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Engineering Work


'These show unusual workings in connection with engineering work.

On 15 May 1977 there was engineering work in the Whitechapel area that involved extensive single line working. The Bow Road picture shows R stock working eastbound on the westbound road and there are two pictures of trains regaining the eastbound road at Bromley by Bow. Hammersmith & City trains were diverted to Aldgate, hence two trains of C stock in the middle platforms with Hammersmith on the blind.

On 19 June 1977 Bakerloo trains were diverted to Baker Street Metropolitan (I think this was due to Jubilee line works at tube level, possibly when the new junctions were commissioned, but I am not sure). There are two pictures of 1938 tube stock at Baker Street and one of a southbound Bakerloo train entering Finchley Road.

On 18 September 1977 the bridge carrying the northbound Metropolitan and Bakerloo lines over Edgware Road at Kilburn was renewed. Metropolitan trains did not operate south of Wembley Park and there was a special diesel service from Marylebone. Southbound Bakerloo trains used the southbound Met road and northbound Bakerloo trains used the southbound Bakerloo road. Northbound trains arrived in the northbound platform at West Hampstead and passengers changed to a train waiting in the southbound platform which then departed northwards. The newly-arrived train then shunted to the southbound road via the reversing siding, ready for the the northbound arrival. Southbound trains obviously could not call at West Hampstead, Kilburn or Dollis Hill. I cannot remember exactly where everything regained the correct road, but it must have been in the Neasden area.'

C Stock trains in the Bay Roads at Aldgate

R Stock at Bow Road

CO/CO Stock at Bromley-by-Bow

R Stock at Bromley-by-Bow

1938 Tube Stock at Baker Street

1938 Tube Stock at Baker Street

1938 Tube Stock at Finchley Road

1938 Tube Stock at Finchley Road

1972 Tube Stock at Kilburn

1938 and 1972 Tube Stocks at West Hampstead

1972 Tube Stock at West Hampstead

1938 Tube Stock at Willesden Green

1938 Tube Stock at Willesden Green


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