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Snowplow LED
Track power should not be used in this procedure to power the LED.
Aristo-Craft Snowplow Headlight LED Changeout.
The light was removed from the plow, the bracket
removed from the light
and all wires were clipped from
the pickup contacts on the wheels (there is no track
power on the PCSRR. All locos are battery powered)
leaving only the red and black leads from OEM bulb in
the light housing.
The light is very well constructed with no apparent way to
take it apart but... if it went together, it's got to come
Sooooo, with a pair of pliers in hand, the clear plastic
lens was grabbed and gently twisted....... It twisted and was
gently pulled out of the barrel exposing the OEM bulb and
allowing the wires to be pulled through the neat little hole at
the back of the barrel.
The OEM bulb is removed replaced with the 5mm LED.
The red lead was soldered to the positive side of the
LED. Black to negative. Both leads were soldered as
close to the bulb itself as a heat sink would allow. About
3/8 inch. A small dab of hot glue forced between the
bare leads acts as insulation or heat shrink can be used.
The light was tested with 2 AA Alkalines (3VDC). It
The LED is inserted in the barrel with the wires fed
through the hole, lens inserted and pressed snug against
the LED, the bracket screwed on and the unit became a
headlight again.
The battery holder is hot glued to the underside of the
plow and is placed on the diagonal so the batteries
could be easily changed. The switch was placed easy
access. Because the LED drain is very low, the
batteries should last for months with the limited use
The whole thing is put back together and
tested to make sure everything worked.

It did.
SPST Slide Switch
2-1.5V AA Batteries
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