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Canada 150th Anniversary train stretches across the rugged Northern Ontario landscape. 8/07/2017 Neys, ON

1401_4107_1900_4106 with deadhead equipment through Dalhousie, ON August 14, 2017.

The CP 150th Anniversary Train has completed its cross-Canada run which began in Port Moody, BC
on July 28th and ended in Montreal on August 13th. Complete with entertainment it made stops enroute
celebrating Confederation July 1, 1867. The date of its journey start mimicked a return run of the first
cross-Canada passenger train following completion of the CPR November 7, 1885 at Craigellachie, BC.
The first through train left Montreal on June 28, 1886 and arrived in Port Moody, BC at Noon, July 4, 1886.

50th Anniversary cross-Canada Jubilee 1936 train.

1400_1900_1401 with Royal Canadian Pacific complete with a wave from the engineer!
Cathedral, BC September 12, 2002

Extra 8781 with DL (Dimentional Load) behind power. Signs employee family living here
include children's swing set and dog. Also, TV roof antenna. St.Clet, QC March 1970.

Eng. 1801 No.152 The Frontenac at North Jct. (Montreal West) enroute Quebec City having just left Windsor Station
(Daily 10.00) with a short consist indicative of declining rail traffic. Saturday, November 23, 1968. Ian Stronach

Note the Maintenance of Way Dept. flag and lamp protecting track work.

Last MLW's! 4210_1837_1838_4216_4230 westbound with 921-20 from Montreal to Windsor.
Smiths Falls 1000 hours Saturday June 20, 1998.

Note: Three units worked back to Montreal on separate trains while 1838_4216 returned dead on 926.

Note 2: 1837_4210_4230 continued working the Hochelaga Transfer
until ALL MLW power ended 2359 July 7, 1998. LBC

904 engine 8793 passing BM_1271 yard engine. White River Jct. Vermont
For decades this was the hottest freight train between
Chicago-Toronto-Montreal-Newport-White River.

8921 with the Transfer westbound at Mile 205.18 of the Belleville Sub. just east of Leaside.
Friday, June 18, 1971 David M. More


The Dominion and No.6

See also Riding The Dominion with steam 1951

Expo Limited

The Canadian

Dieselization of trains 42 and 41 between Montreal and Saint John, NB
brought with it a new limited stop service The Atlantic Limited
September 25, 1955 maintaining numbers of previous service
while covering the 482 miles in only 12 hours.

Note: Saturday, September 24th 2397 handled No.42.

Three views at Montreal West and Westmount.
January 2, 1978. David Morris

1403_8576 baggage 2703, sleepers DOUGLAS MANOR, DRAPER MANOR,
HEARNE MANOR, Skyline 515, coaches 123, 2257.
Conductor George Draper, engineer Harold Griffin.
Stopping at Montreal West.

Brief stop at Westmount for two passengers and then ...........

........ on their way again!

Two views just west of Delson.

No. 41 eng. 8571_8480 with 2 express container flats, 2 baggage & express cars, coach, Skyline, coming .......

... and going! Three Business Cars on the rear! March 1, 1959 Phil Mason


Here we see 4051 doubleheading with 2856 a Toronto engine. This interesting photograph has no caption or date.
Doubleheading a passenger train was not common especially on Eastern Lines. Nor was mixing steam and diesel common.

CLC-FM H16-44 8721 (8723-44xx) running Extra, with engineer waving. Kamloops, BC April 1967 Ron Visockis

8475 with a suburban train on a cold afternoon at Westmount. February 23, 1965

4062-4446 led this special train that was operated over the Victoria Day weekend May 24, 1952. It was run for the benefit of Nicholas Morant, CPR Special photographer. It was stopped and photographed at several locations west of Calgary in order to provide up-to-date photographs for public time tables and brochures. These would replace old steam locomotive hauled trains depicted currently. A 12 car set of matching equipment consisting of lightweight cars with older heavyweight cars on the rear less noticeable. N.R.Crump was Vice President at the time and he approved the special train being run without passengers. The two men in the canoe are not fishing. They are in fact the train's conductor and trainman posing for the photographer with a canoe out of the baggage car! Gap Lake, Alberta with Wind Range of mountains in the background.
This shows the extent the CPR went to in order to keep up its image in the public eye. Truly, a bygone era!

8900 a brand new Train Master with dynomometer car 62 testing its performance with Number 42 from Montreal.
Saint John, NB July 1955. FM 24 L 861 CLC 2900 6/1955 Delivered 7/13.
J.A.Michaud/Ron Visockis Collection
Note: Michaud worked on car 62.

Note: The test was to see if a single diesel unit of this size could handle the train replacing a K1 class 4-8-4 (Montreal-Megantic) or a G3 4-6-2 steam locomotive beyond. The test results showed a single unit was not capable of handling this heavy a train under all conditions. If running late it would not be able to recover time. The result was two units were assigned, these were MLW FPA2 and FPB2 A and B units.

7011 with employee train running between Montreal West and Sortin yard. c.late 1940's Ron Ritchie

Two brand new (built 5/1957) MLW RS-18's 8743 and 8742 power the "hot" Pig train leaving Montreal for John Street.
Montreal 1957 CPR/Steve Morris Collection

Operator L.B.Chapman hooping up orders to No. 90 engine 8784 at Stittville,ON Thursday, July 1, 1965 Bill Linley

FA-2 4043 (MLW 77713 7/1951) leads a set of A-B-B-A covered wagons through downtown Calgary station in 1951.
Canadian Pacific Railway/Steve Morris Collection

FA-1's 4003-4004 looking brand new in this undated photograph at Trois Rivieres, Quebec. Alco 76855-76856 6/1949
L.B.Chapman Collection

HS-11 with ancient wooden box car. Portage La Prairie L.B.Chapman Collection


Number 42 Atlantic Limited engine 4073 with two container cars behind the baggage car has arrived at Union Station.
Late 1960's Saint John, New Brunswick Byron Thomas.

This was the old CNR Union Station opened March 8, 1933 to replace the old 1884 ICR Union Station first used by CPR June 3, 1889. Mileage 87.0 CNR Sussex Subdivision. CPR reached this station using trackage rights of 0.17 miles from their Saint John Sub. (Mc.Adam Sub.) until 1970 when they moved to their own station within a new office building three miles to the west. CPR used that station from October 25, 1970 until October 28, 1979. CNR used this station until June 6, 1973 after which it was demolished and trains used a modern new CN station two miles to the east until October 1979 when VIA opened a new station near the old Union Station. Canada Science and Technology Museum/CN Collection

4074 Number 41 formerly The Atlantic Limited (two views) arriving at Windsor Station. Spring 1971
CPR/Steve Morris Collection

Note the container flat converted from a passenger car.

CPR was an intermodal pioneer.

MLW FA2 4085 with The Allouette eastbound near Vaudreuil, QC
Both this train and The Rideau between Ottawa and Montreal provided
Scenic Dome and checked baggage service but, both were gone by July 31, 1970
Spring 1970 Phil Mason

7107-7100 MLW (7-6/1949) S-4 in m.u. running as Extra 7107 West past Coquitlam station at
mileage 112.5 Cascade Subdivision. Sunday, May 8, 1960. Keith Anderson

Extra 4087 West with matching B unit, both brand new hauling the first diesel powered train to pass through Waldeck, SK
on the double track Swift Current Subdivision. FA-2 1600 hp MLW #79154 9/1953 Ron Bearman

CP Rail

Multimark display train.

Leased power


8828 on Sumas Turn ex Coquitlam yard enroute to Huntindon/Sumas, WA to interchange with CN.
This train was unique for its frequent consist of RS-B-RS power.
Near station Mission City, BC February 1976.

9005 westbound leaves the siding at Choate on the Cascade Sub. November 25,1990
John Cowan Collection

9010_9009 leads 1st section of "Early Pig" 926 with Ford Oakville traffic on headend.
Not approved marshalling to have open multi-level auto carriers near power due to diesel exhaust.
Unknown if train included piggybacks as well or if it was just a dispatching move to give better priority to this traffic.
SD40-2 full-width "Draper taper" carbody. DD-GM A4816 10/30/1988

Note: 9010 one of ten of these units sold 9/2015 CMQ 9010.

No. 2 engine 1407_1418 due 11.35 A.M. arrived at 12.55 P.M.
North Bay July 3, 1977 Keith Hansen

Authorization Form allowing Number 2 engine 1407 to pass stop signal at mile 10.0
Beaucage mile 10.5 Cartier Sub. First station west of North Bay.


AM Road" 4070 and 4067 with the Silver Streak during filming of 1976 comedy-thriller movie by the same name.
It involved a train trip across America from Los Angeles to Chicago.
Fictional AM Road was created when Amtrak refused use of its name.
Calgary L.B.Chapman Collection

Note: Filming was done at various locations including in Alberta as well as at Toronto Yard,
along the Havelock Subdivision and at Union Station where the runaway wreck scene took place.
All-in-all this was an enjoyable movie, not too far fetched. Richard Pryor provided much of the comedy.

This was the only time CP's Budd built stainless steel equipment was used for a movie.



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