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Tolo, Gold Hill, Hugo

Finally on my way to Tolo! Directions seemed easy enough, but somehow I over-shot it and ended up
in Rogue River...Oops! So I doubled back, found a pay phone and got a hold of Larry. As it turned out,
I was calling him from a half mile away. Oh well, he showed up a minute later and directed me to Oregon's
most famous wigwag.

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So finally we meet! (well, actually at the pay phone, but you get the idea!) Larry Tuttle next
to the Tolo wigwag. Still a little time left to do some exploring, so we move on to Gold Hill.
For more info on this wigwag, refer to my site, this signal's been to hell and back!

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But first I had to get a picture of Goldray Dam.
The CORP line runs through the upper right of the picture.
The wigwag would be just to the right of the dam.
Lower Table Rock in background.

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Quick stop just north of Gold Hill to get a shot of these blades. Signal #4597.
There's another set of semaphores about a mile north of these,
but inaccessible. They are visible from the road however.
Then we're off to Hugo.

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Hugo wigwag.

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We then went for a bit of a hike to check out a recent casualty. These semaphores were just removed and replaced with a new Electrocode unit. Completely self-contained, these also eliminate the need
for pole lines. Signal #4883
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This photo shows the same semaphores when they were
still in service. Note the unfinished Electrocode box to the right
of the track. The double set of blades to the left are the same
signal as the one pictured in the last photo, lower right in photo.
Photo courtesy of Larry Tuttle and appears on Alpha Rail Pages.
Larry has a play by play of these semaphores being removed 
on his site. Check it out!

Thanks again to Larry for showing me around this area. Darkness fell a little too soon,
so it was time to head back to the room in Medford and get a hold of Rick Perry.
We had planned on meeting up the next day to check out Roseburg.
Another busy day ahead!
For a map of the Hugo area, click here.

More on the way...Glendale, Roseburg and Medford!
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