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Passenger Equip
Passenger Equipment
All the PCSRR passenger equipment has been painted with the same color scheme and
detailed with matching decals. The baggage and the chair car came out of the Bachmann box
"Southern RR" green. Both were repainted to match the Bachmann "Chattanooga Choo-
Choo" combine and observation. All the cars were renamed from their original road names
to "Prescott Canyon Southern" using Laser and Ink-Jet decals. An EOT blinking LED has
been added to the observation car and interior lights changed to white LED's powered by 2
AA alkaline batteries.
Full Baggage Car
"Railway Express
Agency" #19
"City of Phoenix" #17
Chair Car
"City of Prescott" #14
Observation Car
"The Maureen K" #8
Named for the PCSRR CFO
(Chief Financial Officer-Wife)
Four car passenger
train "Running the
River Route"
pulled by the
"Terry Paul" #12
Joining the PCSRR's Passenger fleet is a new "Prescott Canyon Train Tours" train.
The 2-4-2 has been given the number "1983" for our street address and tender
decorated with "Prescott Canyon Southern" title.
The "Prescott Canyon Train Tours" combine has been
cut down from a "Cannonball Express" combine to this
"shorty" and the name "Kelley Josephine" transfered
from the original car.
LGB's open summer
passenger cars were
brought into the PCSRR's
paint and car shop for
restoring to the "Train
Tours" colors. The tour
cars "Amanda" and
"Emily" have been named
for grand-daughters