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Trains in the Snow
Yes, it does snow in Prescott
Left: Porters working the Aristo-Craft snowplow.

Then on the morning of January 12,
2001 the new grades and trestles were
covered with 8 inches of the white stuff.
12 more inches fell a week later.
Because of the conditions, all train
crews decided to wait until the next
morning to clear track and start
schedules again.
Doubleheaded Porters pushing the ballast
weighted (real rock and birdshot) Aristo-Craft
snowplow to clear the mainline. The Porters
were able to push alot of snow but human hands
had to help now and then.

Just a side note. The Porters have been
weighted with a pound of birdshot in each saddle
tank. Took the "Water Fill" cover off, drilled a
larger hole, filled 'em up with shot and hot glued
the cover back on. Works great.
Right: All the track was cleared with the plow,
either by the Porters pushing or hand power.
Note the "Tunnel" effect created by the plow
and even in daylight the LED headlight shines
Below: 3 car passenger trying to stay on
schedule through the drifts.
Below: Ariel view of the snowplow as it emerges
from the tunnel to begin clearing the main line.
A Bachmann 10 Wheeler
slowly proceeding through
the snow cut banks following
the snowplow and the
This is Arizona?!?!?!

Winter 2000-01
As more snow falls, more
images will be added.
Below: Doubleheaded Porters clearing the river route.
The beauty of a dusting of
snow makes the PCSRR
look almost prototypical.

Late November 2001