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Tom McCann, the creator of the Rose City & NorthWestern Railroad, has also created many railroad- and transit-related .gif images, and would like to offer them free to visitors.

Each is a representation, in miniature form, of a classic or modern passenger train, interurban, freight train or locomotive. They were created from photographs in the Media By McCann photo archives and reference library. Just click on the graphic to visit each section. Here's what you'll find:


Classic Streamliners (1930s) Self-Propelled Railcars
Classic Streamliners (1940s) Classic Cab Diesels
(EMD E-units)
Classic Streamliners (1950s) Classic Cab Diesels
(EMD F-units I)
Classic Streamliners (1960s)

Classic Cab Diesels
(EMD F-units II)

Classic Streamliners (1960s) Classic Cab Diesels
(EMD F-units III)
Classic Streamliners (1970s) Classic Cab Diesels (ALCO)
Amtrak Trains (1970s-Present) Classic Cab Diesels
Non-Amtrak Trains Classic Cab Diesels
(A/B Combinations)
Steam and Streamliners Passenger Diesels I
Canadian and Mexican Streamliners Passenger Diesels II
Classic Heavyweight Trains Electric Locomotives
Commuter Trains Steam Locomotives
Excursion Trains Freight and Switching
Diesels I
Dinner Trains Freight Diesels II
Special Trains Heritage Diesels
Dome Cars (Budd) Overseas EMD/ALCO
Dome Cars (Pullman) Overseas Passenger Trains I
Dome Cars III (SP and ACF) Overseas Passenger Trains II
Dome Cars
("Honorary" and Overseas)
Overseas Passenger Trains III
Observation Cars (Budd/Misc.) Overseas Locomotives
Observation Cars (Pullman/ACF) Freight Trains


If you download these graphics for use on another web site, please add an ALT tag crediting Media by McCann.

We will continue to expand each section. Please return often to find out what's new! Also please feel free to suggest additions and improvements. E-mail them directly to me at:


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