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Dan's Oregon trip page 2
Road trip to Dunsmuir and Southern Oregon    Page 2

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Union Pacific engine facility area, reminder of the past.

Sacramento and Pine Streets.

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Looking south.
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Looking north.

One block east from Dunsmuir Ave. is where it all happens...Sacramento Street! This is where you will find the UP facilities. Not too much remains from its SP past, the turntable is still there and in use, as well as some of the older shop buildings. The roundhouse is long gone. Tried to locate the old water tower, but I guess I missed that by a few years too.

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The old mallet shed still stands...built specificaly for the huge mallets an cab-forwards.
The "Dunsmuir cam" is located on the far end (north) on this shed.
For a live (almost) image of this area...go to

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Another View of the shed. The camera should be on
the front of this building somewhere.

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The turntable. The roundhouse used to be right
behind it, to the left of the yellow building.

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What's left of the old backshop buildings.
Looking north, turntable in foreground.

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Looking very out of place in the 95 degree heat!
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A little rail action sunday night...SP 9803, 9821 and others.

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