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Micro-Mark Ink-Jet Decals (Starter Kit #82325)
NiMH 1500 MA Batteries Thomas Batteries. I've used the Nexell in the past but now use the
Yuasa AA. They have more stamina. (Technical term)
Reed's Radio Control and Throttle email "" or ""
Sierra Sound SoundTraxx
LEDs are Radio Shack Items and can be ordered on-line or purchased at any store (except
white LEDs). So far I've used the 5MM lamps for all large scale applications.

At this time, the White LEDs are only available on-line. Detailed "Tech Tips" for White LED
installation and suppliers have been published in George Schreyer's Tech Tips pages.

Description Size Source Item #
Blinking Red LED5MMRadio Shack Store or web276-036
Blinking Green LED5MMRadio Shack Store or web276-030
Regular Red LED5MMRadio Shack Store or web276-041
Regular Green LED5MMRadio Shack Store or web276-022
White LED5MMtheledlight
Links to Other Railroad Sites
Links to Large Scale Suppliers
Del-Aire Products (Air Powered Turnouts)
Phone/FAX (610) 391-0412 888 335-2473
321 N 40th St, Dept G,
Allentown, PA 18104
Barry's Big Trains (Conversion drives for the Bachmann 10 Wheelers)
PO Box 93934
Las Vegas, NV 89193-3934
Phone/Fax 702 260-9111
Links to Other Large Scale Railroads
Karl Abbott featuring Large Scale or Garden Rail Roads
Tom Weaver's indoor suspended railroad
George's site is primarily devoted to Large Scale model trains although
several other railroad related topics have crept in. Since he can't share
his railroad and railroad experiences with very many people in person,
he shares his railroad through the magic of the Internet. One of the
most informative garden railroad sites on the net.
George's Lazy Acre RR depicts a logging railroad in north-central
Pennsylvania in 1911. The scale is 1:20.3 which makes it true 3-foot
narrow gauge on 45mm track. The home of Slim and Stumpy.
John's site in Michigan reflects what he's have done, what he's seen,
pictures, ideas and anything else related to Garden Railroading.
The Lizard Attititude Railroad is a Fictional Largescale Railroad that
occupies a portion of the Stephen Podowski's backyard. Many images and
helps are on this great Arizona RR.
Dean Whipple and grandaughter Ryanne have installed about 300 feet in 2
loops and sidings of Aristo code 332 track in an area about 40' x 100'.

Ric and Jan Golding's Kaskaskia Valley Railway is a tourist operated
largescale railroad in the yard and basement of their home in Carlyle, Il
Kevin Miller says that "after much research I came to the conclusion that I
could not afford commercially available suspended railway systems. So I
decided to design and build my own."
Rodney and Janet Benner's Redrock Railroad is located in Phoenix, Az. and
is owned and operated by Rodney and Janet Benner. The layout consists of
about 800 feet of track in the desert settings of the 1950's.

Dwight Ennis' SCLCoRR is a 1:20.3 (0.591" = 1'), scale outdoor railroad
running on #1 Gauge (45mm), track. Just like its real-life counterpart, the
SCLCoRR is a logging line set in the 1930's in the Santa Cruz Mountains, a
heavily forested California coastal range separating Santa Clara Valley from the
city of Santa Cruz on the coast. With it's sawmill near Boulder Creek, and it's
headquarters in Felton, it's main product is rough sawn redwood, felled from the
thousands of acres of redwood stands in the upper Pescadero Creek area.

Scott says "The railroad was founded in November of 1993. First rails were laid
outdoors in April of 1994. The railroad, like every good company, grows every
summer to service new customers. Suleski Transportation, Inc. is a modern shortline
located in Amesbury Massachusetts with connections to CSX, Norfolk Southern and
Guilford Rail Systems. We also run steam passenger excursions across our lines in the
summer from Amesbury to Salisbury and Hampton Beaches. We also have a new
interchange with the shortline Thetford, Ompompanoosuc & Pacific Railroad that
connects points in New Hampshire and Maine."
Richard S. Huleatt's Squaw Peak & Paradise Valley Railroad is an outdoor "G" Scale
model railroad surrounding his swimming pool area and consisting of about 300 feet of
track. The SP&PVRR is a steam-only railroad (sorry, no diesels) modeled for the period
of about 1910.
William Metcalf's intro on his site quotes " The SBWC is about art and illusion - not rivet-
counting. It's about what is in YOUR minds - not ours. It's about John Allen and Walt
Disney, and everyone who finds something of interest in those compelling machines we
call trains. Most of all- It's about FUN. Welcome! We hope you enjoy your visit!"

Phil Creer's Toenail Ridge is a 1:24 garden railway (but beginning to lean heavily toward
1:20.3!), located in Belair, South Australia and represents a farming and logging line in the
Pacific Northwest in the late 1920s.
Tiny Pearce's RR in north western Nevada where you came in by stage
many years ago, you can now ride the rails. The ride is much smoother,
not nearly as much dust and you're not likely to be robbed!
Brandy Bruce-Sharp's Great Northern Pacific's RR is being built in three
phases, phase one is under construction. The plan calls for a 600' double
mainline with sidings and industries all along the route, bridges, trestles,
rivers, canyons and lakes with landscaping to give the casual viewer a feeling
of watching trains in the Pacific Northwest, even in the heat of summer.
Bob and Rob Hoey's Large Scale Railroad in Scotland. Bob says
"You don't need to have a garden for a "G" scale railroad."
The D&M Railroad of Bob and Marie Simcox from Halifax, PA. Bob
says, "We live close to the coal region, so our railroad is being modeled
after a coal mining town.....

Built by Tony and Adrienne Vacek, the Eagle Pass Garden RR is located in Peoria,
Arizona and presently has over 600 feet of track laid in 3 separate loops. The railroad
was started in September of 1995 and completed (almost) in 1998.
Bob and Eleanor Batt's Sun City Citrus RR features both the "Old West" and modern
landscapes with rolling stock for each time period. Bob is an active member of the
Sun City Model Railroad Club (HO) and is in charge of the wiring and power for this
highly detailed HO layout. When you're in Phoenix, it should be a stop to make....