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Disassembly and cleaning of:

  • Old Timer 4-4-0

  • Casey Jones 4-4-0

  • Atlantic 4-4-2

  • Pacific 4-6-2

  • Hudson 4-6-4

  • Mountain 4-8-4

  • Switcher 0-8-0

  • Switcher 0-6-0

  • Docksider 0-6-0

  • Switcher Baldwin

  • General Purpose Geep

  • Alco A

  • Alco B



Generally locomotives with a few hours of operation on them need to be serviced to remove old oils and greases that inhibit great performance and certain features need to be examined to ensure reliability. There are also random cases where damage has occurred due to falls or inappropriate handling. We will go though the steps of careful teardown, cleaning, lubrication, inspection, and reassembly to help you keep your investment in working order for years to come.

Two things we world like to stress are:

    1) If it is not broken, do not fix it. The temptation to tear everything apart is always there but in most cases we are working with brittle plastic that is three generations or a half century old. Cross threading screws can cause disappointments though fractured mounting bosses and stripped threads. If you have to force it together or apart, something is not right. 

    2) If it breaks or becomes damaged while you are doing your own repairs and following these guidelines in our tool bench web, Badgerland assumes no responsibility for your issue. If you feel uncomfortable and wish not to attempt repairs on your own, there are some repairmen of old trains on line, at swap meets, and in our club. Consider joining the BSG club. It may be the best investment you make this year.

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