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Road Trip to Dunsmuir and Southern Oregon    Page 1

Before I started building my wigwag site in April of '99, I knew very little about Dunsmuir and almost nothing about the Siskiyou line(CORP former SP). After putting together the Oregon section on the site, and getting to know some of the people up there via email, I finally had to make the trip and see what I was missing. What an experience! Time has truly forgotten that stretch of rails between Black  Butte California and Eugene Oregon . How often do you get to see wigwags and semaphores still in service? Dunsmuir is truly a railroad town...Semaphores set out on display at street corners and switch stands used as sign standards! I would really like to thank Rick Perry from the Central Oregon and Pacific and Larry Tuttle (Alpha Rail Pages...CORP) for giving me the full on tour of their world. Really cool to be able to finally meet them in person!

  • Sunday September 19, 1999... Left San Francisco at about 12:30 pm.
  • Arrived Dunsmuir at 4:30pm.
  • The first Dunsmuir exit from I-5 points to Railroad Park...went and

  • checked that out first. If you've ever wanted to stay in a caboose for a night, this is the place.
  • They also have a couple of US&S style B semaphores on display.

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    Railroad Park is very easy to find, just take the "Railroad Park Road"
    exit off I-5 as you get into Dunsmuir and follow the signs.

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    View looking south of Dunsmuir Ave.

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    Dunsmuir Ave. and Pine St. They have 5 semaphores in the downtown area.

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    Along Dunsmuir Ave., near 
    Cedar St. signal # 5913.
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    Typical street sign in downtown Dunsmuir...
    notice the old AAA reflectorized stop sign.

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     Somebody's semaphore has just arrived at the post office!

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