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Dan's trip to Oregon page 5
Road trip to Dunsmuir and Southern Oregon    Page 5

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This view looks north, the platform in the center marks 
where the depot used to stand. The beginning of the 
Siskiyous are in the distance.
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View looking south.

Not far from Granada is Montague. This is the interchange point with the Yreka Western, a shortline that runs
about 7 miles from Yreka to Montague. This is where the loads from Yreka are picked up by the
Central Oregon and Pacific, and hauled off (south) to Black Butte, to be picked up by Union Pacific.

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Downtown Montague. Blink and you'll miss it!

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The depot was moved across the street and it looks like a restoration is in progress.
Complete with their own semaphore!

For a simple map of Montague, click here.

Ager and Hornbrook

After Montague, I headed north on Ager Road for a good 12 miles, turned left on
Ager-Beswick road and what did I find?...

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My first wigwag on the CORP line!

Very timeless scene here, old wood bridge, crossbuck, and of course...the wigwag.
Very typical scene on the Espee not too many years ago. Looks like that bridge once supported
two tracks, perhaps a siding was removed some time ago.
For more on this location, go to my wigwag site. Several photos are featured including
a CORP train going through this crossing, captured by Ted Weldon.

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Hornbrook, California. This is a true one horse town!
Looking north, Siskiyous getting closer.

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Central Hornbrook!
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Hornbrook "yard". Looking south, 
Black Mountain looms in background.

For a map of the Ager/Hornbrook area, click here.

After this, it was time to get back on I-5. Running late for planned rendezvous with Larry Tuttle!

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