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Pulling Power
Prescott Canyon Engine #12
The "Terry Paul" is a former
"Chattanooga Choo-Choo"
purchased at Costco. Tender
has been repainted and
Sam's Club "Casey Jones"
Bachmann Set renamed
"Prescott Canyon".
Engine name changed for grandson
"Jeffrey Todd"
The "Eric Warren" started life as a
"Silverton Flyer". After some painting, it
was changed to the "Prescott Canyon
Southern". The chassis has been
converted to a Barry's Big Trains" 4-6-0
drive and will operate with a Reed's R/C
unit or an Aristo-Craft Train Engineer. The
cow catcher has been replaced with a small
snowplow for clearing the track in the
Prescott winters...

Most of the locomotives can be controlled
with the Train Engineer.
The Holiday Train is pulled
by the wood burning
Bachmann Ten Wheeler from
the "White Christmas" set.
Wood load in the tender hides
the 12 volt Gel Cell battery
powering it.
The Aristo-Craft slopeback tender and
0-4-0 Porter have been kitbashed to
become an 0-4-0 road switcher
w/tender. Saddle tanks removed,
tender lowered, repainted and renamed
"Ol Tagalong. The engine's been
renamed "Miss Diane"
Each of the Porters have been
renamed from the original
"BETSY" to my daughters
names. The orginal
"Clementine Mining
Company" name changed to
"Prescott Canyon Mining
The "Kathyrn Ann" followed by the "Tracey Lynn"
Then it happened....

After the Queen Mary "Big Train Show"
in June 2001, an Aristo-Craft RS-3 was
added. Modernization was inevitable. No
renaming was done, just converted it
battery power and added the figures