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Road trip to Oregon page 10
Road trip to Dunsmuir and Southern Oregon    Page 10

So just before I headed for the Bay Area, I decided to get a few shots of Medford. I almost forgot to get a picture of the
Medford wigwag and a few more shots of the one at Tolo Road. There was also a double set of double blades just
north of downtown on old 99 that I needed to get too.
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Looking south from 11th street.
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Looking north from 11th Street.

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The 11th Street wigwag in Medford. This one is especially fun to watch,
it's in excellent mechanical shape. The best one I've seen yet.

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Tolo Road wigwag, doing what it's been 
doing for the last 70 or so years.
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GP-38 #3811 running long hood forward. According to Larry
Tuttle, this particular unit seems to run better this way.

As I was heading up old 99 in downtown Medford, I noticed the semaphore blades were lined up for a train
north of there. so I quickly headed north where old 99 turns into Blackwell Road. I lucked out,
the train was creeping along, heading north...just where I wanted it! Just as I arrived at the crossing...
clank...clank...clank...(the sound a wigwag makes when it needs some attention)
I had just enough time to ditch the car and get these shots.

Gold Ray Dam is just north of Medford (see map)
To find the wigwag at Gold Ray Dam, take the Blackwell exit off I-5 and head north.
Keep going till you pass Kirtland and cross over the tracks, then turn right on Tolo Road.
Stay on Tolo Road about a half mile or so, it will eventually cross the tracks. The "X"
on this maps simply marks where Tolo is, the wigwag is actually further up the track towards
the top of the map.

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One for the road!
This set of blades can be found just north of Medford at milepost 447.4.
A five and a half hour drive lay ahead of me, So it was time to go.
I'll definitely be back!

Update 6/00
This installation was modified to searchlight type
signals on 6/27/00. The US&S bases were retained.

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