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Piccadilly Line


'Here are a few pictures of the Piccadilly Line, with both 1959 and 1973 tube stock in service.

The picture at Hounslow West shows the last train to use the old platforms. This was at the end of the rush hour on Friday 11 July 1975. Trains reversed at Hounslow Central during the weekend and the new platforms at Hounslow West came into use on Monday 14 July. Trains ran empty to Hatton Cross to reverse, but the passenger service was extended there on Saturday 19 July. The first train ran middle of the morning and 1973 tube stock was provided, though the type was not in regular service then. The photograph taken on 19 July shows this train on return to Hounslow East.'

1959 Tube Stock at Hounslow West

1973 Tube Stock at Hounslow East

1973 Tube Stock at Sudbury Hill

1959 Tube Stock at Sudbury Town

1973 Tube Stock at Sudbury Town


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