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The progress keeps on keepin' on......
The shed was upgraded with insulation and drywall. A
hole has been cut for the train door, dual track installed
up to the opening .
The NW-2 Tourist consist and Thomas on the connector.
Image at right shows the shelving for train storage.

Six weeks after it was ordered, the train shed finally
arrived on Thursday, June 23rd. The setup crew arrived at
6:30 in the morning and started putting it together. The
whole thing comes prefabricated on a flatbed truck.

Now that the shed has been completed, we were able to
pour a new concrete patio, enclose the existing patio to
include a dining area and my computer desk. Both areas
are for train watching. While we eat and as I work on the
The outdoor patio is covered and is a very comfortable
conversation and train watching area.

Most of the major work is done on the railroad. Ballast has
been leveled, switches operate properly and trains run
The "Finished" layout as it is December 30, 2005

From the south end "Train Viewing"

From the North end looking toward
the "Train Viewing" area