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Ashland, Talent

So after I was finished with Hornbrook, it was time to hurry on to Medford.
Had plans to meet up with Larry Tuttle. After racing through the pass just before
Ashland, I couldn't resist pulling into town to locate the wigwag on Oak Street.
After seemingly driving all over town, I finally found it!

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Here it stands, on Oak Street. First thing I noticed was the stop sign in front of it.
I later noticed that they do that with all of the wigwags in Oregon, I guess they just
aren't considered to be adequate warning of an approaching train.

I can't tell you how I got here, but hopefully this map will help!
Note I-5 in top right corner.

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Right after getting shots of the wigwag, I figured I should try to hit the highway...
still running late. But then I came across this sad sight. A color light installed by
Southern Pacific shortly before pulling out of the Siskiyou line. The semaphore foundations
are still in place. Now I really need to get to Medford, already an hour late! But then...

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My first set of blades! As I was heading out of town on old 99, I just about swerved off the road when I saw these. I
was able to pull into a parking lot to get these shots. Signal number 4302 puts these at mile post 430.

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From that point on, semaphores kept popping up left
and right. Larry's going to have to wait!
(sorry Larry...sure you understand)
This set of blades are located in Talent, signal #4347.

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The very next set, less than a
mile north, signal # 4352

So I promised myself before making this trip that I was not going to shoot pictures of every set of blades that I came across...
but that's certainly not how it turned out. So I finally got back on my way, passing through Phoenix on old 99 and
then to Medford. After checking in, I got a hold of Larry, and we planned a rendezvous at where else?...The Tolo wigwag!

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