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The JLS Railroad is a Large Scale 40' x 42' indoor, regularly operating Prototypical layout. We have been in existence since 1990.
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To those who are still with us and to those who exist only in the memory of their forgotten crews, this site is dedicated to those 25 titans who ruled the rails and shall never be forgotten. To the best there ever was: The Union Pacific BigBoys.

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JLS Railroad Update

The JLS Railroad publishes a weekly news letter which is released every Wednesday. It is an ongoing story detailing everything happening down on the JLS Railroad. Information on all projects, Operating Sessions and TrainShows are included as well. To find out more about the JLS Railroad Update or to sign up on the mailing list, click here.

Other Sites of Interest

Visit: The Appalachian Lines Railroad, a short line Railroad and website with many great photos.

Visit: The Long Island Garden Railway Society Website. A club dealing extensively with Large Scale Railroading, we attend many of the area TrainShows. Usually found at the Greenberg Shows with either a large floor layout or our new modular layout, we are hard to miss as we are the largest Large Scale club in the area.

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