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Odds and Ends


'Here are some odds and ends....

Interior view of 1938 tube stock driving motor coach 10306, with windows as experimentally modified in 1949. This was done as part of a design development programme, though large windows in doors did not go into production until the 1967 tube stock, eighteen years later.

1960 tube stock on the Woodford - Hainault line.

Met locomotive No 12 "Sarah Siddons" in the sidings by Acton Town station.

1959 tube stock at Finchley Central'

1938 Tube Stock DMC 10306 interior

Sarah Siddons in Acton Town sidings

1960 Tube Stock at Grange Hill

1969 Tube Stock at Hainault

1960 Tube Stock Trailer Car 4900 at Woodford

1960 Tube Stock Trailer Car 4901 at Woodford

1959 Tube Stock at Finchley Central


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