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The Village
Prescott Canyon Village has been constructed as the railroad moved west. The image above
shows the main street with the town square, a modern inovation of planking sidewalks, enclosed
outdoor toilets, burros roaming the streets and children flying kites in the desert breezes.

All interior lighting is inexpensive "Kitbashed" Malibu lighting from Home Depot with yellow
and white bulbs and "grain of wheat" bulbs added for additional effect.
Kids having fun flying kites. We visited the Queen
Mary "Big Train Show" and saw the kites on the "Del
Oro" layout. Purchased the figures at a 99 cent store
and adapted the kites to them. The "Kite Kids" are a
favorite of the visitors to the PCSRR.
All the Prescott Canyon Village buildings and
businesses have been named for our family
members. Above on the left is "Leeza's Lunch
Basket", named for a grand daughter where
you can get "Food for the Hungry" (The relief
and development agency I served with in
Uganda for two years) and the "World's Best
Coffee." A patio has been added to serve
those who want to eat outdoors. Right above
is "Ann's Haberdashery" where you can buy
"Just about anything you could ever want."
Named for a daughter in law.
Above left image is "Stan's Sign Ship." "Signs,
Custom Lettering and Barn Painting." This
business is named for me. The center building is
named for a daughter in law and is "Aunt
Paulita's Room and Board." Rates are by the
day, 50 cents, Week, $2.00 and $6.00 for a
month. Hot baths are 25 cents. Then there's
"Bob's Barber Shop" (a son) where you can get
a "Shave and a Haircut - 2 Bits"
The jail is a birdhouse that we
found in a nursery for $12. The
signs are all made on our
computer using "Print Artist"
with Iron on transfers and
adhesive photo paper.
Prescott Canyon Village, like most towns in the
Old West, has a church and school. The church is
"Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church" (Named
for the congregation we attend in Prescott) The
bulletin board in front reads..
Wayne is a son in law who is serving in
Papua New Guinea with his family as a
missionary with New Tribes Mission.
Sunday Morning
Worship 10:30
Wednesday Night
Prayer Meeting 7:30
Wayne Baker, Pastor
"Preaching the Gospel
of Jesus Christ"
We have (had) two Mrs. Thomas' in our family. Daughter in law, Paulita is an elementary teacher and
my wife, Kay was Mrs. Thomas went we met. She taught elementary education in Christian schools
before we were married and 4th grade at the mission where we served before retiring to Prescott. So
naturally, "Mrs. Thomas" had to be the "School Marm" in the Prescott Canyon School.
Outdoor facilities have been added as a
directive from the school board and serve
both the school and the village church.
The news of a new town has brought people from
all over to settle here. The 3:35 has just arrived
with passengers ready to make their home in
Prescott Canyon. Most of them are "Just Plain
", but others are from all around the world.
Old Western towns all had a train
station. Remember "High
Noon"? Prescott Canyon has a
small station and scratch built
covered platforms for passengers
and freight. The station is a
kitbashed PIKO "Toy Train" kit
which fits the layout very well.
Platforms and station are lighted
with the "Malibu" system
Wesley Baker (grandson) is the Sheriff of
Prescott Canyon County keeps the peace
in the village.
Folks arriving by train have
full view of the "Hangin'
Tree" to let them know
that the peace WILL be kept.
The water tank at the village supplies water for
all the steam locomotives on the Prescott
Canyon Southern RR and the Prescott Canyon
Mining Company.

It's been Kitbashed from an LGB toy train red
tank and the scratch built, lighted crew shack
added for protection from the weather.
Canyon School
Built 1881
Grades 1-8
Mrs. Thomas
School Marm
For a while, those who needed burial were
denied a proper place to be laid to rest. The
townspeople approached the deacons in the
church to see if a suitable place could be used
on church property. The deacons brought the
request to the congregation and they voted to
donate land behind the church for "Boot Hill."

A new resting place has been prepared for
"Sourdough Sam" died choking on a piece of
bread. He was 62 years old (at best guess).
Tombstones were arranged for those
needing burial and the inscriptions were
furnished by "Stan's Sign Shop."
The historical inscriptions in Boot Hill at Prescott Canyon Village read as follows....

A number of settlers arriving in Prescott
Canyon, were from farming country in
Scandiavia. The "Anderson's Farm" was
established and specializes in dairy cattle,
hogs and general farming.
Timber is an important industry for shoring
in the mine, new building construction and
the demand for ties as the railroad is
constantly expanding. Slim and Stumpy
have been hired by the "Nicoll Augusta
Lumber Company" to move timber in the