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Canadian Pacific Railway

Steam Locomotive Gallery

Predecessor Rys.


Preserved - All

0-6-6-0 and 2-10-0

1991 on a postcard.

Suburban tank engine gallery
Article November 1910

Shop Locomotives

E & N tank engines

Standardizing Locomotive Equipment CPR
Article May 1906

Conversion of saturated compound to superheated simple. CPR
Article January 1922

Cab interior detailed American Locomotive Co.

Elesco equipment The Superheater Co.
Brochure September 1936

Worthington Feed Water Heater

Steam in Ottawa

Steam in Ottawa West 1958-59

CPR steam Waltham Sub. (Ottawa)

Two days of steam activity in Montreal June 1959

Riding The Dominion

The Dominion


Preserved locomotives

1292 CLC 373 6/1890 (Re# 3042 scrapped 12/1915)
Depot. Austin, Montana. Digital restoration Gordon Kennedy


Extra 2550 unknown location. Old style number boards. Bud Laws Collection

522 (ex 143) moving dead. (Note rods are off). This engine and 374 both were used in the 1936 movie Silent Barriers
a story about the building of the CPR. Later rereleased in a longer version titled The Great Barrier.

1067 and B&M 2649 at Newport, VT. 9/01/1947 Bud Laws Collection

5432 with westbound No 13 The ‘Mountaineer’ dropping down the Field Hill between Cathedral siding and Field BC.
Discontinued during WWII this train was restored for summer 1947 season.

Eastbound passenger train exiting Connaught Tunnel running left hand track for engineer's better visibility. Circa 1920.


1201 turns on the wye following ceremony at Craigellachie, BC commemorating
100th anniversary driving of the Last Spike. November 7, 1885.
Business Car 76 was present at the original event!
Preserved at Heritage Park, Calgary.

D10 882 with fireman taking water at Galt, ON 1959. Likely the Stone Train from Lambton Yard.

Predecessor Railways

Brockville and Ottawa

Canada Central

Brief history

B&OR 11 Renfrew. Built Canadian Machine and Engine Co. Kingston 1877.
Brockville House April, 1877. Brockville Museum

Subsequent owners: CCR 11 after 8/1878 amalgamation Canada Central. CPR 211 in 1878.
Sold 11/1889 Great Northwest Central No.2. GNWC leased 1900 CPR.

B&OR roundhouse and shops. View looking southwest. Circa 1877

Engine at far left appears to be CCR 0-4-2T number 1. 4-4-0 number 11 at right.
Field roundhouse in CPR Upper Yard, Brockville. 1886
LAC PA 203969

Montreal and Atlantic

See history under earlier name South Eastern

M&A 417 is really a CPR standard D4g
CPR 2/1915 transferred 10/1924 M&A (one of 5) returned 1932.
Sault Ste. Marie circa 1930 Dale Wilson collection

Pontiac Pacific Junction

Incorporated 1880 to build from Hull to Pembroke including a bridge over Ottawa River.
Amalgamated 1902 with Ottawa Northern and Western (incorp. 1871) Ottawa to Waltham, QC.
Note: ON&W originally incorporated 1879 as Ottawa and Gatineau Valley to build from Hull to Maniwaki.
Also, Ottawa Interprovincial Bridge Co. a railway and vehicular bridge between Ottawa and Hull
amalgamated 1902 with PPJ. ON&W leased November 1, 1902 to CPR for 999 years.

Article about first use anywhere of acetylene for interior passenger car lighting. Circa 1900.
Note: Mentions later use of first electric headlight on a steam locomotive CAR 26.

PPJ 4 L.R.Church became ONW 4 later CP 53. Danforth Locomotive & Machine 1341 1/1882.
Fort Coulonge, QC 1893 Mattingly Collection/CSTM

Note: Levi Ruggles Church was president of the PPJ.

Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa and Occidental

Province of Quebec.

CPR bought 6/1882 the QMO&O Western Division between Montreal and Aylmer,
with branches this totalled 138 miles. Also, 14 out of 35 locomotives
all of them 4-4-0's except for two 0-4-0T's inc. one for CPR.

QMO&O 17 Argenteuil and 14 St-Laurent doubleheading over Salmon Creek, Quebec.

17 4-4-0 63" drvs. Manchester Locomotive Works 752 ..8/1877 Acq. 6/1882 re# CP 248.
14 4-4-0 69" drvs. Manchester Locomotive Works 741 11/1876 Acq. 6/1882 re# CP 241

23 Lotbiniere September 19,1878

Portland 9/1878 Sibsequent owner; NSR 14, CPR 335.

South Eastern

Incorporated 1866 as South Eastern Counties Junction Railway Co. to build from Farnham, Quebec to the US border near Newport, Vermont. Amalgamated in 1872 with Richelieu, Drummondville and Arthabaska Counties Ry. Co. 1887 became South Eastern Division of the CPR. This provided the CPR with its own route between Montreal and Boston.
1891 renamed Montreal and Atlantic. October 1, 1931 leased to CPR for 999 years!

Work train 4-4-0 12 with pile driver on wooden trestle. Knowlton, QC.
John A. Wheeler/Ian Walker collection

South Eastern John Dodsworth Rhode Island Locomotive Works 1028 10/1881
Richford, Vermont. Collection of Louise Bridge

Maine Central - CPR

Vanceboro, Maine. Circa 1890's Digital restoration; Gordon Kennedy



Plow Extra with an amazing SIX engines! No caption but paint style on tender indicates pre-1927.

109 one of earliest 0-6-0 switchers. Cyl. 17" x 24" Drv. 51" Hinkley 1605 6/1883
Re# 2/1903 U1a 2013. Re# 1/1913 U1a 6013 Scrapped 6/1917

P1n class 5248 is relatively new (CPR May 1949) freight engine yet it was assigned to yard work in Banff in the summer
where a large number of passenger trains brought tourists from around the world to stay at the famous Banff Springs Hotel. Sleepers and other passenger cars were added and subtracted from these trains. July 1951 Ray Matthews

Note: There was an advantage to using a road engine for this temporary assignment rather than a yard switcher as it would not require its rods to be removed for dead movement at 20 mph to a roundhouse for monthly washout or other work. There
being no enginehouse at Banff removing the rods would be a difficult task. Road engine could move light at normal speed.

Following dieselization the practice of assigning a road engine for this duty would continue.


2214 with crew posing on platform at West Toronto depot.
Mounted on cardboard designed for photographs.
Circa 1920. Collection of R. L. Kennedy

L2b 3116 compound 20"+30" x 24" cyl. 2-8-0 51" drv. Baldwin 13252 2/1893
Ogden shops c.1914 (retired 3/1914) Doug Phillips Collection

CLC 2000 builders photo at Kingston. This was Canadian Locomotive Company's 2000th locomotive. July1942
It was so painted only on one side! Soon renumbered CP 2396 before delivery.

8000 2-12-4 fantasy!

CPR G2 2644 in a dramatic night scene near the end of the steam era at the coal chutes in McAdam, NB.
December 28,1959. James A. Brown


"Distributed Power" in the steam era! Work train near Winnipeg 1957. Note extra water tender behind first engine.
Joseph Testagrose Collection.

This photo was taken on the construction of the Drywood Spur south of Brocket, Alberta in 1957 the work train is hauling ballast to unload on the south end near Drywood, Alberta. British American (BA), later Gulf Oil, constructed a sulphur loading facility at Drywood.

In later years the line was extended from near Drywood to the Shell Plant at Pecten. The two spurs were combined to become what today is known as the CPR’s Pecten subdivision.

The two locomotives where required to take the heavy ballast up the steep grade to the yard at Drywood. Because of the new and soft track condition the engines were separated by a number of cars, the one engine acting as a pusher or helper.

5427 is equipped with a ‘Prairie tender’ as there was no watering facilities on the spur, as diesels were to do the later work on the new line. When the construction was completed these engine and others used to build the line were some of the last steam engines to work the old Lethbridge Division and almost all were then tied up.

Don Thomas





New T1a 2-10-4 5902 (MLW 67923 8/1929) poses with little D4 4-6-0 to show comparison of massive Selkirk type.
D4g 464 (MLW 50456 1/1912) worked Revelstoke-Arrowhead to connect with Columbia River boat service.
Revelstoke 1929 Canadian Pacific Railway/Steve Morris Collection

2812 with experimental smoke deflectors.

Wartime headlight shroud to reduce visibility from the air on west coast. 1943 Doug Phillips Collection

Oil-fired G2s 2572 with the summer-only No. 112 Winnipeg Beach Special racing through Weston Yard in
Winnipeg with a solid consist of wooden equipment dating from decades earlier time still earning revenue for the CPR.
Monday, May 30, 1955. Robert E. Wanner

Winnipeg Beach was a very popular destination for the folks in Winnipeg. CPR built a very large amusement park at the beach side but sold off most of the properties during WWII. There was also a very large roller coaster at the park. The park which was developed by the CPR before WWI was very popular with dance halls etc. Doug Phillips

2644 4-6-0 MLW 96553 10/1909 Renumbered 3/1913 D10f 844

Looking west towards station beyond bridge in the distance. Brandon. Bud Laws Collection

Numerical order

A1e 4-4-0 29 repainted with correct lettering style applied by Streamline Studios.
CPR headquarters Gulf Canada Square Calgary June 27, 2012 Rick Janzen


4-4-0 82 and new 4-6-2 2301 size comparison. Walter Pfefferle Collection

209 Atlantic type races with fast passenger train.



D10 934 on the table at Woodstock, NB circa 1959. Old Time Trains Digital Archives.

Note the one-of-a-kind backup window on the tender! There was also one on the fireman's side.
A vestibule cab G2 would have been a much better choice.
Note also the rear combination pilot also a rare thing. This, and the
full-size backup headlight indicates an assignment requiring a lot of
tender-forward running. The pilot was a BTC requirement for backing up over
unprotected (no lights) level crossings above 25 mph. TWO spare scoops!

1026 (re# 3230) Only 2-8-0 Camelback. Built by Richmond Locomotive Works #2804 3/1899
Built as a compound with Wooten firebox to burn anthracite coal.
This engine and five D11 camelback 4-6-0's all worked west out of Medicine Hat.


Unknown G3 class 2300 with short passenger train at French River, Ontario.
What is most interesting in this old undated photograph is the extremely short siding!
Likely used to set off a coach for charter groups of sportsmen.
A CPR Bungalow Camp was located on the hill to the left.
Canadian Pacific Railway/Steve Morris Collection

No. 42 engine 2394 doing headend work. Overnight sleeper train from Montreal to Saint John, NB.
Mc.Adam, NB Sat. 5/24/1952 Ken MacDonald/Bruce Chapman Collection

Number 42 was scheduled to be in Mc.Adam for 25 minutes between 9:00 A.M. and 9:25 A.M. having been due to depart Montreal the night before at 7:30 P.M. (Daily Except Sunday.) It was due to arrive in Saint John at 11:35 A.M. These G3
class 75-inch drivered 4-6-2's were very capable engines and well liked by all. Therefore an On Time performance was to be expected. Note the reflection on the side of the tender and running board, proof of its clean condition.

Royal Train 1951

G2s 2592 with last steam powered passenger train into Lethbridge. 1958.

Note: 2592 no longer has a Worthington Feed Water Heater. It and 2212 on Eastern Lines were so equipped in trial before 1200 and 1201 were built and also equipped. Photo 2592 and Worthington data (scroll down).

The above photo is of the Medicine Hat – Lethbridge portion of the Kettle Valley Express, train number 45. In March 1958 the service went RDC along with the rest of the southern BC service Lethbridge through to Vancouver BC at that time. From time to time this train had diesels as CLC units were in this route as early as 1952. It is very likely the last steam in ‘regular passenger’ service into Lethbridge.

Effective Tuesday March 4th 1958 CP's conventional coach trains were replaced by stainless steel RDC's. Daily train service retained Vancouver-Penticton and Nelson-Medicine Hat, with 3-days a week Nelson Penticton. Five RDC cars 9194-9199 are assigned to this service, but 9194 is held back at Montreal and replaced by 9022. 9194-9199 are the last new "Dayliner’s" purchased by the CPR.

So the shot is likely March 03, 1958…..must have been a warm winter…no snow, or a Chinook had been blowing. 2592 was scrapped December of 1958.

Doug Phillips


H1b 2816 (MLW #68535 12/1930) when it was just another 2800. Who would have ever guessed its future?
On the table at the Glen off the suburban train below. 6/22/1959 Bob Krone

2816 over the years.

No. 354 eng. 2822 tender 2816! That is right. 2816 today has a tender off another 2800!
Not all that unusual since tenders were often interchangeble.
Tenders had their own builders plate as well but were often missing.

Number 354 at Three Rivers (Trois Rivieres), Quebec.
9/11/1952 Roger Boisvert/Bruce Chapman Collection


2818 being "wheeled" in backshop. c. 1930's Note the large Whiting hoists used for this heavy work.
Whiting Equipment/Tom Rendall Collection

Royal Hudson 2840 (MLW 68953 9/1937) outside Union Station Toronto. One of four H1c class engines assigned to The Dominion 811 miles between Toronto and Fort William. Posing for CPR photographer taking photos for CPR travel brochure promoting cross Canada travel. Note the backup airhose attached to front of engine indicating it was not fired up and was moved by another engine. Circa 1952 John C. Clarke Collection

Ontario District engine crews for 1939 Royal Tour trains. 2855 was used as a backdrop only.
It was not used for the Royal trains. John Street April 28, 1939. Collection of H.M. (Mac) Allen

N2a class 3642 leads a P1 class 5100 and another engine on the Hochelaga Transfer
in the Montreal Terminals as the sky is blackened during the climb upgrade.

N2b class 3700 crossing the swing bridge over the Lachine Canal in Montreal early 1950's.
Canadian Pacific Railway/Steve Morris Collection

N3b 3899 with what looks like a grain train. This engine would soon be rebuilt 1/1926
into N2b 3699 trading in its inside admission piston valves at the same time.
Calgary October 3, 1924 Cy Littlebury/Bruce Chapman Collection



5468 on display at Revelstoke Railway Museum. July 2, 2008 Robert (Rob) Brown
The interior of a steam locomotive cab is as complex looking as an aircraft cockpit to the uninitiated.
Slightly different angle (below) in black and white tends to back date the photo to the steam era.


Signal foam meter to monitor boiler water condition. Mounted on backhead of boiler on Royal Hudsons

R3b 5752 with employee train running from Outremont to new St.Luc hump yard. Ron Ritchie

R3c 5766 on westbound passenger train complete with large pilot plow for mountain winter conditions. 1927

T1b 5927 taking oil at South Edmonton. Reg Kearns Collection

T4a 8000 one-of-a-kind experimental three cylinder high pressure boiler 2-10-4. CPR 5/1931
Cyl. 15 1/2" x 28" and 24" x 30" Drv. 63" Press. 850 lbs. and 250 lbs. t.e 83%
Oil 4, 100 gals. water 11,500 gals. Retired 12/23/1936 Scrapped 12/1940


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