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Rolling Stock
Rolling Stock
"Prescott Canyon Mining
Company" caboose #2 named for
"The Sydney Roechelle"
"Prescott Canyon Southern" caboose
named for granddaughter
"Miss Amanda J"
Cannonball Express Combine named for granddaughter
"The Kelley Josephine" kitbashed to a shortie combine for the
"Prescott Canyon Train Tours"
Bachmann Skeleton Log Cars.
In addition to the passenger, Holiday and Mine trains, the PCSRR currently
owns the following rolling stock.
Snowplow (Aristo-Craft)
Linville River Box Car (B'mann)
PSCRR Box Car (B'mann kitbashed)
Tweetsie Log Car (B'Mann)
4 Stake Flat Car (Hartland Value Line kitbashed to a mine pipe car)
6 Stake Flat Car (Hartland Value Line kitbashed to a mine timber hauler)
Tanker (Hartland Value Line kitbashed to a mine water hauler)
Ore Car (Kitbashed to a Battery Car)
Ore Car (Kitbashed to a "Dynamite Carrier")
Ore Car (Kitbashed to a Mine Crummy)
2 LGB Summer Open Passenger cars (Kitbashed to "Prescott Canyon
Train Tours" tour cars)

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