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Holiday Train
Bachmann's "White
Christmas" holiday train.
Gondola carrying Christmas presents while an
elf rides on the cupola roof lighting the way.
Santa waving to the crowd from back of
the the train with his sack of toys on the
Holiday Train
Christmas elves hooking a ride in
the PCS Holiday train boxcar
during the 2000 season.
This page modified
Friday, November 23, 2001

The PCSRR machine shop has upgraded the "Holiday Train" from the old (large single drive
gear) Bachmann drive to the new 5th generation lower unit. It is now is much easier on batteries
and will run on 9.6v NiMH packs at prototypical speeds for about 3 hours..
A trip to the 99 cent store produced
the snowman and "Musical Bears"
(99 cents each for a package of 2).
They were placed on the flat car and
have become part of the consist
The lead Trolley has been converted to battery power. The
12V 3AH battery sits on the seats just above the motor
which adds needed weight for added traction. These 2 run
on the second mine loop each day.
In November 2001, two Bachmann
Christmas Trolleys became part of our
Holiday display. The drive on the lead
trolley has been converted a Barry's Big
Train original. The motor and gears in the
Bachmann drive on the "trailer" have
been removed so the wheels roll freely.
The Trolleys passing under the covered bridge.....
Our home lighted
with Christmas
lights and lawn
including the
Navtivity Scene,
reindeer and a
lighted star 20 feet
above the house
with running lights
as rays...

Rope lights line the
lower trestle in the
foreground and the
20 foot trestle out of
the image range at
the left.
Bachmann's 2004 "North
Pole and Southern"
holiday train.