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Chief Operating Engineer
The Website has been updated
on May 7, 2008
Since March 22, 2001 we've had

The ORIGINAL "Prescott
Canyon Southern" Railroad was
located at the home of Stan and
Kay Cedarleaf in Prescott,
Arizona and was named for the
retirement community where we
lived. "Prescott Canyon
Estates." We moved to this
home on October 3, 2000 and
construction on the "PCSRR"
started on October 24th. The
layout started as circa 1900, but
diesel equipment has been
added. Modernization was
The first track was laid in a simple loop so we could start running
trains. A second oval was added on November 4, 2000 to run a
holiday train. The layout had no track power until the expansion loop
was laid in June of 2002. All locomotives were converted to battery
operation. It is our desire to have trains running on the layout to
entertain rather thn the need to have full control over each engine.
We've found it to be a lot cheaper and easier for us to do it that way.

The layout was expanded to the side and back yard in June of 2002
and covers our 50 x 130 foot lot. Over 900 feet of track was laid to
handle the engines and rolling stock of the PCSRR.

Updated aerial view of the
new railroad in Dewey.
January 18, 2006
Click image for larger view
Image by Cooper Aerial. Phoenix, Arizona
Image by Cooper Aerial. Phoenix, Arizona