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Ontario Industrial Diesels

NOTE: This page will no longer be updated.
Just refer to regular What's New Page.


December 2019

London General Motors Added plant switcher 57 still in TH&B paint!

Toronto Andrew Merrilees (D) Added (scroll down) AAM 10 70-tonner ex Potasco 10 and photo nee SN 210.


November 2019

Sarnia Esso Polymers Added SSRX 911 ex WLO 2.


October 2019

Dundas. Canada Crushed Stone.
Added 5 photos I have been sitting on for over 5 years due to misplaced credit! Great shot of incline being switched.


September 2019

Added new thumbnail for Columbian Chemicals. 45-tonner #nil switching one of their unique cars built only to ship carbon!


August 2019


Ingredion (old CASCO) has yet another MP15 on site. FURX 1552.
One wonders if this is a typical industry that does little to no maintenance on their locos until they fail.


July 2019


Steetley Dolomite Added (see link in text near top) large view of area and caption data referring to TH&B spur.


Consolidated Sand nad Gravel. Added colour photo of 102 a Whitcomb dinky that still exists! PSTR L5.


Lambton Diesel

Added (scroll to bottom) prior units for sale and their disposition. CN 7920 also 301001 Arkansas Eastman.

Novacor Chemicals Added NCLX 2003 a Brookville MP2000D

VIP Added links to photos of prior owners of 1511 CV and GTW



Andrew Merrilees Added (scroll way down) ADFX 0177 nee CO 5244




June 2019


NRE-Alco Added link to subsequent owners of CP units and others.


Domtar Start new gallery with CCGX 1008 and CITX 3809 inc. prior owners.


Glencore (Sudbury Integrated Nickle Operations) Added DESX 1127 and 1910 acquired from DESX (D) nee CN

Sault Ste.Marie a.k.a "The SOO"

Essar Steel Added 3 photos DESX 55 ex LTEX 2, ex CR 8694


Andrew Merrilees
US subsidiary (scroll down) Added IREX 103 nee RDG 103 NW2. Restored for excursions by RCH&TS.





May 2019


Consolidated Sand and Gravel added photo of GE 25-tonner switching. It would later become PSTR L-1. (Also, see L-2).

Port Robinson

Oxy Vinyls Added newly arrived LTEX 1014 replacing LTEX 1001.


March 2019

Universal Resource Recovery New entry to this storied site of many companies.


January 2019

Resolute Forest Products, (formerly Ontario Paper) Thorold South. Added 1305 nee CN RS1200RS.
Note this paper mill closed after more than a century! Even after it went all-recycle. This was shortly after the equally
long history Iroquois Falls mill had also closed.


October 2018

Terrace Bay Aditya Birla (formerly Kimberley-Clark) Added CCGX 4015 newly transferred from OBRY.

August 2018

Clarkson St.Lawrence Cement Added 45-tonner #nil enroute.

Canada Crushed Stone Added (scroll to very bottom) photo showing abandoned inclined spur track. Same photo next ....
Steeley Dolomite New galley for this long-gone little operation includes view of neighboring abandoned spur to Canada Crushed Stone's massive operation.

Hamilton STELCO Added new gallery of subsequent owners of units. LTEX 81, 803, 925, GATX 0146.

Toronto Andrew Merrilees (scroll down to IREX his US subsidiary.
Added another photo of IREX 204 Alco RS-3 enroute Central Soya 204


May 2018

Welland Stelpipe div. of STELCO added # nil 50-tonner.



March 2018

Welland Welded Tube (formerly Shaw Pipe) added photo of leased MPRX 101.


July 2017

Port Maitland ERCO added photo of PSPX 85 GMD Hydraulic on its way Limestone Quarries.


June 2017

Port Robinson Oxy Vinyls Added photo of LTEX 1001 switching the plant. Photo includes view of plant.



April 2017

Aldershot National Sewer Pipe Added new page for this old industry with narrow gauge RR.

Cornwall Courtaulds Added ex CP 7096 Alco S-2. Later sold for scrap after plant closed in 1994.



January 2017

Kirkfield Kirkfield Crushed Stone. Added a nice old colour photo of 0-4-0 mechanical dinky on standard gauge trackage. Look back too at their narrow gauge quarry steam operation with an eight colour photo set (scroll down to Gallery 2)
newly digitally restored courtesy of Gordon Kennedy.

Timmins Kidd Creek Mine Added TGS 052 Best photo of Texas Gulf Sulphur lettering.

Toronto CGE Added (scroll way down) photo small self-propelled crane. New contributor Jim Little.

Uhthoff Limestone Quarries added Whitcomb 4.


September 2016

Falconbridge Kidd Creek Mine Added photo of Falconbridge Ltd. Kidd Creek Div. 055-054


August 2016

Deeks Started new gallery for Grenville Crushed Rock, a quarry for railway ballast for Dominion Construction.


July 2016

Kingston CLC plant switcher looking derelict. Later re-engined.

Peterborough CGE added (link in title) old drawing of plant.

Timmins Kidd Creek added much better photos of Kidd 051, 052 RS-23's (different lettering) and GP38-2 054.


May 2016

Uhthoff Limestone Quarries. Added better photo of 3-6902 unique 800 HP GMD diesel-hydraulic



April 2016

Marathon; America Can of Canada # NIL.

Point Anne Point Anne Quarry/Thurlow Railway Added photo of 20004 ex CP 6543

Whitby LASCO Added colour photo of 70-tonner 2 still with C-B engine.




March 2016

Blenheim W G Thompson Their tiny Plymouth went to tiny Village of Crivitz, Wisconsin.

Cambridge (Galt) Babcock & Wilcox Added OSR nil (ex L4) 70-tonner .

Kapuskasing Spruce Falls Power & Paper 108 in old paint scheme.



February 2016


Andrew Merrilees (D) Added link in 2 captions to EL 357 to represent EL 353 the biggest diesel acquired by that time.
Added AMLX 9 SW8 lease unit and IREX 53678. Also, grouped together existing photos at various locations after sale.

This one is unidentified, a 45-tonner. Summer 2000 Can you help? Contact us.


January 2016

Burlington Penvidic Contracting. Added better photo of hydraulic 2034 ex CP 19.

Whitby LASCO Added photos of 1, 2, 3 and 7. New contributor Darrell Lupson.

Windsor Zalev Brothers Added another GE center cab unit. Possibly 80-tonner. Can you identify it? CONTACT US



December 2015

L'Orignal IVACO Restored missing thumbnail and link to page showing 5 units including just added S-3 with homebuilt cab! .

Uhthoff Limestone Quarries Added newer photo of rare Whitcomb 65-tonner. Also, newer photo of SF-1.


October 2015

Vaughan (Concord) CN Rail Transfer facility 150 cars. G.A.Foss operator of facility.



September 2015

Thorold Ontario Paper Added photo of OPC-1 newly acquired from CN enroute.


August 2015

Thunder Bay Cargill Added another photo of 1217 showing the elevator.

Welland Welland Pipe (Stelco) Added older photo back when things bright ahead.


July 2015

Whitby LASCO Added photo of 70-tonner after re-engining and repainted but no yet letterred and numbered.



June 2015

Ottawa National Research Council Added 1003 an old Lehigh Valley SW8. New contributor Peter Scholtens.


March 2015

Cardinal Canada Starch Added many photos of diesels, aerial view of plant etc. (steam go here) Courtesy of long-time CASCO employee Olie Mc.Kee

Dundas Canada Crushed Stone. major addition to long-closed unique quarry operation including very early photos courtesy of Sandra Kiemele, archivist, Dundas Historical Museum.
Also (scroll way down) Plymouth 7 in 1952. Looking well worn it carried on for years.



February 2015

Cornwall Courtaulds Added colour photo of box motor 26.

London General Motors Added plant switcher 1 in its new 50th anniversary paint scheme.

Port Robinson Oxy Vinyls Added HBIX 9359 in new paint job also LTEX 1001 likely a replacement for 9359.
New contributors Dan Tweedle and Craig Allen.

Sault Ste. Marie Algoma Tube Corp. "nil" (un-numbered) 50-tonner added.




January 2015

Thunder Bay Cargill Added old photo of old long scrapped MLW S3 as well as SW8 14 long gone for trade-in.
New contributor Bryan Martyniuk


December 2014

Dundas Canada Crushed Stone. Added 4 more colour photos of this unique electric quarry operation.

Hamilton Arcelor-Mittal Added 410 another 700 hp genset loco. New contributor Dave Stowe.

November 2014 Toronto Andrew Merrilees (Dealer) Added No.3 ex NHB 80-tonner.

October 2014

Port Colborne

Inco renamed to VALE and added two recent photos of newly repainted 50-tonner at this location since new in 1953.
New contributor Tim Hagen.

Smooth Rock Falls Tembec. Added Rouge Steel 1518 enroute to Detroit. Later CANX 1518 used at Tembec.


August 2014

Blenheim Thompsons Added 80-tonner nee Normetal Mining. A Canadian loco comes home!

Hamilton Case (formerly International Harvester) link to NY&LE to see photos of 308 after previous sale to PCHR.
STELCO added 6335 strange looking loco rebuilt years ago from a steeplecab electric.

July 2014

Marathon Marathon Pulp Added photo of CANX 1349 a short-term leaser. As of now the closed mill is being demolished.

Welland Atlas Speciality Steel added better photo of 9 (1st.) apparently an ex CP S3. Do you know its number?
New contributor Dick Knoll.

May 2014

Copper Cliff C-I-L new page started with photo of 144 (ex Western Maryland) at CPR roundhouse for some repair work. Had been sold 1984 INCO 203. This unit still exists.

Hamilton STELCO Replaced small black and white photo with bigger colour photo of 50 their first diesel a GE demonstrator.

Thorold South Ontario Paper added another photo of 4.

Welland Union Carbide Electro-Metallurgical Div. Added EM Co 9 GE 65-tonner ex US military.

April 2014

Pembroke Link Town advertisement 1918.
Link to 1923 advertisement and testimonial for Plymouth gas locos shows 7-ton working at Pembroke Lumber.

February 2014

Iroquois Falls. Abitibi Replaced photo of MLW S-4 80 with a better quality colour image.

Port Credit St.Lawrence Starch. Added two aerial views including one of 1935 which includes the recently abandoned radial. New contributor Heritage Mississauga courtesy of Matthew Wilkinson.

Hamilton US Steel Hamilton Works. Added 84. New contributor Jay Brooks

December 2013 Hamilton National Steel Car. Article all about the plant in great detail, 1916.

November 2013 Hamilton Bunge (ex CanAmera).
Added new photo of their 45-tonner showing the dual couplers on one end. New contributor Ryan Gaynor
Peterborough CGE added a left side view of 25-tonner No.1, (handy for modellers.)

October 2013 Cardinal; Ingredion is the new name for CASCO. Added photo of 1105 in their new paint scheme.
Falconbridge; Created new page Glencorexstrata (formerly Falconbridge Nickle Mines). DESX 107 leased.
Kapuskasing; Tembec Added DESX 1910 GMD-1 leased to replace GP7 168 nee ACR.
Opasatika Agrium Added two photos including one of the mine pit which has been closed. Last loads shipped 6/30/2013.
Whitby Gerdau Ameristeel formerly LASCO added a small GE centrecab of unknown detail. Who knows its history?

September 2013 Cornwall Courtaulds mill added three photos of their box cab electric loco.
Red Rock Norampac ex QNS&L 169 at former Domtar plant taken over by Cascades and later closed.

August 2013 Sault Ste.Marie St.Mary's Paper 80-tonner long stored after closure of the mill in 2010.

July 2013 Thunder Bay Cargill Added a very sad looking RS-1 soon to be scrapped.

June 2013 Hamilton STELCO added 53 one of two 80-tonner acquired new in January 1951.
Sarnia Lambton Diesel added photo of ex CN 1359 SW1200RS.
VIP added AARX 301000 (initials and number used for movement) ex Arkansas Eastman nee CV 1511/GTW1511.

Terrace Bay AV Terrace Bay added two photos of CCGX 1006.

Windsor Zalev Bros. added a great down-on view into the scrap yard with 45-tonner at work.

May 2013 London GMD (now closed) added three photos of plant switchers. 102 before/after repainted and 113. Also, one-of-a-kind "kit" diesel hydraulic switcher. None were sold. It finally went to GM's McKinnon auto parts plant.
Peterborough GE Canada added current photo of their old 50-tonner and an old depressed center 6-axle flat.
Terrace Bay AV Terrace Bay is the latest owner of the mill, the more likely known one was Kimberly-Clark.
Added CCGX 1006 just received by contract operator CANDO.

April 2013 Dundas Added old 1911 article about Doolittle & Wilcox early owner of Canada Crushed Stone.

January 2013 Iroquois Falls Resolute Forest Products (formerly Abitibi) 1305 two views before and after overhaul by DES.

October 2012 Cardinal CASCO added photo of 1105 now looking very crappy! Covered in oil and peeling cheap paint job. Falconbridge: Falconbridge Nickle Mines added photo of 80-ton 106 at new owner and S-1 103 as originally ERIE 306. New contributors Whit Wardell and Chuck Zeiler.

September 2012 Cardinal. added CASCO 8 and 9 and relocated existing photo of 8 after sold, to Ennis-Paikin (D).
L'Orignal new page for IVACO with a bunch of old units likely all acquired for scrap and run until they fail.
Nanticoke US Steel Lake Erie Works added 455 SW900 back from overhaul. New contributor Robert Smith
Toronto CGE Peterborough Works added a nice colour photo of the 25-tonner. Thanks to Eric May for correcting location.

August 2012 Toronto New page for Lantic sugar in New Toronto and added to Redpath sugar both using Rail King mover.

June 2012 Sarnia Lambton Diesel added 1201 SW1200RS ex SOR 1201 which became VIP 1201.

May 2012 Kapuskasing Tembec added TLCX 1065 one of a fleet of newsprint box cars for predecessor Spruce Falls Power & Paper. These were the only interchange cars ever operated.
Ottawa (Uplands) National Research Council new page started with 102 ex Alma & Jonquieres S-4 and ex CPR 6593 S-3 just arrived and partially repainted. New contributor Fred Clark.

April 2012 Sault St Marie Algoma Steel added colour photo of 80-tonner 30.
Kapuskasing Spruce Falls Power & Paper added photo of 70-tonner IREX 53678 on its way to Kapuskasing. I believe this was just a parts unit provided by Merrilees a dealer that provided various units to them. New contributor Tim Vermande.

January 2012 Sault St Marie Algoma Steel added 80-tonner 36 and new page added for rolling stock used in intra-plant use.

December 2011 Opasatika Agrium added photo of 7731 switching the mine near Kapuskasing.

November 2011 Hamilton ArcelorMittal Dofasco added 418 rebuilt into new genset. New contributor Mike Garza.
US Steel added before photo of 85 one the way to be rebuilt. DOFASCO 426 already sold off to new owner.
Cornwall: Courtaulds added 1901 photo of Shawinigan Water & Power Co. 1 a small electric loco which became Shawinigan Falls Terminal 7, then Courtaulds 7 and eventually donated to Delson following a switching incident that resulted in its retirement due to a damaged frame. Eventually repaired and restored it is now displayed indoors at Exporail. New contributor Simon Darvill.

October 2011 Created an Index for railway equipment dealers, brokers, contract shops, lease units etc. including:
new pages for NRE-Alco contract shop in Capreol and Diesel Electric Services in Sudbury.
Added two units, a 25-tonner and 35-tonner to Ennis-Paikin (D).
Agrium added SW8 7731 ex ACL 54. INCO added several units. Petro Canada added LTEX 2077. Tembec added a smoky view of 108, and ex 109 RS-23 moving as OSRX 506 on the way to OSR with new roller bearing wheelsets after a very lengthy delay. Including builders photo as S&L 201. US Steel Canada new page (linked with Stelco) new contributor Tim Ball added 85 being returned from overhaul at NRE-Alco and moving as NREX 412 as a convenience since most industries do not have reporting marks. 412 was actually was a former Dofasco unit overhauled earlier. Reusing this number saves expense of creating a unit in UMLER. OSR did the same thing with Tembec unit above which will become OS 507 when repaired for operation.

September 2011 Hamilton National Steel Car added a recent photo of 12 switching new well cars.

August 2011 Cornwall Locweld un-numbered Brookville dinky. New contributor Russ Lees.

March 2011 Hamilton Stelco added a better old photo of gas-electric locomotive 24.

January 2011 Midland new page for Century Coal a long-gone company which operated a coal dock for CSL.
Photos of a strange looking dinky, a rebuilt 0-4-0T saddletank steam engine converted to diesel! Truly, one-of-a-kind!

December 2010 Nanticoke added US Steel 93 enroute from Hamilton. New contributor Joseph Bishop.
Sault Ste. Marie new page for Essar Steel (formerly, Algoma Steel) starting with to units 50 and 51.

November 2010 Sarnia added VIP 1201 an SW1200RS acquired from Rail America, (Hamilton) nee CN 1335.
New contributor Jay Butler.

August 2010 Red Rock the closed Domtar mill had a variety of secondhand units over the years. Here are three of them.

April 2010 Cardinal CASCO added two photos of 1105 a GMD1 which replaced the old RS-3 scrapped on site.
New contributor Steve Hunter.
Xstrata Copper 055 fresh from overhaul in Capreol returning to Kidd Creek Mine. New contributor Mike Robin.
Hamilton. Steel Car recent photo of number 11 from new contributor Dave Broughton.
ArcelorMittal Dofasco 412 returning from NRE in Capreol. New contributor Joe Zika.
Mississauga Petro-Canada new page starting with LTEX 3803 GP38 leased by Railserve the new switching contractor.
"new" unit on the way to Agrium mine near Kapuskasing moving as LTEX 2.
Whitby LASCO 1 70-tonner believed on the way to being re-engined. New contributor Jack R. Smith.

March 2010 Cardinal CASCO added old photo of CR 9934 same model. New contributor Jim Gavin.

February 2010 Toronto Andrew Merrilees added IREX 204 an RS-3 ex St.Johnsbury & Lamoille County 204, nee Lehigh & Hudson River 4.

December 2009 New pages created for Great Lakes Paper in Thunder Bay photo of 231 ex CP HS-12.
Also, ADM in Windsor a tiny Plymouth.
Added 300 and 317 to Hearn Group in Amherstburg.
Add two views of ex CP Hydraulic Switcher 17 at Babcock & Wilcox in Galt.

November 2009 Added 1966 photo of Andrew Merrilees yard at West Toronto showing units for sale including SLSF 70-tonner and DL&W SW1.

October 2009 Sarnia added three photos of units at VIP 1511 and 1007 also LDS 0179.
Also, Algoma Steel added colour photo of 51.

May 2009 Final days of Marathon Pulp. After more than half of a century, it is all over.

February 2009 New unit CANX 8701 (nee QNS&L) of switching contractor Savage (formerly Canac) at Marathon Pulp.

October 2008 Added Lake Erie Works 459 returning from a rebuild in the US from new contributor Robert Smith.
Also, photo of it as SELX 6092 (ex Stelco 92), moving through Attica, New York on NS a year earlier enroute to rebuild from new contributor Dan Embt.

September 2008 Added Terrace Bay Pulp M-19923. First photos I have seen of this unit which has been at the former Kimberly-Clark mill for 20 years! Its remote location in Northern Ontario and being industrial accounts for the lack of interest by railfans.

August 2008 Added VIP inc. a warehousing and rail car storage facility in Sarnia along with another shot of Esso Chemical 7920 plus in Hamilton added Stelco SW900 92 shown at Fort Erie going to unknown point. It returned as Lake Erie Works 459 by which time Stelco had been acquired by U.S. Steel. New contributor Don Janes.

May 2008 Canada Crushed Stone added motor 10.

April 2008 Acton Limestone Quarries new entry started with ex Lehigh Valley 44-tonner from new contributor John Vincent.

October 2007 Algoma Steel had two unique 87 1/2 ton narrow gauge (36") industrial locomotives one of which is now on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge tourist railroad in Colorado. "Big" narrow gauge diesels are hard to come by in North America, most are on the White Pass hauling tourists, so this was a good find for them to use switching in the yard to cut down on smoke complaints.

June 2007 St.Mary's Cement a very old photo of Plymouth dinky in quarry. Also, another of large steam shovel.

May 2007 CVRD Inco a new name for an old company in Port Colborne as well as a new photo of an old locomotive un-numbered 50-tonner from new contributor Colleen Mills. James River Marathon added 17-102 ex CP 7024 Alco S-2. Also, CGE Peterborough Works No.1 23-tonner. Algoma Steel in "The Sault" 80-tonner 34 and 115-tonner 61. and in Windsor Zalev Bros. 1 GE 45-tonner.

April 2007 Algoma Steel 50 still at work after more than half a century of hard service. New contributor Tim Gobeil.
St.Marys Paper (once Abitibi) also in The Soo since 1911 has a history added. Casco added an old 1950's colour photo of Jersey Central Alco RS-3 in passenger service from new contributor John Dziobko. CIL in Cornwall new listing shows a dinky.

October 1, 2006 Amherstburg: Hearn added link to ETR 101. Blenheim: W G Thompson added ex GWWD 101 relocated to Kent Bridge elevator by new contributor Peter Mumby. Sarnia Lambton Diesel Service added their Car Mover.

September 1, 2006 London: GMD Added two recent views of ex TH&B 57 at the Electro Motive plant in Mc.Cook, IL.
Hamilton: Case (formerly International Harvester) a recent view of ex Trillium 308 now, NY&LE 308 out of service.

August 1, 2006 Added an old colour photo from the collection of Joseph Testagrose of Des Moines & Central Iowa 600 a secondhand GE 70-tonner that went on to have an interesting Canadian history after its acquisition by Andrew Merrilees (D) including on the Canmore Mines non-common carrier railway in Alberta. Also, brand new photo of Cargill 1217 in Thunder Bay.

July 1, 2006 Smooth Rock Falls added to Tembec switching contractor Canac unit 1518 by Mike Robin.

June 1, 2006 Welland added to Atlas Steel page an old image of one of their two ex US Army Whitcomb 65-tonners.

April 11, 2006 Hamilton added to Dofasco roster their only Alco's two second-hand Nickle Plate S-4's and only SW1200 a new GMD unit number 14 (there was no 13). Another photo their last Whitcomb 65-tonner at the end of its use.

March 1, 2006 Sarnia area added: Esso Chemical 7920; Novacor 40 getting its prime mover overhauled; Royal Polymers 8620 formerly a Lambton Diesel lease unit and 0178 a "new" leaser unit acquired by Lambton Diesel from Andrew Merrilees Ltd. (Dealer) All from Shaun Hinz.

February 1, 2006 Dofasco added photo of 414 Dofasco's only SW1200, both it and ladle 638 at Platinum Car Co.

December 1, 2005 Dofasco added colour photo of 12 in 1969, 416 (ex Mc.Kinnon) recently repainted by Railcare, a contract shop in Hamilton; also their latest acquistion, 410 a well-travelled SW8 overhauled by Rail Trusts Equipment, a small contract shop in Florida.

November 1, 2005 Babcox & Wilcox finally sprung for some paint for their tiny Plymouth. Gerry Ferns
Central Soya (old Victory Mills) in Toronto, 45-tonner was once Tonawanda Iron 2 Doug Kroll
Around the Niagara Frontier from Paul Duncan (Niagara Rails), Thorold South, Abitibi-Consolidated added two units; and one of former Donahue; Dana car mover, two images. Port Colborne, Maple Leaf Milling 45-tonner. Welland; Shaw Pipe Protection and Welland Pipe switching moves are depicted in a number of scenes.

October 1, 2005 added two units to Andrew Merrilees (Dealer) IREX 5 SW1 ex EL/DL&W and FDDMS 411 70-tonner.

August 1, 2005 added a great aerial view of the Steel Car in Hamilton recently taken by railfan student pilot David Graham.

July 1, 2005 An old Pettibone car mover at Korex (old Lever Bros.) soap plant in downtown Toronto, next to Keating Yard.

June 1, 2005 Marathon Pulp Inc. added a series of four new images by Chris Wilson of switching contractor at work showing this large plant. Cooksville Brick & Tile an old gas mechical unit, long-gone.

May 1, 2005 Novacor Chemical 902 a spare unit for a number of plants in Sarnia area.

March 1, 2005 LASCO Whitby add PGE 556 c.1955 in Lilloette, BC from The Sirman Collection this is presently STCR 10. Siemens-Westinghouse in Hamilton, a recent view of the same old Westinghouse CLC unit from new contributor Michael Taylor. GMDH-3 275 once used by Mc.Kinnon Industries, preserved in Michigan.

February 1, 2005 Barry's Bay: J.P.Conway once had a tiny Vulcan Iron Works dinky. Port Maitland IMC had a unique Davenport 0-4-0M inherited from Sherbrooke Metallurgical and once at General Motor's Frigidaire plant in Scarborough. Scenic shortline type view of CASCO train on the 2 mile run between Cardinal and the CNR mainline comes the Late Dave More, one of many photographs just acquired from his estate.

December 31, 2004 Colour images of RS-3 units similar to CASCO 1548 before and after re-engine with EMD prime mover. These from new contributors Geo. Hamlin and Andy Koenigsberg. Un-identified GE 23-tonner at CLN Industries (D) back in 1998. Kimberley-Clark MLW S-3 6546 ex CPR. Two old black and white scans of Spruce Falls Power and Paper GE 70-tonners 106 and 107. Wendell Lemon and Ron W.Layton

October 19, 2004 Tembec Inc. at Smooth Rock Falls has a new switching contractor CANAC unit CANX 1518.
Kidd Creek mine added 055 repainted and Marathon Pulp (another Tembec mill) uses a leased CANAC unit CANX 8700 Westinghouse current photo of their engine linked.

October 8, 2004 Railcare a new car repair facility in Hamilton 45-tonner

September 9, 2004 OxyVinyls 65-tonner and PolyOne 25-tonner plus views of both plants which are related to each other. Oxy Vinyls, LP ("OxyVinyls"), is a joint venture company between Occidental Chemical Corporation
("OxyChem") and The PolyOne Corporation ("PolyOne"), formerly The Geon Company
Note: Occidental Chemical Corp. formerly Hooker Chemical of Love Canal infamy!
Located in the Port Robinson/Thorold area of Niagara.

Lambton Diesel Service 8620 in new paint scheme.

August 5, 2004 CGE Davenport works Toronto 25-tonner in colour

May 28, 2004 National Steel Car 10 nee RCAF 50-tonner

April 11, 2004 Dofasco shot of 416 enroute to outside shop for work. Stelco 51 65-tonner.

February 21, 2004 Casco, Cardinal. CNJ 1543 same as 1548. Stelco, Hamilton Additions of diesel and steam.

January 19, 2004 CGE Peterborough colour slide of 23 tonner. GMD London colour slide of 1001 with export buffers.

January 5, 2004 Consolidated Sand &Gravel, Paris pit. 0-4-0 mechanical also 0-4-0T steam engine.

December 11, 2003 Another Hamilton industry, Westinghouse CLC 50-tonner.

December 1, 2003 Canada Crushed Stone several colour slides by Al Howlett of this long-gone unique electric operation.

November 14, 2003 Hamilton industries Dofasco 6 when first acquired and 416 a "lost" engine, "found" by Julius Olajos and identified by Rob Archer. See also steam industrial for International Harvester and CIL additions.

November 1, 2003 Hamilton industries DOFASCO, International Harvester, NSC, STELCO have all had additions.

August 10,2003 Atlas Steel 9 as CACV 3051 a D&H look alike.

July 11, 2003 Algoma Steel narrow gauge 55 tonner at East Broad Top.

June 2, 2003 Stelpipe NIL (un-numbered) GE 45-tonner about to leave plant in Welland.

May 28, 2003 Kapuskasing Tembec 108 acquired new by predecessor SFP&P, 168 ex Mattagami RR/Algoma Central

May 23, 2003 Toronto (+ Mississauga) Znidar Bros. (D) GE 45-ton for sale, former Praxair 161.

Iroquois Falls: Abitibi-Consolidated 1305

Sudbury Area Mining Railways, including INCO and Falco



April 1, 2003 Prior to this date a number of additions and corrections were made to the gallery. These are most easily identified by new in the thumbnail, or on the actual page. Additions include: Dundas, Canada Crushed Stone, electrics added. Hamilton; Dofasco, 2 units added. London; GMD additions. Paris, CS&G additions. St.Catharines, Mc.Kinnon Industries unit added. Toronto; CGE Davenport, battery loco added. Welland; Atlas loco crane added.

NOTE: New Galleries created for Ontario Industrial Steam Locomotives, also Construction and contractors locos. There have been many additions to these already.

April 3 Welland: Atlas Steel unique sled pusher engine added, also CN 8190 in old paint, similar to Atlas 8.

Thorold South: Ontario Paper, added CN 8116 in old paint, similar to OP unit.

Sarnia: Lambton Diesel, new listing, 8620.

April 6 Iroquois Falls: Abitibi ex ONR 1203 in two different paint schemes of different corporate names.
Temagami: Wm. Milne & Sons lumber mill, strange homebuilt unit. Opasatika: Agrium's re-engined Alco RS3

April 9 Timmins: Kidd Creek Mine added. Also, Amherstburg: B&O 9114 sister engine to Allied Chemical 3A

April 10 London: GMD Blue Goose 1001, three images added. Welland: Atlas Steel un-identified MLW yard engine added.
Island Falls: New entry. Abitibi unique self-propelled rail car. Iroquois Falls: Abitibi RS3 1310 added inc. ONR 1310.

April 14 Island Falls: Abitibi; Iroquois Falls: ONR 1203 added; Timmins new entry for Kidd Creek Mines; Soo: new entry for St.Marys Paper; Algoma Steel inc. Tube Div. many colour photos added various models/makes.(deleted seven B&W duplicate models) Port Colborne: new entry for Canadian Furnace Div. of Algoma Steel.

April 27 Timmins Kidd Creek Flanger 100060 added. Sarnia Novacor Rock Island 907 added, similar unit to 912.

See also Construction gallery (Queenston Hydro and Welland Canal) and steam industrial gallery for additions.


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