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Roadtrip to Oregon page 9
Road trip to Dunsmuir and Southern Oregon    Page 9

So after a quick tour of the Corp yard, we were off to to the south end of the yard.
Here they have one of those new Electrocode signals, all in one relay case and signal.
These are the newest type of block signals being installed. They are completely self-
contained, and send signals through the track for train detection.

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Signal 5717 at the south end of Roseburg Yard. A CORP train is being put together to the right.
The Electrocode unit replaced a set of Union Switch & Signal type H-2 searchlight signals.

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Here we get a peak inside of the Electrocode unit. Usually they don't have the old
style relays inside, but at this location they are using Elcctrocode logic in one direction,
and relay logic (still pole line there) in the other. Rick "tries" to hide from the camera.

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Just south of town we catch the AM Dillard Switcher headin' south.
Gp-38 trips the semaphore blades (MP 569.2).

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Ever seen inside a semaphore case? On the bottom level (pole line side) you have the track relays. On the other side, the batteries would be here.
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The upper case is where the mechanism lives. This is the single bladed semaphore, if it were double, there would be two sets of mechanisms.

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On the way out of town, I snapped a picture of this set a little further south, MP 568.0.

Once again I must say thanks to Rick for showing me around Roseburg.
It was a rare opportunity that I really appreciate. By the end of the day I was pretty wiped out, so
I headed back to Medford and got ready for the trip home the next morning.
But I still haven't shot any pictures of Medford yet....

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