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Tech Tips
The "Clementine Mining Company" 0-4-0 Porters and rolling stock
have been sold to the "PRESCOTT CANYON MINING
COMPANY" and road names changed with the same decal process
as the passenger cars. Each of the little engines have been renamed
from the original "BETSY" to daughters names "Kathyrn Ann" and
"Tracey Lynn". We doublehead the Porters as they haul very heavy
ore loads from the Prescott Canyon mine and when the snows come to
Prescott, the twin Porters push the snowplow to clear the snow from
the tracks. (They're powered by the same battery gondola car, but
can be uncoupled to run individully.)
White LEDs have been installed as headlights in the locos using a little
different method than others mentioned on the web. The white LEDs are
expensive and I've lost a number of them because I'm not electronic literate
even though I've used resistors, diodes and other stuff to keep from blowing
them. Since installing this method of powering the lamps, not one has burned
out. Photos and captions of the process described above are at this Relay
and Battery Photos link.
Pulling power is provided by Bachmann Ten Wheelers and 0-4-0 Porters. The locomotives have been
converted to run on batteries as well as track power but none of the PCSGRR track is powered.

Most of the rolling stock is 1:29 Bachmann, but the line also has Hartland economy 2 axle cars and an
Aristo-Craft slopeback tender and snowplow. It does snow in Prescott.

The Bachmann new generation Ten Wheelers ("Chattanooga Choo-Choo" and "Casey Jones") developed
a problem pulling any load at all. The main drive gear started slipping on the shaft of the main drive
wheels. Problem was solved by drilling through the shoulder of the gear and the main drive wheel shaft.
Then inserting a pin to prevent the slipping. The pin used was a 3p finishing nail, cut off and bent over.
Didn't have any cotter keys. Problem was solved and the engine pulls better than new.

One of the locomotives is Reed's radio controlled with Sierra sound and powered by two 7.2 volt NiMH
1500 MA batteries in series to provide 14.4 Volts or a single 12 volt 2.2ah gel cell. All other locos are
powered with 7.2, 9.6 or 12 volt NiMH, Nicad or gel cell batteries with reversing switches. Speed and
pulling power are controlled battery voltage of the connected. Tenders and gondolas are used as battery
Red EOT blinking LEDs (Radio Shack #276-036) are used in the
observation car and a caboose. Red and green LEDs are used in the other
cabooses. Red facing to the rear, green to the head end. The LEDs in the
cars are powered by 2 Alkaline AA batteries (the inexpensive Costco type)
with SPST on/off toggle switch. The batteries are in a battery holder hot
glued to the undercarriage of the passenger cars and inside the cabooses.
The cupola on the each caboose snaps off to change batteries and access
the on/off switch.
All locomotives and rolling stock for the PCSGRR have had the original road names removed and the new
"PRESCOTT CANYON SOUTHERN" road name applied with Walther's laser/copier and Micro-Mark
Ink-Jet white decals (Starter Kit #82325) . The Micro-Mark Ink-Jet decals are great (our opinion) and
are super easy to work with. All artwork has been created on our computer using the Epson printer
supplied "Print Artist".

All passenger cars on the line have been painted to match, the original road name changed, and each one
numbered and given it's own special name.