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Oregon trip page 3
Road trip to Dunsmuir and Southern Oregon    Page 3

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An old SP Mogul sitting out at Dunsmuir City Park along Dunsmuir Ave.
Also on display is yet another US&S style B semaphore,
and a motor car indicator inside the cage.

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The details...

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Crew change at Dunsmuir. Monday, September 20th, 1999.
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Minutes later, heading south.

After that, it was time to head north, Just as I
was leaving Dunsmuir, I was fooled by this
phony old  highway sign! Still worth a
picture though. Dunsmuir and Siskiyou Aves.

Click here for a simple map of the downtwon area.

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For more Info on Dunsmuir, visit the Dunsmuir Chamber of Commerce site.

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