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These pages were redesigned during March 2001, however, as the
roadbed and layout are always being updated, so the website.......
This page modified on May 20, 2008
Image highlights of the construction of the PCSRR from the beginning October 24, 2000
All trestles and bridges on the PCSRR have been scratch built and include a 20 and a 14 foot
curved trestle, 5 short trestles, 2 full truss, 1 open truss and a covered bridge. In June 2002,
a long full truss bridge and an open deck bridge were added to the expansion.
Passenger equipment includes 4 Bachmann full size coaches and a converted combine and
LGB open passenger cars to make up the "Prescott Canyon Train Tours." Two LGB "Short
Island Railroad passenger cars have joined the Prescott Canyon Mining Company fleet.
In the Spring of 2004 Santa Fe Super Chief Dome cars were added. The FA-1/FB-1
locomotives were added in December, 2004.
The locomotives on the PCSRR are Bachmann 10 Wheelers, 0-4-0 Porters, 2 LGB 0-4-0's,
an LGB 2-4-0 and an Aristo-Craft RS-3. The original "Silverton Flyer #177" has been
"Barry Big Trained". On the Friday after Thanksgiving 2004, a beautiful LGB 2-6-6-2
Uintah locomotive with full coal train was added to the fleet.
Bachmann, Hartland, Aristo and LGB.... Most all kitbashed to the Prescott Canyon
Southern and Prescott Canyon Mining Company
A detailed diagram and article for installing steel rails across a 20 foot driveway shared by 1:1
automobiles and 1:29 trains.
Tech tips and links for LED headlights in locomotives and a snow plow. LED EOT devices
and procedures for new roadname decal creation and application.
Diagram for inserting a pin in the drive gear and axels for the 5th generation Bachmann 10
Wheelers and a diagram for powering an LED headlight using batteries and a relay.
All locomotives on the PCSRR are battery operated. Discussion of the process is on this page.
Details of the LED headlight conversion for an Aristo-Craft wedge snowplow.
Prescott Canyon Mining Company opened the mine when a railroad spur was laid to allow
mine trains to wind through the rugged terrain, loaded with ore, timber, dynamite and other
supplies needed for mine operations. A working mine with miners sitting around a flickering
campfire is an evening visitor highlight.
A special decorated Holiday train and Christmas Trolleys that run during the Holidays as part
of the lighting display honoring the birth of Christ.
Yes, it snows in Prescott... The winter of 2000/2001 produced 3 major snowstorms of 12, 8 and 14
inches (in that order). Images show the beauty of the snow as well as trains running in the snow.
Links to other Large Scale Railroads, suppliers and general railroad stuff
Most, if not all of the PCSRR equipment and buildings have been altered, enhanced (?) or
changed in some way to become part of the layout. New projects updated 12/24/2004...
More of the same, but with details of the shortened wheelbase Hartland Value Line cars.
On April 25, 2001, I took the Southwest Chief Train #3 from Chicago to Flagstaff. This page
has 48 captioned images of the trip.
A page of kids having fun with trains during a day at the Prescott Public Library. An 8x18
foot G gauge oval with 2 sidings was set up on the floor where 3 trains were able to run.
Prescott Canyon Village has been constructed as the railroad moved west. Images show the
main street with the town square, a modern inovation of planking sidewalks, enclosed outdoor
toilets, burros roaming the streets and children flying kites in the desert breezes. The building
are lighted with inexpensive "Kitbashed" Malibu lighting.
Mountains and tunnels are always a part of model railroading. The PCSRR has two
mountains with a tunnel through each one. The mountain in the back yard has a 6 foot
tunnel and an eight foot snow shed for avalanche and snow slide protection.
Slim and Stumpy's visited with permission from George Thomas of the Lazy Acre RR
As the village at Prescott Canyon increased in population, many folks prefrered moving to the
"back country" where there are few conveniences and even fewer people. There's a buffalo
herd, Covered Bridge, The Ward's Ranch and Prescott Flatt's with a cabin and burned out barn.
The "Prescott Rodeo, America's Oldest" is the real 1:1 Prescott Rodeo held here in the real 1:1
Prescott from the last weekend in June through the 4th of July... Little did we know that the
Prescott Canyon Southern Garden RR would be there when it first started...
Every website has to have a Page 1.
A bit about us and where we've been in the world of 1:1 and model railroading
The modeling of the historic circa 1894 Hillside Depot that was located in Hillside, Arizona
some 45 miles southwest of Prescott which was moved to it's present location on Iron Springs
Road and converted into a quaint breakfast and lunch cafe.
Multi-image presentations of other Garden Railroads we've visited around our great Country.

A photo essay of the new powered loop, back country and mountain tunnel..
Images of the New PCSRR Dewey Branch

Images of the New PCSRR Dewey Branch

Images of the New PCSRR Dewey Branch