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Mountains and Tunnels
How it all started...

One day in a time long ago, a
"" friend challenged me to
make some additional connecting spurs from
the lower mine loop to the mainline. After
scratching my head and wishin' he would come
help, I added a couple of Del-Aire operated
turnouts, some more track and dug a BIG
trench in our front yard.

When the trench was dug,
turnouts installed and the track
laid, I stood back and said to
myself, "That would be a great
place for a mountain and a
tunnel... So we started building a
the "box" for the tunnel. The
"box" is made with 2x4 sides, a
2x12 top and an open bottom.
When all that was done, rocks
were roughly added on the tunnel
box to form the "mountain."
The mountain has been named "Mount Bixler" in
honor of friends helping with construction and
landscaping of the PCSRR.
Tunnel portals were scratch built from pine and
redwood, fitted to the contour of the rock
Each portal has been inscribed...
"Mount Bixler Tunnel "
East Portal
Elevation 5532 Ft. Completed 01
"Mount Bixler Tunnel"
West Portal
Elevation 5542 Ft Completed 01
Above: is the completed "Mount Bixler"

Right is the freight engine 4-6-0 "Jeffery Todd" 382 pullin' a
consist out of the tunnel onto the main line headed for Prescott
Canyon Village.

The wildlife below has found a home in the cliffs of the
Below is the start of the tunnel in the expanded area in
our back yard. We started this project just after return
from the Queen Mary Large Scale show in June 2002.
Left image shows the "North Portal" installed.

Below is the "mountain" shaped with rebar and metal
lath ready for stucco.
Left is the mountain with stucco applied.
Right image reveals the addition of a sheer wall
that has been covered with stucco and painted
in a "weathered" fashion.
The "snowshed" has been started at the south end of
the tunnel in the left image.
The "snowshed" has been has been completed,
painted and ready for trains.

Below is a train in the snow shed.