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 Hamilton Radials Roster

Hamilton Radials Roster

This is a roster of all radial cars owned by the Cataract Company and its subsidiaries. Due to the poor records of the Cataract Company, some of the source information may be contradictory.

This roster is built assuming that cars were renumbered when the companies were bought by the Cataract Company. This may be not be true in all cases, and renumberings may have occurred months or even years later. Radial names and numbers in bold refer to the Radial line before it was taken over by the Cataract Company. For more on each railroad's fleet of cars, check the links below:

Cars of the H&D
Cars of the HG&B
Cars of the HRER
Cars of the B&H
Cars of the HTC

:2 - second radial car with this number
? - unknown
DE - Double End
DT - Double Truck
even - even numbers only
ex - formerly known as
odd – odd numbers only
rb – rebuilt
rn – renumbered
SE - Single End
ST - Single Truck