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My web site shows real or model railroad pictures. Usually around central Wisconsin, USA. Some of the 4-year-old links below aren't going to work. If you see a topic of interest and can't get to it, let me know and maybe I'll find the old file and re-load it.

Pick a page from the list below. The newest are on the top of the list.

You can send me email by using this e address :
bruce . . . oldn . . 2 n 7 at gm . . . ail dot com and push it all together to make an email address, I give it this way to confuse email harvesters.
I dont' read my email very often, maybe twice a month.
Don't use any of my old Charter email addresses, there's problems with those.

Here's my favorite Links of the year.
I put this updated this link December 21, 2019
Waupaca depot webcam
or look up the words
'Waupaca depot webcam'
and if the first youtube page doesn't show a LIVE view, go to the right of that page and scroll through the offerings to find a LIVE Waupaca Depot webcam. Or search youtube using the words Virtual Railfan Waupaca Wi

For current train topics for my area, central Wisconsin,
I just got on facebook and I don't know much about it but I read messages and see Joe's pictures and I am learning.
Facebook CN Wisconsin page

I also belong to the wisrail and SooLineHistory groups for historical topics, but I haven't read them very often, either.

Fort Madison Iowa cam BN

Sault StreamTime 2021 Tower of History

Port Huron ships at the river bend 2020

Great Spirit Bluff Falcons Cliff View Great is a raptor cam at La Crescent Minnesota with a view of the CP mainline, Mississippi River barge traffic, and lock and dam No. 7 if they swing the camera.

Duluth Harbor Cam

extreme weather RR photogr group on a Flickr picture site.

K Madsen Flickr for great pictures of Duluth and other areas.

LS&I 3000 rolling through Palmer Line Jct October 1, 2003, Palmer Line Jct Michigan
and also look for the switch job at Pluto

TrainLife The Premier Online Resource for Model Train Hobbyists, with many back issues of hobby magazines

Canadian Railway Observations for good monthly webpages

I finished this picture project in 2012,
Chippewa Valley and Western Wis Abandonned RRs CD.

Stockton Feed Mill aerial views of 2021 and 2008

Smokey Road railroad bridge replacement 2021 in September 2021

Locomotive WRFX 555 at Biron Mill in August 2021

Here is a series of pages about my Algoma Central Tour of the Line in 1977, with a picture of the best brakeman of Ontario
To my first page of my Algoma Central Tour of the Line 1977
to my second page of my Algoma Central Tour of the Line 1977
to my third page of my Algoma Central Tour of the Line 1977

Hoover Avenue railroading with some aerial views, July 2021

It's not a cornfield meet but it was just as bad, on the model railroad

The used model locomotives from the Waupaca train show in June 2021

This 'old dog' had to learn some new tricks. My web pages has been few and far between, and then to top that off, I learned Firefox discontinued (that's even worse than just quit supporting) their convenient file transfer protocol (FTP) that moves my pages onto the Trainweb site. So I had to read up on my problem and do a web search for a suitable replacement, which was FileZilla. And I had to find my old log-in data from 2010, a real memory test.
Web pages are 'old technology', before facebook and texting and such; and I am old, so that matches.

Waupaca train show 2021 and the historic depot

Here's a new (private now, but it was public at the start) facebook group this year, useful if you like to model the paper industry:
facebook group Consolidated Papermaking Past Present and Future
They include some 'aerial' views 'from inside the fence' and views inside the buildings.
Also notice the thundersorm and fire video in May 2021 at the hardwood digester.

Mesabi Miner Open House 1977 filmed way back then, and I finally wrote about this ore boat in 2021

Locomotives around Point and Plover in May 2021, and a picture of loading red pine in Wisconsin Rapids

An Enginehouse proposed for Wausau 3M in 2020, but not likely yet.

I watch current train events in my area on the Waupaca Depot You Tube page.

Here are some of my older topics that have disappeared from defunct web hosts.

Unusual HPJX 59000 flat car load in 2005 , the Weathershield vinyl frame hauling car

FM locomotive switching 3M Wausau in 1971

North Shore Mining locomotive passing through Stevens Point March 22, 2021

Here are 5 pages about the 3M shingle granule plant in Wausau, Wisconsin. Most of the pictures are old, some are 9 years old. One is 50 years old.
And my memories of it goes back 50 years to when I first studied it.
3M Railroading
Aerial view of the Wausau granule factory
3M Rail Spur on the west side of Wausau
Railroad flag men
An FM locomotive switching 3M Wausau in 1971
An Enginehouse proposed for Wausau 3M in 2020, but not likely yet.

I moved my old lost Necedah webpage to a current folder:
Necedah Loop 2010 aerial views

Dozens of low importance pages from 2011 and 2012 were deleted from this index and from trainweb to make memory space.
If you see a topic that doesn't link anymore, please let me know. I can reload some pages if they are of interest to someone.

I saw that my Whiting Paper Mill web pages are not all linked or easily found. So I put them all in a row here so they would be easier to find. The mill and its railroad tracks were ripped out from 2011 to 2015. These are show from the newer and going back to the older.
One Last Look at the Whiting Mill in 2015, the former Consolidated / New Page paper mill in Whiting, Wisconsin, is now just a level field.
Utter Destruction of the Whiting Paper Mill in August, 2014.