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Tech Tips for "Inserting a pin" in the Ten Wheeler drive gear.
LED Locomotive Headlight Change-out Details.

Main drive gear and
drive axle have been
drilled and a pin (bent 3p
finishing nail) inserted to
keep gear from slipping.
DPDT switch shown is
selector for directing
power to motor from
battery or track.
The boiler front on the "Ten Wheelers" opens
to allow removal of the smoke unit, smoke unit
on/off slide switch and the OEM headlight

The wiring was removed from the slide switch
as was the switch. Looking deep inside the
boiler, you see the wires attached to the smoke
unit and the smoke unit held in place by plastic
piers. With a large flat bladed screwdriver, the
smoke unit is unceremoniously forcibly broken
loose and extracted from the boiler cavity.
The power wires (determine which is + and -) are used
to activate a 5 volt reed relay (Radio Shack #275-232).
When activated, this relay directs the power to the
white LED furnished by 2 AA Alkaline batteries in an
inexpensive holder. A diode is added inline on the
negative side to prevent power to the relay when
engine is reversed, therefore directional lighting. The
relay is hot glued to the battery holder and the whole
business slips in the boiler cavity and the boiler front
cover is put back on. When the main forward power is
applied, the LED shines brightly. (If everything is
hooked up right)
From Power
1.5V AA
1.5V AA
Instructions on the installation of the LED itself are provided by George Schreyer's
White LEDs on his "Tech Tips Pages"
3p Nail
as pin
Any questions about these
processes feel free to email me