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Great Northern & City Line


'These show the last day of LT service on the Great Northern & City line, Saturday 4 October 1975. Battery locomotives arrived at Drayton Park during the afternoon, ready for stock transfers back to Neasden. By that time there was no passenger service on the GN&C between Old Street and Moorgate, due to the replacement of the escalators at Moorgate already being under way. However, those of us on the last train were allowed to travel on it to Moorgate and back. A photograph shows the GN&C staff in from of the train on arrival back at Drayton Park. There are three photographs of one of the stock transfers on Sunday 5 October. The shot of the battery locomotives and tube stock on the East Coast Main Line at Holloway (no electrification! sempahore signals!) is one of the favourites in my collection.'

1938 Tube Stock at Drayton Park

L21 in Drayton Park sidings

L21 in Drayton Park station

L44 and 1938 Tube Stock at Drayton Park

L44 northbound at Drayton Park

L44 southbound at Drayton Park

The last London Transport train at Drayton Park

L47 at Baker Street

L56 at Baker Street

L56 and 1938 Tube Stock at Holloway


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