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The progress continues.....
Building retaining walls
adding grades for the crossover.
Moving the decomposed granite ground cover
making the site ready for trackwork.
The new railroad has dual mainlines with each of the
loops about 325 feet long in a folded Figure 8 design.
The highest grade separation is 12 inches with
maximum grades at 1.5% and 10 foot minimum
diameter curves which makes it very easy for all
locomotives and consists.
The left image has been taken from the "Train Viewing
Area". A favorite place to view and run trains.
Trestles and bridges have been added. The trestles
were purchased for the new layout however, the
bridges were brought from the old layout and put in
specific places on the loops.
A Garden Metal Model girder bridge was received just
before the RR was moved. It was saved for a very
special place on the layout. The lettering on the bridge
has been done in the PCSRR Custom Decal shop.