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On the left are the out of the box Bachmann skeleton log cars. The right image shows the cars weathered
with acrylic patio paint mixed to an antique color and airbrushed on the logs and cars.
After painting, lettering and naming..
Mine Cars have been Kitbashed. Check the details on the "MineTrain" page...
Prescott Canyon Mining Company Bobber 2 axle
caboose has been converted to a 2 truck caboose
and the cupola removed to clear the bridges on the
mine loop.
Then there's the LBG Summer Passenger Car.
Cute little bugger, but who wants to ride in a
bright red car that looks like a toy train car?
After a few days in the PCSRR Kitbash car and paint
shops, the 2 cars are transformed into the "Prescott
Canyon Train Tours" "Tour Car Emily" (r) and "Tour Car
Amanda" (lr) ready for tourists to take the tour on the
PCSRR main line and the Prescott Canyon Mine Loop.
LEDs have been installed as EOT devices for passenger
safety. Batteries are hidden under the seat and the SPST
switch has been hot glued to the bottom for easy access.
Above left shows the original Cannonball Express
Combine as it came out of the box. The left image
shows the car 2 3/4 inches shorter, cupola added,
repainted, relettered "Prescott Canyon Southern"
and named for grand daughter "Kelley Josephine".
This car is part of the new "Red Garratt Train."
Above is the original LGB Toy Train
Water Tank. At the right shows the
finished 'bashed tank with the scratch
built and lighted crew shack along side.

Details of our latest 'bashing projects are listed in detail on Click on the
images or the link below them to be directed to the articles

Ol' Tagalong mated with the Kitbashed
Bachmann Porter with the saddle tanks removed
and renamed "Miss Diane"
January 23, 2005