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Dan's trip to Oregon page 4
Road trip to Dunsmuir and Southern Oregon    Page 4

Mt. Shasta
Next stop on the way was Mt. Shasta City. Not much of a city, but quite interesting.
This is also where the Mc Cloud River Railroad meets up with Union Pacific.

Mt Shasta map

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The old SP station is located at the corner of Cestnut
and Rockfellow Dr. It appears to have been
moved from it's original location, but I'm not sure
of this. It has been restored. First thing I noticed
was the cast iron crossbucks displayed in
front of the building.

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About a half mile north of the station on the same street (old US 99) is where the Mc Cloud River joins with the UP.
It looks like the north leg of the wye has been removed, as it is shown on the map,
but I could not locate it. Black Butte is in the background.

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The next crossing east of the junction is the Everrit Memorial Hwy crossing. Mt. Shasta in background again. Regretably I saw no trains, didn't have much time to hang around.
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For the signal nerds (myself included) I snapped this shot of the same
crossing. It's becomming increasingly rare to find a compltete set of
Union Switch and Signal flashers complete with "teardrop" bells.
Not to mention that "Stop on red signal" sign!

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As I headed north along old US 99, I ecountered
my first CORP train! The Weed Switcher,
or "Weed Wacker" heads south at Granada.
Fronted by GP-38 3828.

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