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Roadtrip to Oregon page 8
Road trip to Dunsmuir and Southern Oregon    Page 8

Tuesday September 22, 1999:
Got up as early as I could (sometime before noon) and got ahold of Rick Perry. Planned a meet in
Roseburg at his office a little after noon. Roseburg is about an hour and a half north of Medford where I was staying. Loaded my camera and a few maps and headed north. Another scorching hot day, I didn't even think to bring shorts! I figured Oregon would be cold and cloudy, I was sure in for a surprise. On the way up to Roseburg, I decided to make a quick run over to Glendale to see if I could locate the wigwag that was supposed to be on display at the recently moved and renovated depot. After driving all over town trying to find it, I gave in and called Rick from a pay phone. As it turned out, I was one block away from it! Same thing that just happened to me the day before when I was trying to find Gold Ray Dam.

Glendale is actually off the freeway a bit. Just take the Glendale exit off I-5
(see map) and take Glendale Valley Road in to town.

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Central Glendale

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Downtown Glendale, facing north.
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Glendale, facing south

I beleive the depot was originally located here somewhere, someone can correct me if I'm wrong.
This is pretty much "downtown" Glendale.

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The restored depot now sits about a block from Molly St.
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And of course...the wigwag. This used to
protect the Molly Street xing.

Now running late to meet up with Rick, we decide to meet at the Dole Road wigwag at Round Prairie (just south of Roseburg).
Again, I get lost, thinking I overshot the offramp, I pulled over at a truck stop and called Rick on his cell phone( sure wish I had
one at the time!). He laughs, says he's right accross the river from me...I could practically see him from where I was calling from.

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A minute later I'm at the Dole Road wigwag, finally meeting Rick in person. He shows me the relay case
at the crossing and fires off the wigwag for pictures. Then we're off to CORP headquarters in Roseburg.

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Close up of banner. Yes, that's duct tape 
holding the lens in place!
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Close up of relay box at crossing. Lower
level contains the battereys and rectifier, 
relays in upper level.

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