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December 1, 2017



Reader Al Crisp points out incorrect caption identifying blue trucks at West Toronto team track as being CP Transport.
They are actually Interline Forwarders trucks (pool car operator) as indicated by the yellow banner.




Ships Added (scroll down Travel to Canada) two advertisements in London, England for travel to Canada.



CPR Algoma District

Schreiber gallery added great action scene of fast moving 8735_4410

Also, (scroll down to link above thumbnails) added interesting photos of coal chutes under construction.

Sudbury gallery added photo of Chalk River enginehouse, and two photos on Cartier Sub. including a great scenic shot.


CPR Ontario District

CPR Bruce Division

Added (scroll down) poor quality photo chosen (reluctantly) for the action depicted as yard is being spread of snow.

Station gallery Added Bala first photo and Midhurst first photo.


CPR London Division

Guelph Junction gallery two
Added two photos of hooping up orders to trains. 5752 and 8785.

Hooping up across Canada to see more including these two plus earlier Woodstock photo of 8471 and others elsewhere.

Gallery power. Relocated 3701_5403 and 2332 from another page.

History other
Added (scroll down to Changes Over the Years) photo of last Frame Train at Killean with details of changes to both train and place.


CPR Smiths Falls Division

Cornwall Subdivision
Added (scroll to bottom) an interesting photo showing what looks like a lot of power for a branch freight. See what is really going on!


CPR Toronto Division

Coach Yard scroll down to CPR-THB-NYC Pool Toronto-Buffalo. Added TH&BL 73 one of several coaches in through service pool to/from Buffalo. See also NYC coach.

Parkdale Added (link) photo 1897 Dufferin Street looking north to Queen Street newly completed subway.

West Toronto diamond.
Added (scroll down) two interesting photos of welders at work and stopped Alco covered wagon 4051.

Obico Mileage 9.6 scroll down then scroll down further to Closed and Sold for details of Obico Intermodal and scroll down further to Canpa Cutoff and Sold for details of GO takeover of subdivision. A TTC subway yard and shop will be built here
for the new style of subway trains to be acquired for Line 2 Bloor-Danforth similar to those now in use on Line 1 Yonge-University-Spadina. The present TTC Greenwood Yard in the east end cannot accommodate these type of trains which are replacing the usual individual subway cars. Furthermore, Greenwood cannot be modified/expanded and will used for other purposes connected with subway trains such as maintenance etc. Greenwood lost its CNR siding years ago thus requring delivery by highway. The new yard at Obico will restore a railway siding connection.


CPR Trenton Division

Oshawa Spur. Added old photo of special trainload of new GM automobiles for one dealer! A pair of GM A units out of the passenger pool were assigned instead of the usual steam engine or some ALCO's!

Stations Added colour photos of Bowmanville plus Burketon, Norwood, Havelock 1981 and Tweed. Also, Port Mc.Nicoll

Kingston Subdivision Added (link) new gallery with two larger photos of 807 plus new photos of 807 (see what is going on here) and a photo that might well have been from the 19th century! New contributor Dave Page.


CPR Lambton Yard

Lambton Locomotive Department.

Added a gallery (scroll down to link) Coal chutes demolition, with 9 photos of demolition. Circa 1963. Date and photographer credit misplaced. These have been sitting for years amongst the thousands of images backlogged. I recall it was a Sunday and also the engineer's name but don't recall if I was working that day shift. Maybe I was there and that is why I recall Smokey being the hogger. Maybe when I saw the failed effort with the small 6500 I gave up and went home!


West Toronto Yard Added (scroll down) new part RIP Track explaining meaning and old photo including 7020 first diesel.

Road power gallery Added old photos of 5305, 5311, 5316 and 5319.


CNoR Ontario

Added (scroll down to bottom) two photos of the long-closed COR roundhouse in Trenton still being used by businesses.



Grade Separations
North Toronto Added newer photo (reversing date of 1913 construction photo above) street scene includes TTC Peter Witt streetcar along with links to photos of other streetcars at both ends of Bay route.





Photograph galleries


CPR Diesel

The Canadian
Great view of two consists of The Canadian passing each other west of Calgary. Also, Toronto -Sudbury added two photos of diesels being serviced while switching takes place and a view of switching. Plus, photos of the last run in 1978 of The Canadian leaving Montreal also Ottawa and arriving train through Arnprior with an RS-10. Learn why.

The Dominion Added (scroll to very bottom) Rare photo of No.8 with piggybacks on headend! Kicking Horse

Expo Limited Added photo of observation car Yoho Park.


Royal Trains

1939 Royal tour added three photos of 6047 one of the lesser known CNR engines other than 6400.


Speno trains. Added more photos of rail grinder train plus old 1957 photos ballast cleaner.






CNR Steam

Mountain type
Added 6043 builders photo, 6046, 6047, 6048, 6049 and two of 6055.


CNR Diesel

US Subsidiaries Added CV 3611 and 4925 in two different paint schemes. Also, added (link at top) map of lines.


CPR Steam

P1n class Added (scroll down) 5212, 5238 both at unknown location.

P2 class Added (scroll down) 5307 at unknown location, 5314 in Vancouver with crew posing in 1939. Also, 5350 in Calgary, 5356 (?), 5360 Calgary, 5365 brand new great photo! Finally, 5366 (?).


CPR diesel

S-2 Added another photo of 7041 in Block Lettering paint scheme (my favourite!) See what is different on this unit. Guess?

Added (scroll way down to second set of thumbnails) Remanufactured units GP9u 1627 in new CPR paint scheme
Also, 1000 daughter units added closeup of electrical connections to Mother.

Preserved diesels. Added 1100 cab control unit, 4237, 4744 and 9250 RDC-4


DAR Diesel Added great photo of typical gypsum train in diesel era with 1274_1275_8138.



TH&B Added photos of 56, 76 and 402_403 at John Street roundhouse in Toronto. .



Equipment Dealers

Diesel Electric Services.

Added photos of DESX 5306 leased for HCRY work train service also after sale photos of MSWY 5306 and 5309.
Also, 5311 painted black but unlettered.
Note: These were SD40-2's once owned by Ontario Hydro all 7 of which were acquired by DES.




Added small news 1910 clipping re labour problem with Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co. and their Morrisey, Fernie & Michel Ry.


Rolling Stock

TH&B Added 1528 covered hopper car, 4763 LCL box car, van 62 original, 68 (see its safety slogan!), 73 coach.



CNR Predecessor roads.

GTR and Northern of Canada Toronto roundhouses along the waterfront. Courtesy of Derek Boles.
RARE photo includes the seldom-photographed domed roundhouse! Includes sketches.

CPR Roundhouses Added Chalk River (what's left of it in 1973) with one yard engine 6506.






GTR Ontario
Added (scroll down) old hand coloured postcard of Dundas. See what this scene has in common with later CNR scene.

CNR Ontario
Added (scroll down) scene circa 1920 at Dundas, See what this photograph has in common with the earlier GTR scene.


Radial and Interurban railways

L&PS Added old photo with crew and other people posing. Possibly first or early train after electrification.


Street Railways

Cornwall Street Railway Added (scroll down) photo of steeplecab loco 8 (1st).


Tourist railways

Alberta Prairie Added 7 photos of early years.

Southern Prairie New gallery two photos first day of operation.


















November 1, 2017





Clearing the Mountain Subdivision Article Connaught Tunnel and Twin Butte 1931 blockages.
Added link to additional material and old photos from Revelstoke Railway Museum new contributor Doug Mayer.

Transport Added old photo of Smith Transport tractor trailer being loaded on CP flat car.


CPR Bruce Division

Added colour photo of plow train in Mac Tier including two plows and a spreader. Note too something else interesting.

Stations Tottenham Added great old post card dated 1910 showing passengers etc. complete with handwritten message.

CPR London Division

Gallery of power Steam and diesel. Added 8471 getting hooped up by Operator at Woodstock. Many other "hooping up" photos are linked to. Also, added P1 5169.


Added nice old hand-coloured post card of Thamesford. See also 1952 photo.


CPR Smiths Falls Division

New article started with existing material from Trenton Division Smiths Falls segment and photos from other galleries plus new history pages Prescott Sub. including aerial photos etc.


CPR Trenton Division

Passenger service history. Caption for two photos now identifies the two passenger trains meeting.


Doug Hately's Bowmanville Gallery Added 5505_5504 (scroll way down) brand new pair of SD40's fresh out of GMD!



CPR Lambton Yard

Road engine gallery. Added P1's 5143, 5154 and 5160 also see what the shopman is doing.


CPR Toronto Yard.

Leased power gallery Added in date order ATSF 3600 in new trial and short-lived Santa Fe paint scheme, 3601, 3609, 3678 part of 20 GP39-2's; CN RS-18's 3698, 3708, 3728; GATX 3729, 5035 and (scroll down) KCC 106.

Road engine gallery. Added 4050 with small Multimark m.u.'ed to B&M Alco 1518.



Canadian National

CNR Predecessors Canadian Northern Added (link) Western lines gallery starting with two first trains!







CNR steam

Following Port Rowan Mixed Mogul 80 in 1955. Worth a look at whole gallery again.
Added (scroll to bottom) Mixed 219 eng. 5595 meet in Dunnville.
Also, added two photos of other trains already in CNR Trains gallery.


CPR The Dominion gallery Added (scroll down to Selkirks in the Rockies section) old magazine colour photo of three engines hauling what most likley is The Dominion.

CPR Jubilee 1886-1936 cross Canada trip of The Dominion to celebrate 50 years of Trans Canada passenger service.
Added official CPR photo with crew posing for initial run and another official posed photo of decorated engine.
Duplicated photos from eight-wheeler gallery to group together. Also, added 5905 assist engine previously unknown.


CPR Diesel Added photo of 904 hot-shot in Vermont led by 8793 passing B&M yard diesel. Also, (scroll way way down to below CP Rail thumbnails) for a scenic view in BC of four SD's with what was in the 1980's a long train.

CPR E&N Added old colour photo of RDC-3 9024 loading passengers at Victoria old station.


Confederation Train Added night scene of train posed before it began its cross Canada run.


SPENO train Added SRGX 400 power car and un-numbered rail grinder cars also water tank UTLX 49406




AMT Added (scroll down) CP 4072 before becoming MUCTC 1302.


Added five photos of MLW's 601, 603, 605, 607 and 610. Also, (scroll down to BC Rail segment) added 606 in new paint scheme and 722 last MLW unit with old style cab. Next order M-630 first with new style. Finally, 6002 electric brand new.


CNR Steam

Hudson 4-6-4 Added 5702 with Pool 14 c.1943

Mountain 4-8-2 Added 6020, 6023 and 6029 (above). Note markers. Full tender of coal. Nicely posed "rods down" in a CNR official photo. Looks brand new built at CLC. Is this in Kingston and it was running light to Montreal?


Mountain Added older photo of 6005 with smoke deflectors. Unknown location and date.


CNR Diesel US Subsidiaries Added (scroll down) photo of CV 8081 recently repainted at museum.


CNR Self-propelled Replaced black and white photo with colour photo of CN 15767 trailer. Model RR club car.



CPR Steam

A2 class 4-4-0 Added old photo 136 likely taken in 1914 when "modernized".

Eight-Wheeler Added great old photo from 1891 of 282 at Prescott roundhouse with shop staff.

D10 class 4-6-0 Added (scroll way down) another shot of 1097 near the end of steam. See also 1097 with mixed train.

F1 class 4-4-4 Jubilee added a rare photo with its streamlined shrouding removed.

P1 class Added 5116, 5134 (see what the fireman is looking for) and 5158 and compare it to much earlier photo of 5158.
Also, 5162, 5177 and 5178. Question; are both 5177 and 5178 at the same place?

P1n class Added 5200 the first engine built near new with more "new" components than original parts. Also, 5205.

P2 class Added 5323 (second photo, see what is being done), 5341, 5342 and 5343 second photo.


CPR Ottawa steam Added several photos 1219, 3417_3690, 3528_2229, 5107. Note: These are same photos as in the new ARTICLE CPR Smiths Falls Division. However, you might enjoy a look at all of the gallery for Ottawa steam.



CPR diesel Added 1019 hump slug and 9159 in special United Way paint scheme.

SD40 Added rare photo of 5780 one of only a handful of units painted this way. Check it out.

SD40 used Added 5410 ex QNS&L 214 one of 15 units acquired.

CPR Baldwin road switchers Added 8012 brand new.

Leased power Added CGW 115-C and 166C two old EMD covered wagons from a road well known for running trains of
150 cars at a time when other roads ran half that length.


Subsequent owners.
New gallery Delta Southern 1585 8231 also 1597 1585 still in LTEX paint.
Minnesota Commercial Added M-630 73, RS-23 80, RS-18u 81 and 82.
Added (scroll down) NH&I 8218.
Added (scroll down) Red River & Western 1213 and 1276.



CPR self-propelled Added great old photo of gas car 9003. Read all about what is happening here.





New gallery started for Southern Railway of Vancouver Island operated for Island Corridor Foundation by Rail Link.
Both units 110 (nee NP 280), 128 (ex CP 1583) and caboose A5 nee BC Hydro.



BC Vancouver Wharves Added colour photo of Alco S-6 TMBL 950 which became VW 21 2nd.

Alberta Added GMTX 403 for Carseland and ADMX 1356 at Lloydminster.


Rolling stock

BCR Cabooses and work equipment. Added RGM-1 BC Rail's own rail grinder.



Interurban and Street railways

TTC Runnymede Loop at CPR Lambton Yard.
Added photo of 9267 and 9152 two different model trolley coaches in old and new paint schemes.

Street railways

Hamilton and Dundas Added details from 1884 employee of fares, routing etc. courtesy of David O'Reilly.


Bus and Coach lines.

Added Montreal Tramways 800 a very unique gas-electric coach with dual front and rear trucks with traction motors!




Start new gallery for Cowichan Valley Ry, Duncan, VI
















October 1, 2017

Throughout this month's additions are more images digitally restored
by the late Gordon Kennedy, who left us too soon. R. I. P.



Old Articles


New shops (Hillcrest) 1923




CPR Algoma District

Created new gallery: Wolf Kirchmeir is back again this time with a big batch of 4200's (MLW C-424) 1970's+

Sudbury gallery Added photos of 5538_5513 Pointe au Baril, plus 8245 on the Webbwood Sub.
Also, (scroll way down to steam) 3696 previously a Fredericton, New Brunswick engine (see N2 gallery)


CPR Ontario District

Bruce Division

Stations 20th century gallery. Bala Summer station Added old coloured post card of two small lake boats at dock.

London Division Steam and diesel gallery.
Added P1 5103 looking a mess. Also, interesting winter scene of Extra 4215 in Quebec Street yard. See what is going on.


CPR Toronto Division

John Street steam power. Yard engines N2 class Added 3674 and 3695


Lambton Yard Locomotive Department Added interesting photo near end of shop after Toronto Yard opened April 1964.
Road power gallery. Added Pacific 2414 which became one of the very last serviceable steam engines at Lambton in 1960. Also added Mudhen 3722 and P1 5111.



Toronto, Grey & Bruce
Added poor quality very old photo of narrow gauge double-engine Caledon incorrectly captioned as CVR which was standard gauge.



Canadian National

NOTE: Created new listings for CNR predecessor roads also CNR subsidiaries etc. Relocated exisiting material for easier locating material.

CNR Predecessors Canadian Northern Added (link) Western lines gallery starting with two first trains!


CNR Express & LCL Freight
New gallery started with relocated material including very old trucks. Exisitng link to another excellent site maintained.



Roberval Saguenay Roster Added scroll way down) 64_72 (two photos) and 70. All GP38-3 newer power.




Photograph Galleries


CNR steam Relocated three interesting photos of 6062. See what is happening here.
5589 with a short local passenger train in Lindsay 1950's.
5585_5143 doubleheading an eastbound coal drag out of London with L&PS L-2 nearby. Credit wrongly says westbound.
6034 in two interesting winter scenes in West Toronto.

CN Turbotrain Added photo of a turbotrain under construction at MLW.


Confederation Train 1967 Added pdf UCRS Newsletter article.

Royal Trains 1939 on CNR Added colour photo 6400 headon and scroll way down 2 photos of 6028 one of the lesser known Royal Train engines. Also, 2 photos relocated of 6400 preserved in Ottawa.



US Roads in Canada Wabash Added 664, 670 part of 20 units built by GMD for Canadian service. Also, 3547 EMD unit.



CNR Predecessor roads Canadian Northern Added Ten-Wheeler 57 with the whole crew posing.
Intercolonial Railway of Canada
Added (scroll down) ICR 76 and (compound 2-8-0) 249 both of which lasted into CNR era.
Northern Railway of Canada. Added Josephine 4-4-0 built for OS&H Ontario's first railway.


CNR Steam

Pacific type Added 5282, 5284, 5288 (later preserved by Nelson Blount), 5292 and 5298.
5300 with smoke deflectors in Kitchener (before I was born!) Thanks to Jon Snook for identifying the industry behind train.

Hudson Added 5703 which still exists renumbered 5700!

CNR US Subsidiaries GTW Added (scroll down) 6037



CPR Steam Relocated (scroll down below thumbnails) photo of 5248 as yard switcher at Banff in summer.

A1 class 4-4-0 Added 28 in Ottawa in 1933.

Eight-Wheeler Added 71 with diamond stack in Kingston.

D10 class Added (scroll down) 2 photos 834 almost a decade apart same place. Note changes to features.

N2 Class
Added 3662 (see who is running the engine) down East, 3695 on Western Lines, 3718 fresh out of Angus rebuild ex 3918.
3742 with inquisitive engineer!

P1 class Added 5103 on Western Lines.




Demonstrators etc.

Bombardier Relocated old 1975 clipping for LRC from Popular Mechanics magazine. Remember that publication?




SRY RailLink
Added 900 and 904 both in new paint scheme and with new type stack. These units are part of a unique model ordered only by former BC Hydro. They are 900 HP switchers with road trucks and m.u for main line operation. In effect "SW900RS".


INDUSTRIAL steam locomotives Other than Ontario.

BC Added Hamilton Bridge 2-4-2T



Rolling Stock

CNR Freight Added (scroll down) 97149 a "long" hopper. Find out what it is. Not really all that long.

CNR work service. Added (scroll down) 60023 converted from unknown self-propelled gas car.

CNR Passenger equipment modern era. New gallery started with 15404 one of 123 SG cars.


CNR US Subsidiaries Passenger equipment. Added nice colour photo of old truss rod car CV 4100 rule instruction.



CPR Freight equipment steam era Added (scroll down) builders photo of 364599 80 ton tripple hopper.

CPR cabooses Added 438709 recently repainted in new scheme of red with yellow ends.


CPR Observation cars.
Added photo of double dome cars, the very first and only known such cars.
Also, great rear end shot of Trans-Canada Limited with jam packed open roofless observation car in the Rockies.
Plus, scroll way down to head end equipment to see 3286 wooden combine.

CPR Business Cars
Added as received by WCRA photo of 16 wooden double platform car built 1890 Barney & Smith. Now at Squamish.

CPR Stainless Steel equipment. Scroll down to very bottom. Added two photos of ex NYC observation car.


ONR Passenger equipment Added photo of AGUMIK retired Restaurant Car saved for preservation later scrapped.


Private ownership Added (scroll to very bottom) TSCX 460 a rare type of car (I never saw one) used by STELCO.




Relocated to specific galleries:

CPR Alberta Added Lake Louise old post card.

CPR Quebec Gallery 3 added 1893 adv for Chateau Frontenac

CPR Windsor Station Montreal. Added photo of proposed new station never built!

GTR Ontario new gallery Predecessor roads Started with OS&H/NRC Davenport and TBL Moore Park.



Radial Railways Added (scroll to very bottom) Niagara Central cars at park.


Street Railways etc.

Hamilton Street Railway Added line car 15, work car 407, cars 409 and 417.


Hull Electric Co. Added three old photos of work car 42, streetcar 48 and interurban car 202.



Note: You can also link this from ARTICLES then GENERAL Toronto Transportation Commission and/or Toronto Streets.

Keele Street in the Junction. Added new photo of TTC Weston Streetcar Terminal showing unique track arrangement.

Toronto Transportation Commission

Added new gallery showing Runnymede Loop with streetcars then trolley coaches.

Added old detailed article about new shops (Hillcrest) 1923.

Added MAP 1928 showing extension of Dovercourt streetcar route. plus other routes shown including Jane bus.

Started new gallery for early buses. Includes 13, 16, 235 and 571 part of the fleet era of buses.
See also trackless trolley material previously uploaded.

Added York Township Railways history which was operated by TTC for the Township.


Buses and Highway Coaches

Gray Coach Lines Added 1450 a 1948 interburban coach.


Toronto Streets

Sunnyside Added interesting photos of five poiints intersection, GCL bus terminal, TTC cars in 1941 and later.
Also, link to CNR Sunnyside station, long gone.



Tourist Railways

Prairie Dog Central has turned itself into a small shorltine operation including storage of freight equipment.

West Coast Railway Ass'n

New gallery started with the beautifully restored ex CPR business car British Columbia built 1890.
Also, CP 598 open observation car used for many years on the BCR Royal Hudson excursion trains.
Also, duplicated Coast Mountaineer section of BCR Royal Hudson and other BC special steam.












September 1, 2017

An old photo of open observation car without a location has been identified by Doug Mayer as being Revelstoke due to the ice house in the background. Always glad to hear from people who can add missing or additional information to captions.


Old Articles Index


CPR Travel
Houses and Hotels

Chateau Lake Louise extension. 1915 article


Photograph Galleries


GTR Steam Mogul Baldwin 1908


Interburban and Electric

BCER Electric Truck Garage 1913

Hull Electric 1896

London Street 1896
Detailed article about change over from horse to electric.

Ottawa Electric 1903
Two hydro-electric and one steam generating plants,
plus battery backup.


NOTE: In the above Old Articles be sure to read about the BCER Electric truck garage.
BCER opened a garage for commercial electric trucks (non-BCER) !
They phased out private electric autos but saw a need for electric trucks.
Ahead of its time? How sucessful this was and how long it lasted is unknown.



CPR Algoma District

Schreiber Added 3122 in brand new Canadian Pacific paint scheme replacing CP Rail.

Sudbury gallery. Added 4200, 4214, 8158, and 3002


CPR Ontario District

CPR Toronto Division

John Street diesel engine gallery Added 2nd colour photo of 4071 a covered wagon in clean paint.


CPR Trenton Division

Created new gallery for Speno rail grinding trains.

Port Mc.Nicoll Steam gallery added 3632 and 3649.


CPR Toronto Yard Gallery 3 Added 1518
Road engine gallery.
Added 5400 ex QNS&L SD40 and nice old B&W photo of 4089 MLW covered wagon in Script paint scheme.



Detailed history of predecessor roads (GTP, NTR, CNoR, NP&M, M&SE) includes shops and roundhouses in Winnipeg.




Newfoundland (CN) Added (scroll to very bottom) Added subsequent owners FCAB 1421 in Chile, South America!



Sperry Rail Car Added new gallery of Sperry Cars with 1 photo CPR Toronto Yard copied here plus 1 new on old PGE.

Speno Rail New gallery starting with 2 trains on CPR Belleville Sub.









CP Rail diesel Added (scroll way down to below second set of thumbnails) Added photo of No.2 1407_1418 plus scan of Authorization Form permitting train to pass defective stop signal.

New page of several photos of Chasing 917 through Vermont in 1985.


E&N Added (scroll way down) three photos of the CP Rail era on Vancouver Island.


Speno rail grinding trains. Created new gallery. (Same link above Trenton Div.)

Sperry Car Added new link to old Articles General.


US Roads in Canada

NYC Added PRR 6301 Alco C636 in St. Thomas! Why?




AMT Added (scroll down) 1311 later preserved and (scroll down further) 606 EGU.

CNR steam Pacifics Added 5071, 5250 and 5273.

CNR diesel Added lots of interesting photos old units/old paint scheme.

Preserved units. Added 70-tonner 7817 including interior photos.

70-tonner Added 39 and 26 on PEI.
GMD1 Added 1003, 1153 first photo of modified trucks. Also, 1412 first photo of remanufactured units.
SW1200RS Added 1205.
SW1200RM Added recent photo 7303 in BC.
GP7 added 4360. GP9 added (scroll down) 4514 equipped with air intake snow shields.
Rebuilt "Sweep" added 7101 and 7102 at Mac Yard.
SW9 add 7000
SW8 add 7173, 7183_7173
SW900 add 7209, 3 unit hump set 7207_7940_7939
NW2 Added 7945 with transfer van (no cupola). 7963
S-3 Added 8459 with B-4.
S-13 Added 8622_B-4_8609 hump set.
F7 Added 9100 with blanked out cab soon to be rebuilt.

Booster units New with B-4 slug converted from S-3 mu with 8459 S-3. Then, B-4 mu with 8622_8609 pair S-13's.

Newer diesels galleries.

C630M Started with 2005.

US Subsidiaries Added (scroll down) GT 5849 ex P&LE.



CPR Steam

M class 2-8-0's Added (scroll down to very bottom) 3560 in perfect rods-down pose. Ex QCR 58. One of 9 M4's on QC.

N2 class 2-8-0's Added 3624, 3632.




CP Rail diesel

GP38 New gallery started with 3040, 3052, 3085 and one day old 3127.

M630 Big addition 4515, 4516, 4574, 4575, 4576, 4577, 4578. Some brand new!

GP35 Added 5017 first in gallery.

SD40 used units Added 5480 ex 3249 (ex N&W) already in gallery.

SD40-2 Added 5907 and 6054.

GP9 Added 8496

Remanufactured units GP9 Added 1686 ex TH&B



CPR diesel Preserved units.

Added 4723 and linking 4563 in operation at Exporail (already in a gallery). Added 8000 CPR's first road diesel.


CP Rail diesel Subsequent owners.

Started new gallery Delaware-Lackawanna DL-4743, later GVT 3643.

Also, QGRY added 4228.


GO Transit Added (scroll down) 724 ex Rock Island.

ONR Added 1509 in a very nice colour photo plus, (scroll down) 1734 and 1984.



Alberta Added RSSX 9022 LEAF enroute to Kinder Morgan/Imperial Oil reload in Sherwood Park.

Saskatchewan Added (scroll down to R) Added Richardson Pioneer 003.







Rolling Stock


Cabooses. Added 78755 a transfer van without cupola.



Freight steam era Added (scroll down) 42209 old 40 foot double door box car.
Diesel era Added 42595 modern 50 foot for auto parts. (hoods and fenders).

ONR Created new galleries relocating existing photos and adding work equipment spreader, pile driver, rapid unloader (whatever that is!) snow plows, business car Onakawana and lunch counter car Meechim for Polar Bear Express.

Freight equipment added some different box cars: ONT 7449, 90656, 91009 and 92076. Colour coded doors explained.

Also, passenger equipment, added (scroll to bottom) four photos of newest coaches recently given major overhaul by ONR.




Added MacMillian Yard aerial views. also, Symington Yard booklet 1958 PDF inc. history of predecessor yards and shops.

ONR New gallery starting with a sand house.



Interurbans Railways and electric lines.

Levis County Tramway Added old photos of streetcars 49, 83 and 102 in 1940's.
























August 1, 2017


GMD feature article photos of GM F unit demos. Thanks to visitor Edwin Cooper for correcting year from 1948 to 1947.




Old Articles



Canadian Car 1906 Detailed article about entire plant.



Montreal Tramways

Short article about a tamper, an advancement in street track work previously done manually.

Mount Royal Tunnel 1914 article about electrification.


Interurban and Electric Railways

Radial Railways Index (scroll to very bottom)
Old 1895 advertisement local car builder
Patterson & Corbin

Detroit River Tunnel
Article 1909 about first electric locomotive.



CPR Algoma District

Schreiber Subdivision Added to yard engine gallery photo of 7063 in faded Script paint scheme.


CPR Ontario District

CPR London Division G & G branch Added photo of 6537 working Guelph Yard job with well-known engineer!


CPR Trenton Division Added leased unit BN 6312.

Created a new gallery Doug Hately's Bowmanville Gallery. Freight trains through Doug's home town over many years.
Lots of leased power that frequented CP Rail for many years. See what else there was. Some surprises for sure!

Smiths Falls roundhouse.
Added 7025 yard diesel equipped for road service and about to go to Brockville.
Compare to earlier paint scheme in Gallery (scroll down) Also, added 7016 at top.



CPR Lambton Yard steam yard engines gallery added (scroll down) M4 class 3441, 3462 and 3491.

CPR Toronto Yard Started new gallery for leased power. Several different roads.




Toronto Streets

Added Front Street West with Queen's Hotel 1867 and later years also its replacement CP's Royal York.





Photograph Galleries


Following Port Rowan Mixed Mogul 80 in 1955. Added one more photo Bud Laws found in this very interesting railfan
chase shows head-on view 2615 of Way Freight meeting 80 on Mixed. Worth a look through the entire gallery.



CNR Steam

Mikados Added 3201 and 3290 from the vast collection of Bud Laws. Unfortunately, no known location or dates.


CNR US subsidiaries Added GTW 2671.


CNR Diesel

GP7 Added 1710 in its second series numbering. More renumberings to come!


CNR self-propelled cars.

Added (scroll down) 1946 photo of 15832 on a branch run, and 15836. Plus colour of D-1 three car motor train.


CPR steam

Added M4 class two photos 3442 in Quebec City winter scenes also, 3472 fresh out of Ogden shops in 1950.


CPR diesel

H16-44 Added great photo of 8720 smoking it up and moving fast! Also, (scroll to bottom) 8709.


CP Rail era

Created new gallery for power assigned to Nelson diesel shop. Several photos 1980's.




Remanufactured units

1200 Added 1205 1500 Added 1505.


GO loco gallery Added (scroll way down) Subsequent owners Amtrak 199 enroute to Amtrak.

ONR steam. Something new. Added a photo of 314 digitally coloured by Steve Woolfrey.


PGE steam Added 2-8-2T&T 2 ex Comox Logging 7.


VIA Rail

Added (scroll way down) B&W photo MLW B unit 6868.

Added (scroll farther) photos of 1410 and 1961 both ex CP units. Also, moved other ex CP units here from CP Rail gallery.


Shortlines steam GWWD Added #1 0-4-0T


Shortlines diesel



Added (scroll down) two photos CCGX 5202 a rare model SD38AC ex DM&IR nee B&LE plus previous owner photos.

Nova Scotia DEVCO Added (scroll down) photo of 20.


Locomotive Dealers

Andrew Merrilees Added (scroll down) IREX 200 and (scroll down farther) AMLX 401.

Demonstrators Added great colour photo of UP 676 one of four Alco DL640 RS-27's. Sold to MLW and later DEVCO.




Alberta Added RSSX 1085 GP10 switching Cargill in Camrose.

Saskatchewan New gallery created for Parrish & Heimbecker. Added 5 and 6 slug set, plus 10 all at Tisdale.

Ontario See What's New in this Gallery.

New Brunswick Fraser Paper Added two photos of rare (only one in Canada) Plymouth Flexomotive



BC diesel Added Crown Forest 7128 Baldwin.


Rolling stock

CPR Freight (steam era) added 42209 staggered double door 40 foot box

Freight (diesel era) Added 42595 modern 50 foot double door bix car used for auto parts.


ONR Freight Added box cars 90656, 91009 and 92076.

PGE Freight. Added three colour photos of box cars, some brand new, some far from home.



CNR Predecessor roads. Added 1867 photo of GTR General Offices in downtown Toronto.

CNR created new gallery for roundhouses moving exisiting photos from main page where large roundhouses links remain.
Added Kamloops.

CNR water tanks. Added Kamloops. (same as above).

CPR BC Only Created new gallery for power assigned to Nelson diesel shop. Several photos 1980's.



CNR West. Added (scroll to bottom) Kamloops still in use by VIA.

CNR East

Started new gallery for Maritimes beginning with Musquodoboit, NS now a railway museum and French Village a gift shop.

CNR Ontario Added colour photo of Angus in 1957.



Tourist Railways

Added two old photos of Cagney live steam train in Springbank Park, London.

Okanagan Wine Train. New gallery for this short-lived tour train.

Prairie Dog Central Added nice old colour photo of ex City of Winnipeg Hydro 3 complete with fake stack!

Salem & Hillsborough Started new gallery with RS-1 8208




















JULY 1, 2017 150th Anniversary of Confederation.

No country on the face of Earth owes more to its history than Canada.
The CPR built Canada, not just a railway. Without the CPR Canada
would be far less than what it became following Confederation.




CPR BCCS history. (scroll down to near bottom) Click on link in caption for Princess of Vancouver. Added a detailed brochure complete with a cutaway picture of the ship.



CPR Transport

New brief histories of various truck operations over many decades. CP Freight, CP Express, Smith Transport, Canpar etc.
Also, piggyback and intermodal operations. Includes links to existing material in various articles and galleries.


CPR Algoma District Sudbury Division Gallery Added 3412 and 3491 yard engines North Bay.



CPR Trenton Division

History. Added 2nd photo of 1245_8142 and trackside fire. Also, a seven unit, four model all-MLW consist led by 4734

Smiths Falls roundhouse Added 3408 yard engine on shop track.

Port Mc.Nicoll (Ex GB&S) Added photo of trio GO units handling grain train. Also, 8150 and van for Road Switcher job.
Plus, CN grain train on CN Midland.

Station Gallery Added Elmsley a unique style structure.



CPR Toronto Yard

Road engine gallery

Added (scroll down) 8800 (B&W) the last RS-18. Too bad CP did not order many more as they turned out to be the best MLW Alco units. Well-liked, they were good for road or local switching, fast accelerating, dependable and long-lasting. Previous experience with the earlier 244 engine in RS-3's may well have made for caution with the 251 engine.



ACR Passenger history. Added interesting five photo series taken while riding the Snow Train including meeting a freight.





Photograph Galleries


CNR steam

Added Mixed train 218 leaving Ridgeway. Also, Ten-Wheeler 1135 "Down East". Find out what was happening that day.



CNR US Subsidiaries

Added GTW 5627 with a very short passenger train. Also, 6305 and 8312.
Plus, CV 213 in a busy scene of a passenger train. CV 221, and CV 450 getting hooped up!

CNR diesel Added photos 3034, 3086, 3123, GT 4431, 4456 and night fall scene through Bowmanville and Newtonville.

CNR US subsidiaries Added DW&P 3606


CPR The Dominion Added a great old 1951 photo of operator hooping up orders at Banff.


QNS&L Added old photo of CWR train with old heavyweight coach and built-new NSC van.


US Roads in Canada

D&H Added beautifully restored Napierville Junction (D&H Canadian Subsidiary) caboose at private museum in

NYC Added PC 8567 SW1500 in Fort Erie.




CNR steam

Added interesting photo of a lineup of 6 engines at Turcot roundhouse.

Added Ten-Wheelers 1573 and 1591. Also, Consols 2413, 2432 and 2533. Pacifics 5250, 5265 and 5293.
Northern 6400 preserved inside musuem in Ottawa. Six-Wheel switchers 7157, 7465 and Conway Scenic 7470.

Preserved steam engines. Finally got around to adding a bunch more engines to finish up this new gallery.





CNR diesel Added photo of Toronto Yard shop tracks full of units 1969.
Also, RSC-14's (A-1-A converted RS-18) 1750 and 1764 great colour photos. Also RS-18 3726 in old colours.
Also, newer unit gallery thumbnails M-636 added excellent colour photos 2322 and 2335 in two different paint schemes.



CPR steam

Added M4 class 3403, 3406, 3437. T1 class 5931 two great colour views preserved in Calgary.

Preserved steam engines. Added 2839 in Southern Ry excursion service. Also, 3716 working on Kettle Valley Steam Ry. Plus, two great colour photos of 5931 preserved at Heritage Park in Calgary.


CPR diesel Added RS-18 8745 in good colour photo with Script lettering. Note explanation for yard switch targets.


ONR Added photo of newly-painted GP-38-2 1805 in a new scheme.





Manitoba GWWD Added (scroll way down) Mack railcar 32 in older yellow paint scheme. Below newer scheme re#205.


Nova Scotia

CBCNS Added (scroll to very bottom) 3842.



Lease units. Index (see below for additions)

Ex QNS&L Added 142 and 150 GP9's leased to CPR
Precision National Added PNC 3634 in new Precision paint scheme leased to CPR.





Ontario See What's New in this Gallery.





New gallery for Rectory Street roundhouse in London with 1950 aerial moved here, added photos from 1969, 1982, 1987.



Roundhouses, shop tracks etc. Moose Jaw. New gallery adding four 1979 views.




Added Kettle Valley Steam Ry. starting with two photos of 3716 pulling train on isolated ex CPR line near Penticton.




Added a link to Charles Cooper's Railways Pages. Contains detailed Canadian railway history and photographs.
Includes a very interesting collection of railway themed postage stamps from around the world over many years.













June 1, 2017 Begins our 18th year. All of it at Trainweb.


Articles CPR BCCS history.

Thanks to Ross Mcleod for correcting the name of the Princess of Vancouver in the 1972 photo of Phil Mason.
He also provided a cutaway picture of the ship.




CPR London Division.

Passenger history. Added (Scroll down) coloured drawing of Alco PA-1 2000. This type diesel might have been ordered.


CPR Trenton Division Added 12 photos from Doug Hately's vast photography digitally enhanced by Gordon Kennedy.
Scroll down to Bowmanville for three photo sequence of all-MLW consist led by 4734 with one-of-a-kind 4744 mid-consist including closeup at Toronto Yard. Plus 4 more there and 2 at Oshawa.


Passenger trains. Added (Scroll down) coloured drawing of Alco PA-1 2000. This type diesel might have been ordered.


CPR Toronto Division

Coach Yard

Added photo of NYC 2957 typical coach used on CPR-TH&B-NYC pool


CPR Lambton Yard.

Redid first page with larger page (old 640 pixles to new standard 760) larger colour image. Added 2 great old aerial views with much detail including nearby streets, truck terminals etc. Courtesy of Dan Dell'Unto.



CPR Toronto Yard

Train gallery Added outbound east train led by 4073. Yard engine gallery added 6616, 6618, 6708 and 7090.
Road engine gallery added 4201_5591 with BLE B unit leaser, 4233, 4242, 4250, 4553, 4744 (one-of-a-kind)
Yard engine gallery 1 added 7400 with OCS water tender 415565 off a steam engine.



CPR Miscellaneous

Alternate roster steam. Added (scroll down to links between yellow charts) 0-10-2 yard engine with cut down tender 5806 and 0-10-2 5800 transfer engine with normal size tender.





Photograph Galleries


CNR diesel Added unique set of 10 recent photos showing a local job switching industry on Kingston Sub.


GO Transit

Added (link) Brief History with chronology of service details etc. Also, grouped links to other GO galleries and Articles including CPR Milton line and TTR Union Station.


ONR Added two photos of Northlander train.


CPR diesel

The Dominion Added GM demonstrators 7001_7002_7003 several photos.

The Canadian Added nice shot of 1417 and another A unit on No. 1 at Ottawa Station. Plus, a great surprise shot!
Also, 3 photos on the Algoma Division at Red Rock, Hurkett (ever hear of it?) and Thunder Bay.
Plus, winter in the mountains of BC is a great three photo set of a meet with a freight taken by railroader and new contributor John Leeming.
Note that all are temporarily at the start of gallery for ease of finding as well as in geographical order across the system.


US Roads in Canada


Added NYC 2957 coach in CPR John Street coach yard. Also, (scroll down to Welland) NYC 658 dining car and a coach.




CNR steam


Added 14 engines from the vast collection of Bud Laws across much of Canada. Mostly ex CNoR but also two ex DW&P 1347, 1348 Baldwins. Different sub-classes of H-6. 1270, 1301, 1303, 1315, 1320, 1334, 1347, 1348, 1359, 1389, 1391, 1394 and 1399. Plus, H-10 1447 Check out the two photo sequence of 1389 to see what happened!



CPR Steam

Preserved locomotives. Created new gallery grouping together photos from various galleries etc.



CPR diesel

Alternate roster. What might have been ordered in the way of other models and makes of early diesels.

Demonstrators. Regrouped/consolidated existing photos.

Preserved units grouped together in one new gallery. Link in group of links above first thumbnails.

Subsequent owners Start new gallery Minnesota Commercial beginning with MNNR 83 ex 1837


ONR Diesels Added great photo of 1509_1518 sitting outside the main diesel shop.


QNS&L Locomotive gallery Added (scroll to bottom) subsequent owners 4 photos of B&P train passing with 301, 302 rebuilt AMF SD40-2CLC units relocated to another US shortline along with ex CN 6072 another upgraded rebuilt unit.



Shortlines Steam

GWWD started with photo of Mogul 3 taken before I was born! Read about unique one-of-a-kind numbering system.

PGE Added builders photo of 2-8-2 51 one of only two engines built by MLW.


Shortlines Diesel

BC Southern Ry of BC Added (scroll way down) 908 last of the BCER fleet of SW900's.
Also, Trapp Yard new page with several photos and links. Includes annotated map of area.



Rolling Stock

CPR Budd Company stainless steel equipment.

Added elevations and floor plans of little-known planned 2nd order of Budd Company stainless steel passenger equipment.
This included new floor plans not in first order. Finding out The Canadian did not have enough dome seating with only one Skyline and one Park car on each train a new type car was a sleeping car with a dome section. Iindividual quantities are unknown although a total of 57 cars were planned. Additionally, 5 parlor cars. Also unknown is the names for sleeping
and dining cars. Special thanks to Jeff Pinchbeck of the Canadian Pacific Historical Association for this Budd Company document.

Passenger equipment Added (scroll way down) 450249 OCS downgraded ex Express Reefer 5500 series.

OCS equipment Added (scroll to bottom) 450249 duplicate of above.





BC Added (scroll down) New Westminster Yard shared by CP, CN and SRY, all included in photos.
Excellent annotated maps and photos.




Industrial Ontario steam

New gallery for Crown Gypsum Company's short narrow gauge railway in Ontario connecting with the MCR until 1932.
Research by Jean Farquharson courtesy of David O'Reilly.





























May 1, 2017 Seventeenth Anniversary

This website started May 1st, 2000 marking the 40th anniversary of the Tripleheader May 1, 1960.

Once again, thanks to all who contribute photographs and information adding to the success of this website. RLK






BCCS Added colour photo (scroll way down) of Princess of Nanaimo at dock.




CPR London Division Gallery 4 Added three old scenes of freights around Campbellville.


CPR Trenton Division Added (scroll down to Bowmanville) 6619 working the Trenton PU, then two photos of eastbound freight with a surprise! See what is was. A 40 mph speed restriction would not have made it popular with the crew!

And scroll down farther to Oshawa and 6709 one of only two GM yard units at Toronto Yard with one kept working locally to relieve Oshawa unit needing maintenance. Can't have a MLW there! Looks like the boys have found some nice clean discarded lumber!

GB&S Port Mc.Nicoll Sub.

Added (link at top) Port Sub. page 1936 employee time table effective September 27, 1936 also footnotes.



CPR Predecessors and subsidiaries.

Index to railways that became part of the CPR over the years. Links to various articles, galleries etc. on this website.





ACR Passenger train history Added three photos of incredible 5 covered wagons on the Agawa Canyon tour train.





Photograph Galleries



Subsequent owners Added (scroll to very bottom) 8 photos, mostly recent. WNY&P all-Alco shortline. 631: surprise unit!



The Canadian Added further details of a planned second order for Budd-CCF stainless steel equipment although exact quantities of each type is not yet known. It was to include NEW types of cars!

Suburban Montreal Added photo of three A units being transferred by an RS-10 that would then go on the Cornwall job.

Glengary & Stormont shortline which became CPR Cornwall Subdivision. New gallery started.




CPR steam Ten-Wheelers Added D-4 426.


CPR diesel

GMD 1400 passenger units.
Added another photo of 1405 and a 1900 B unit on Frontenac to Quebec. Read how it got dispatched on this train.

MLW S-3 Added 6557 in script lettering. Winnipeg.


Created new gallery for Preserved diesels. Starting with 6503, 6539,


Created new index to various galleries of Subsequent owners of units sold by CPR. LINK below both thumbnail galleries.
Canadian roads including OSR, OC, QC, CFS, and American roads including MNNR, WNY&P, SM, BR&W.
Industries inc. HBM&S and USSC. Many photos added throughout. If you have anything of subsequent owners to contribute CONTACT US


QNS&L Subsequent owners (scroll down) added CP 5407 also, (link) Precision National sold added C&NW 4521





CEMR Added a three photo set showing impressive 106 grain hopper car train with 3 units inc. SD38-2 recently acquired.




Southern Ontario Added a shot of three untis sitting in front of the diesel shop.


Quebec-Gatineau Added photos of 3 SD's with interesting history; 3325, 3334, 6904. Also, map of lines.

Romaine River Added GP9 40 ex Cartier.


Newfoundland and Labrador

New gallery started to cover operations in Labrador. Note: QNS&L and Wabush Lake already listed under Quebec.
Added Western Labrador Rail Services (G&W) operating Bloom Lake and Labrador Iron Mines railways.
And, Tshiuetin Rail Transportation.





Ontario See What's New in this Gallery. Includes ancient narrow gauge plant RR previously unknown.

Quebec Thurso & Nation Valley. Added several photos from a 1970 visit by Phil Mason.



Radial Railways

Hamilton Electric Radial

Added better quality photo of HER 125 crossing lift bridge also added old postcard (long message) 1917 track level view.
Plus view from opposite direction of Bascule bridge as well as aerial view showing relationship of two bridges.
Special thanks to Joan Downey of the Burlington Historical Society.









April 1, 2017



CPR Ships BCCS Ross McLeod corrects caption for Transfer No.4 this being second barge carrying this number.
Link in caption for Spanner Cover and caption with details which he also provided.

Old Articles Index Facilities Ross also advises of missing text last paragraph CNP Patricia Bay ferry slip


Photograph Galleries CPR Diesel 8921

Recently John Vincent was able to identify as his a photo with uknown photographer noted.

If you see a photograph not credited which you believe is yours, kindly do us the favour of so advising and will be happy to correct the missing or inaccurate credit.






Website assistant

Looking for someone with experience using Photoshop or FastStone image software
to resize scans and digitally restore images as required.









Ships BCCS Added history and details (link in caption) Transfer No.4 and new terminal facilities.
New contributor Ross McLeod


CPR London Division. Stations gallery. Added NYC station used by CPR trains after tunnel opened.


CPR Trenton Division

Added photo of the MLW's "last hurrah" on the main line as 5 units (4210-1838-1837-4216-4230) head to Windsor ahead of arrival of 10 HLCX leasers that would end their days. Aware of this, none other than L.B.Chapman himself assigned these last units to run from St.Luc to Windsor. The end was near!

Added (scroll to bottom for link) photo of 8733-4465 on 911 leaving "the Falls' with an interesting load!

Passenger service. Added (link in text) some old photos by a teenager, the late Bill Sanderson,
of the last runs of 35 and 35 from an old e-mail from April 2010 of his passed along to OTT last August.


CPR Lambton Yard

Steam road power. Add 5402 and 5403 last of the non-streamlined P2's.



Newfoundland Railways

Added new gallery for steam self-propelled cars.



GMD Added photo of FT A&B units displayed at 40th Anniversary Open House.
Added (link) (scroll way down to Aerotrain) PRR magazine article about debut of the GM Aerotrain in 1955.




Photograph Galleries

Train Galleries

CNR steam Added Ten-wheeler 1541 in 1957 read what would happen two months, two weeks and two days later!


CNR steam Added link under "riding" section for previous posted photos of Hamilton-Port Rowan Mixed with Mogul 80.


CPR diesel

The Canadian Added three photos of winter scenes on the M&O Sub. near the end of CP Rail days. VIA coming!
New contributor Eric Clegg.


CPR Ottawa old diesel Added (scroll way down) to Ottawa Union Station and Ottawa (new) Station. Link to Bulletins
covering startup of new Ottawa Station on newly created Ottawa Terrminal.



Royal Trains

Added new gallery for 1977 royal tour that included train made up of ex CP 1201 and NMS&T rolling stock including the two government cars 3 and 4 used on the 1939 Royal Tour. It is said the Queen remarked she rather preferred these two cars to the current modern lightweight government cars she had used on previous trips.

Added photo of 1901 Royal Tour train on CPR at Field.



US Roads in Canada

B&M CPR Pool Added 4 photos of The Alouette starting with B&M Pacific 3625 leaving Windsor Station in 1939
and 3 of CP E8 1800 in 1949 and 1954 Montreal West as well in New Hampshire.

NYC diesels (scroll down) Added Niagara Falls GP9's 6033_6036, Canfield GP20 2109 + on freight,
4051_4005 E units on psgr., and scroll way down to Montreal for 5303_5332 on shop track and see what is hiding!
Plus, D&H 3015 Alco yard diesel leased by CPR during long power shortage.





CNR predecessor roads Self-propelled cars and steam self-propelled. See also Newfoundland Ry. British built cars!


CNR steam

Ten-wheelers Added 1238 with a work train at Sunnyside in Toronto a long time ago (two days before I was born!)

eight-wheeler switchers Added 8297 at Turcot during the Great Depression.


CNR Self-propelled. Added 15700 a weird little car!


CPR Steam Added (scroll way down to colour photo of 2816 on table. See photo 2822 below for connection.

D10 Class Added 1065 and 1085 at unknown location and date. Also, 1104 in a bucolic scene that has been identified as
"Definitely Plaster Rock. I went across that bridge and climbed that hill on my bicycle many times. Great to see the picture." Iain Dunlop. Thanks to Danny McCracken for making the connection.

G5 class Added 1230 in winter and 1231 with commuters in colour and 1300. All made it to the end of the steam era.


L and M class 2-8-0's added photo of 732 on 1901 Royal train (same as above under Trains)


CP Rail Diesels (scroll way down to second set of thumbnails)

8921 Added two photos (left & right sides) chop nosed and wearing wrong angle nose stripes!



NAR Steam Added 52 near the end of steam in 1960.


Shortlines Diesel


Winnipeg Hydro. Added (scroll to bottom) nice colour photo of ancient Mack railbus.




Alco UP 2903_2904 Alco C-630's on CPR and CNR inc. details of use.





Quebec CAD Rail Services Added 1825 plant switcher in brand new paint scheme. Note: 2001 finally in for wreck repairs.



Rolling stock

CP Added dynamometer car 62 used to test pulling power of steam and diesel locomotives.





CPR standard portables. Small enough to be easily moved on a flat car! Blueprints included!

CPR stations Other divisions in Ontario Scroll down to Ottawa to link to New Ottawa station 1966
NOTE: Same link as in CPR Diesel gallery above



Radial Railways

Added new gallery for the short-lived and obscure South-Western Traction, later London & Lake Erie.

Street Railways, etc.


Added photo of Brantford Electric streetcar in which an interesting store can be seen. Read its history and see if you remember these stores in your home town.

H^opital St. Jean de Dieu. Added photo of electric freight train on private railway serving asylum.
See also previous photos of a railway INSIDE the hospital corridors!





Added coloured card of Allan Herschell miniature Streamliner park train to compare with earlier real live steam Cagney.




Website assistant

Looking for someone with experience using Photoshop or FastStone image software
to resize scans and digitally restore images as required.











March 1, 2017




CPR Bruce Division
Bruce Branches Elora, Teeswater and Walkerton Subdivisions.
Added old photo of Teeswater shop area showing ancient coal derrick and tiny two-stall enginehouse.

20th century station gallery Added Mono Road in early scene.




CPR London Division

Photograph Galleries. Gallery of power Added CP Rail 5599 brand new SD40-2 fresh out of GMD.
Plus, Precision National 3445 one of a number of leased units. Also D-10 1048


CPR Trenton Division Gallery steam Added 1049 at Oshawa in 1936.


CPR Lambton Yard Road engines gallery Added some more D10's 1930's - 1950's. 1017, 1038 and two of 1058.



CPR Ten Year Locomotive Program Added photo of last RS-18 1868 (69th unit) oushopped Angus.


QCR Added 1083 near the end of the steam era in 1960.



CNR Predecessors

Canadian Northern Ontario

Added (scroll down) former Bay of Quinte old photo card view of Yarker. Courtesy of new contributor


Thousand Islands Added better photo of home made 500 preserved and on display.



Algoma Central Locomotive gallery Added (scroll down) 183 on lease to CP Rail (as were all SD40-2's 183-188.
This was during a time of serious power shortage on CP Rail with untis leased from all over North America.

Roberval-Saguenay Added (link in caption) great aerial view of Rio Tinto's Port Alfred facility.






Photograph Galleries


Carnival and Circus New gallery combining photos already in existing galleries.

Cartier Added RS-18 65 in original paint scheme.

CNR Riding the IB&O Mixed. A brief reminiscence early 1940's. New contributor Gren Schrader.


CPR The Dominion Added (near top) G3 Pacific 2339 in northern Ontario. Also, (scroll down to Royal Hudson segment, then Montreal - Sudbury) Added 2858 and 2859.

CPR Riding the Scoot. Old article about famous mixed train between Brownville, Jct. Maine and Megantic, Quebec.
Includes maps of various points along the line.

CPR Ottawa old diesels. Added (scroll way down) E8 1802 mu'ed with F9B 1902. It was beyond rare to ever see an E8 in m.u. with any unit other than another E8.



BCR diesels. Added RCC-2 remote control car. MLW B-unit conversion. Included in BC Rail page below.

BC Rail Added (scroll way down) 705 enroute to GE Erie 29 trade-in units one of which became GECX 5000 demo unit. Read about this unique remanufacturing program that kept them as MLW powered units! It still is in use on a shortline. Also, 751 and three photos 4610-3623-4614 all GE 6-axle high horsepower units. Subsequent owners (scroll down) includes MHWA 642 and DL 3000 ex GECX 3000 in brand new paint scheme.


CNR steam

Preserved and displayed locomotives.
Started new Gallery grouping together existing photos already here at various thumbnails etc.
New additions to come/welcome


Standard 4-4-0 start with 392 ex GTP (top of main page).

Moguls Added 619 and 877 in Lindsay and Saskatoon from 1930's (before I was born!)

Added a bunch of Ten-wheelers across much of Canada decades ago starting with some from well-known photographer
Lawrence A Stuckey 1011 then other photographers 1055 (check caption), 1111, 1138, 1139 and 1174. Some 1940's 1950's in Atlantic Canada. Some unknown. Back to Stuckey for first photo sub class H-4-a 1223 then 1303, 1321, 1333.

Consolidation Added 2418 ex CNoR built by Canada Foundry, Toronto. Also, 2744 oil-fired.



CNR Diesel

GMD1 Added 1070 last order A-1-A trucked units.

CLC H12-44 Added 1625 and 1648 in newer paint scheme.

CLC H16-44 Added 2210 and 2217 last of 18 units in newer paint scheme.

GMD F7 Added 9104 with blanked out cab to prevent use excpet as B unit due to non-compliant safety device. Recent changes required RSC (reset safety control) in place of old style deadman pedal. Units were near retirement.
Also, 9164 with snow plow shield.

CLC CFA16-4 Added 9302 and 9305 old paint also 9318 in new CN paint scheme.



CPR Steam D10 Added 1044 in old undated scene, possibly in NB?

G3 Added 2324 new.

G3 Added 2400 brand new

G2 Added 2527 (see who is riding the rails!) and 2605.

G4 Added 2700 early

CPR steam Ottawa West B&W Added (scroll way down) 3 photos 2927 inc. doubleheading with 2200!



CP Rail diesel Added KCS 1869 a GG20B Green Goat in Alyth enroute to buyer.

(scroll down to second set of thumbnails)
Added new page for 1000 series "daughter" units. Starts with 1010 ex 6700 SW8 and 1020 ex 7405 SW9.


QNS&L Locomotive gallery.
Added (scroll to bottom = subsequent owners) GP9 132 (bottom) one of 20 units sold to PNC and leased to CN & CP.

TH&B steam Added two great old photos of Pacifics 15 and 16 stopped at Sunnyside.

TH&B Diesel Added 72 sitting in Port Colborne via running rights over CN.






SRY added 5 photo set of SRY Rail Link train headed by 108 (ex CP 1627) 121 slug control cab unit and slug mother 129.


Canada Industrial locomotives

BC diesel

Kinder Morgan Added KMTX 820 in 2012 still bearing Vancouver Wharves lettering but already sold to Western Rail (D).

Added an earlier photo of second-hand EMD United Grain Growers 3 in better days.

Neptune Bulk Terminals
Added another photo of ex PTRR 46 a unique T-6 transfer model switcher (has transition) this one shows notch-nose style
of late model Alcos made in USA in particular RS-11. The MLW Canadian version is RS-18 and none had notch-nose.

Vancouver Wharves
Added 820 (sold Kinder Morgan) also 826 old S-6



Added (scroll down) Perrish & Heimbecker 3 ex Dofasco.

Looking for photo of PHLX 4 ex DLCX 1202 CONTACT US Also, PHLX 4 (1st) ex 8454 S-3 at P&H Moose Jaw.


Quebec Axiall Added great aerial view of CSXT 2383 switching at plant. Axiall has their own switcher as well.



Logging railways

BC Diesel Added photo of Howe Sound Pulp & Paper 950-001 later to SRY

BC steam

Added (scroll down to very bottom) Ross-Saskatoon Lumber, Waldo BC. A narrow gauge (42") line a century ago.




Car Ferries.

Canadian Pacific Car and Passenger Transfer Company Added great old view of Prescott station etc.




Rolling Stock


CPR Freight

Added 272014 rare horse car (only 14 wood and these 15 steel cars)
Note: There were also a small number of passenger cars.


Private owners

Added new gallery for Texas Gulf Sulphur Kidd Creek Mine. includes various equipment.




CPR Angus shops.

Added detail last diesel 1813 outshopped closing Angus January 31,1992. PHOTO WANTED Contact Us


CPR Drake Street shops and roundhouse. In the better-late-than-never catagory here are a dozen more of Jim Booth's old colour photos showing the facilities shortly before their shutdown. New additions: Shops, scroll down to the Stores Building subsection for 6 more photos. Roundhouse, scroll down past last photo of 8665 inside the house for 6 more photos of the outside old wooden buildings "shacks" really, oil tanks etc. Or, better yet, just enjoy them all!





Radial railways

L&PS Added two car interurban train with cars 6 and 2.

T&YR Added two old photos of the Deer Park (North Toronto) carhouse and shops. Recently destroyed by a massive fire. Also, Car 50 typical radial car.
















February 2017



CPR London Division Passenger service history. Added unusual photo of two 2800's together on #21. Read why.


CPR Trenton Division

Added great old photo of D-10 1108 switching a plant in Bowmanville during the Great Depression. Building still exists.
Read all about this plant and the company founded in 1885 making Whiz brand automotive and home products.

Steam gallery Added M4 3415

Diesel gallery. Added photo of 519 a DTS mainline hot freight hauled by four rebuilt GP9's!


CPR Lambton Yard

Road engine gallery Added 892 previously a London engine working Woodstock branches.



Quebec Central Added (scroll down) G-2 61 fresh out of the main shops, also D-10 940 ex 57.


CNR Predecessors Great Western Added two very old photos of Paris Junction station.




Algoma Central locomotives gallery Added (scroll to very bottom) subsequent owners KWTC 150 and 151.


Ontario Southland

Updated Cayuga line reopening including photo of the long trestle and the first train.





Photograph Galleries


CPR The Dominion gallery. Added very old photo of predecessor train at Glacier House and scroll down to Selkirk part for this great old scene (above) almost 70 years ago in an outstanding digitally restored image. Also, 5927 by Sawback Range.





CNR steam

Moguls Added 745, 755 and 907 (later re#85)

Ten-Wheelers Added 1008 a really small 4-6-0 sister to preserved 1009.


CNR diesel

Subsequent owners Added CVSR 6777 MLW FP-4 newly repainted in new scheme to match 6771 repainted last year.
This tourist railroad relies heavily on MLW Alco power and enjoyed a big increase in ridership last year.


CPR steam

D10 4-6-0's

Added this great old photo with only the name Thomas A. Young connected to it. No other details. CONTACT US

Also, added 935 (see what is next to it), 956, 983 (1956 comparison to 1941 shot) and 1007 all Western Lines.

M class 2-8-0's Added M3 3379 with its train in NB one of the 4 light M3 class engines that lasted until the end of steam.

N2 class 2-8-0 Added 3624. See what it is switching. This engine lasted until the end of steam in 1960.
Thanks to Danny McCrachen for identifying it.


CPR diesel Added battery hybrid 1700 and RPRX 2402 demo. Details of these units part of 35 unit order later cancelled.





BC Rail Locomotives

Added (scroll to very bottom) subsequent owners 4 photos over 20 years ago of 4 units (inc PGE) on National of Mexico!

TH&B diesels Added 55 first SW9 ordered by TH&B. See what it is equipped with from the steam era!






Started Nelson and Fort Sheppard, a one-horse, 10 mile short-shortline!



Great Western Added (scroll down to big sign) 4 photos of MLW road units inc. rare M-420R 2002.



Hudson Bay

Added photos (scroll way down) of ex HBRY units elsewhere on other Omnitrax shortlines in USA but still in HBRY paint.
CKRY 2506 plus HBRY 3600 on Great Western in Colorado.




Saskatchewan Gallery 1 Added nice view of IPSCO steel mill and nee CP 6716 hardly recognizable.



Kirkfield Kirkfield Crushed Stone. Added a nice old colour photo of 0-4-0 mechanical dinky on standard gauge trackage. Look back too at their narrow gauge quarry steam operation with an eight colour photo set (scroll down to Gallery 2)
newly digitally restored courtesy of Gordon Kennedy.

Timmins Kidd Creek Mine Added TGS 052 Best photo of Texas Gulf Sulphur lettering.

Toronto CGE Added (scroll way down) photo small self-propelled crane. New contributor Jim Little.

Uhthoff Limestone Quarries added Whitcomb 4.



Rolling stock

CPR Snow plows etc. Added another photo of 422027 snow melter this one at at work. New details of machine.

GTR Added this great old photo of caboose with crew posing beside it. Gord Billinghurst Collection


Stations CPR other Ontario divisions Added (scroll down) 5 photos of Ottawa Union Station inc. under construction.



Street railways

Hamilton and Dundas. New gallery started with the pre-electric operation of this unique operation that began with steam dummys, seldom seen anywhere in Canada. Bet you can't find the bell! Link & pin couplers too!
Obviously a big occasion as everyone and his brother is there!



TOURIST Railways and Park Trains

Added ancient old photo of a Cagney live steam engine in Crystal Beach Amusement Park.



Railway Construction Contractors Started new page featuring a builder's photo of a dinky engine.














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