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1938 Tube Stock

On Tuesday 23rd September 2003 The London Transport Museums ran a Special 'Invitation Only' trip on the Piccadilly Line.

The train was transferred from the Museum depot where it normally lives into Ealing Common Depot prior to the trip and I was fortunate enough to be able to get some photos of it.

My good fortune was increased by being given permission by the Museum's staff who were doing the final checks and preparation to climb aboard and I was given 'Carte Blanche' to take as many shots as I liked of whatever I liked.

The gallery reproduced here is, by necessity, very compressed in terms of file sizes compared to the originals, which range between 600kb and 1.6 mb! If you would like copies of any of the full size pictures please contact me and I'll be pleased to share them, but I do retain the copyright, so please ask for permission before publishing them elsewhere.

If any of you managed to get any photos of the trip itself I'd be delighted to receive them and publish them here, appropriately credited of course, so that they can be shared by us all!

38TS and 92TS

'D' End DMC 11012

'D' End DMC - detail

'D' End DMC - oblique angle view

1938 TS - whole unit

Shoe Beam detail

Cab Interior


Driving controls

Westinghouse Brake Retarder

Control Equipment panel

Interior of 11012

Guards Panel (No.2 side) on DMC 10012

'A' End DMC 10012

'A' End DMC 10012 - detail

38TS and 92TS view from 'A' End

'A' End DMC 10012 - closer view of cab

Signal bell in 10012

Deatil of Control Panel

Closer detail of Duplex Air Guage and Drivers Brake Handle

Closer detail of the Master Controller

Control Equipment panel - 2nd picture

Advert carried on Trailer Car 12256

2nd Advert in 12256.

Interior of Trailer Car 12048

Number designation Plate

Gurads Panel, No.1 Side on DMC 10012

Detail of Emergency Brake Lever

A second album has been added below, and credit for these is to my good friend Tube Troll, of the Unit whilst on its run passing Arnos Grove. The photos are self-explanatory, so no captions have been added but the following is a quote from Tube Troll's covering e.mail to me.......

'It struck me that the train stands out as such a thing of beauty, set against the 'modern architecture' of the new staff footbridge (how art deco - not) and the efforts of tox 03. And also, its amazing to think that this little red train is nearly as old as pretty much every building and structure you see in the pictures. (the station was five years old when these trains began service on the underground.)'


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