photos of this centre can be seen here.

1992 Tube Stock in White City Depot

1992 Tube Stock in White City Depot

1992 Tube Stock DMC 91339

1992 Tube Stock DMC 91339 Cab

ATO and ATP equipment panels

ATO and ATP equipment panels

ATO and ATP equipment panels

1992 TS Drivers 'desk'

1992 TS Communications Panel

Control Mode panel

Control Switches

Offside Desk

Systems VDU

Signal DEB7855

Debden Signal Cabin

Debden Siding

The approach to Epping

White City Depot

White City Depot

West Ruislip Emergency Control Panel

'Code Begins' sign

ATO section board

Fixed Red Lights

Shunt Signal WER1057

Shunt Signal WER 1066

CCTV screen

Exit signal from White City Depot

Stop sign

150304 004

150304 012


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