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December 1, 2018


Stories >

Station Agent's Stories

Added details about a Station Agent's many duties so important to railway operations and how in smaller communities this person played a vital role in people's lives. Read too about the long history of Eatons and Simpsons mail order catalogues as well as their connection to the community and local farms long before Amazon online shopping was ever dreamt of. It includes a short story that shows the character of George towards local residents.




Connaught Tunnel Added old 1932 photo of tunnel entrance on main page and (link) History page.


CPR Eastern Region


CPR London Division Galleries steam and diesel. Added 2410 in colour. See what is being done to it on shop track.


CPR Smiths Falls Division

Smiths Falls yard.
Added three more photos of one-of-a-kind Caterpillar-powered 4711 coming and returning through the Falls along with two photos of train of multi-levels with 5553_5558 all part of a three day visit by the photographer.


CPR Toronto Division

Lambton Yard Added great old photo (scroll down to History and click on link to Lambton Mills) showing The Lambton Mills Inn after milling ended. Sadly, it burned down the year after this postcard date. However, nearby Lambton House still stands and is used for historical purposes. Lots of history was nearby including the five Humber River bridges all within a few hundred feet of each other! TSR streetcar loop, TSR radial line, CVR station!

Lambton road diesels Added (scroll down) UP 1610_1601.
I despised these covered wagons that were dug out of the scrap line in Cheyenne, Wyoming, since their lease prevented the return of steam to handle a huge increase of traffic exporting wheat to Russia during a failed crop season there. No others could be found anywhere. They had to be kept together and not m.u ed with other units due to their having manual transition something our engineers were not familiar with causing them difficulties. Furthermore, they were well-worn and had to be given a 10% tonnage reduction even in summer! It would have to be a pretty bad winter in southern Ontario to apply a tonnage reduction to our power. About 65 steam engines were held from scrapping as a strategic reserve. Sad!


CPR Toronto Yard >

Road engine gallery. Added (scroll way down to TH&B pool) THB 71 working possibly Scarboro Industrial during layover.


CPR Subsidiaries >

CPEL Added (scroll way down) photo of LE&N high bridge in Waterford.


CNR Predecessors >

GTR Added (link Click twice to enlarge)
Toronto Suburban Service Time Table 1891. York (Danforth) - Weston and Toronto (Union) - Mimico.


CNR Miscellaneous

Newfoundland's Railways

CNR Years.

Rolling stock Added wooden coach 502 the only operating piece of equipement anywhere! Learn where.




Toronto Belt Line

Added (scroll way down to Humber Loop) two more photos of former Lambton Station long used as a residence.
These show different angles revealing an unusual "nothing like it" addition that may have been added after abandonment.


Photographs Added old Bank of Toronto banknotes with train $10 and steam engine $20. Plus, Traders Bank of Canada $20 and Sterling Bank of Canada $5 banknotes.
Also, interesting very old photo of short passenger train at Almonte. Unknown date or engine number.



Rail Car Ferries Added old photo of Buffalo & Lake Huron operated International Car Ferry which was discontinued when
the International Bridge was built conecting Canada and USA.




Photograph Galleries >


CNR Steam Added 5565 at the GTR Whitby station which still exists as Station Gallery a popular place.

GO Added interesting view of cab control car 100 leading a train of Bi-Levels out of Hamilton.

Royal trains. Added photo of 4035_4034 on Stoney Creek bridge carrying Princess Margaret on a tour of Canada.

VIA Rail Added (scroll way down to RDC section) 9022 still in full CP Rail paint on Calgary-Edmonton run.
Also, scroll down to very bottom to see highway coach VIA 4701 connecting to/from PEI. Anyone have other bus photos?



BCR diesels Added (scroll down) 752 in old colours.


CNR steam

Preserved. Added (scroll down) 5093 at Casino Regina.


CNR Diesels

Early diesels

Added color photo of one-of-a-kind box cab 77.


Tempo units Added 3887 still in old colours after mods. Also, 3151_3150 in new CN Tempo paint scheme..


Added (scroll down to Southgate Collection) Added many photos of 6304 and 6311 in prior ownerships and many paint schemes including SP and WP, on WIR freight, a well as CN and Confederation Train 1967.


CPR steam

D-10 class

972 was another steam locomotive I had a direct hand in preserving and would later enjoy an all-day cab ride on the famed "Ma & Pa" in Pennsylvania after George Hart restored it to operation with the aid of boilermaker Ben Kantner and others.
It later ran out of historic Jim Thorpe, PA. along with 1098 he later acquired. Sadly, 972 went to Strasburg for overhaul
and never recovered. It sits in many pieces neglected and unwanted, a sad end to George's hard work.


2800's (4-6-4's non-Royal) Added (scroll down to end 2816 Gallery ) added (scroll to very bottom) photo of 2816 at Steamtown USA along with brief history of F.Nelson Blount and his Steamtown USA collection which included other CPR and CNR steam locomotives, some of which operated. I recall a visit and cab ride in 2317 at Steamtown in Scranton then walking past 2816 sitting forlornly and thinking "Wouldn't it be something to see her working again?" Never thinking it would ever happen! And then, one day I got a private phone call from "Montreal" that began "This conversation never took place" going on to reveal that the CPR was acquiring 2816 repatriating it to Canada, overhauling it and running it! I am thinking I should ask who am I tallking to, yet I really knew. He also said "I knew you would want to know, it will be official in about a month." Of course I kept that news confidential. When it ran out of Toronto making history, I was part of that as a volunteer working the train for two seasons. Thousands of people, young and old rode behind 2816 and many throusands more lined
the land to watch and hear her pass by. Sadly, it came to an end too soon. I am waiting for another miracle!

U3 class 0-6-0 Added (scroll down) 6262 switching with fireman taking it easy on this oil-fired engine!

V class 0-8-0 Added (scroll down) 6920 switching passenger equipement in Montreal. .


CPR Diesel

Added closeup of Smokey Bear 50 Years emblem on side of 5902.
Also, a colourful photo of four FM-CLC units in different paint schemes on shop track in Trail, BC

8900 Train Master Added (scroll down below early B&W photos) colour photo 8901 still in Block lettering at Hochelaga.
Scroll down some more to see 8914 ssecond of two units assigned to St.Luc for the Hochelaga Transfer.

HS Hydraulic Switcher Added 13 see what the ground crew is doing!

Demonstrator units.
Added (scroll down) UP 2904 Alco C-630 that resulted in CPR ordering 37 units, first of the MLW 6-axle power on roster.

Subsequent Owners

Delta Southern Added DSRR 1555 completing roster photos.



Added two photos of 602 (inc. down on view) at the start of GO train service. The black looking paint scheme is deceiving in that it is actually deep blue! Also, early views 605 and 606 which clearly shows HEP area unique to these model GP40TC.


ONR steam Added (scroll down) 503 long on display in North Bay. One of only three ONR steam engines saved.



Nova Scotia

Sydney & Louisburg/Dominion Coal Co.

Added two hitherto unknown 2-8-4T steam locomotives 14 and 15. How do you like that ancient terminology, "hitherto" !


New Brunswick

New page for New Brunswick East Coast ( rostered more than 2 dozen RS-18's) photos include subsequent owner and
prior owner of units.



Arnaud Added CFAQ 1003 in current photo in rugged yet beautiful winter scene.

Quebec Railway Corp. parent company of various shortlines.
Added SFEX 3000 upgraded RS-18-3. Note: Just acquired by tiny Sartigan.



Added St.Lawrence & Atlantic 3806_806 Mother and Control cab slug transferred from another G&W shortline.



GWWD Added 200 with its typically short train. Rumour is the two replacement small centre cab units are not working out!


Saskatchewan Added large map of all shortlines.

added MGLX 6901 and (scroll down) MGLX 397082 grain covered hopper beautifull paint scheme from former Saskatchewan fleet.

Northern Lights Added new gallery for this MLW powered shortline.

Stewart Southern
Added GMTX 2213 and 2219 including previous owners EMDX 762 and CR 7979 plus Alberta RailNet ARN 1009 and Family Lines SBD 5120.




BC Added (scroll way down) Viterra 2020 another NRE small genset, second for them which seems to prove success!


Alberta Midland Added (scroll down) NPR 5643 nee CP SD40-2.

Saskatchewan Added G3 Prairie West division of G3 Canada, location in Plenty with unit PWTX 1326 nee ATSF.

Quebec Port of Montreal Added (scroll way down to National Harbour Board) D5 MLW S3 switching port area.


Logging and paper mills
BC diesel Added Alberni Pulp & Paper 76-10.


Rolling Stock

CPR Cabooses Added 435810 wood van in Script lettering.

Parrish & Heimbecker 177, a 5431 cu.ft. covered hopper car.




Reused CPR Saskatchewan.
Added (scroll way down) Unity, SK showing both CPR and (link) GTR/CN stations, both preserved!



Interurban and Street Railways

London and Port Stanley
Added photo of 4 car train (caption missing unfortunately) proving the popularity of taking the train to Port Stanley.
Also, great old photo from a century ago, highly detailed showing MCR diamond.

Metropolitan Added Car 55 with crew posed.


Street Railways

Hamilton Street Added great old photo with crew posing in front of their car.




Toronto Independent Bus Lines

Roseland Bus Line Added much better photo of 39 a Fitzjohn bus. While this B&W photo does not show it, STOP signs in those years were white with black letters! Unlike the common red we all know for decades.
Always looking for more IBL CONTACT US

Bus and Coach lines

Colonial Coach Lines 213 in New York state 1930's.















November 1, 2018



It has been a long time since any stories have benn added. Recently I have been creating many new photograph galleries with photos of reused stations all across Canada. Many for restaurants, some for residences, tourist information offices, small local musuems etc. While researching this I recently recalled a story George told me about one of those stations. Shelburne, where he had been the last agent. Here is the first very brief little story. Station Agent's Stories.



CPR Bruce Division >
Bruce Branches Passenger Service.
Added (scroll down to Mixed Trains) news clipping correcting date of last run of Elora Mixed, plus item about upcoming Walkerton mixed ending. Note: Teeswater and Walkerton mixed trains dates previously accurate.
Special thanks to Stephanie Newall of Orangeville Public Library.

CPR London Division > Gallery 3
Added colout photo of D10 961 flying green flags (and therefore most likely eastbound) is switching in Galt. Note crew.
Also, great photo of 882 westbound on the Stone Train passing Cooksville and local industry with a long history.


CPR Smiths Falls Division Added photo of 4711 one-of-a-kind Caterpillar powered unit.


CPR Toronto Division Added photo of light engine 2235 at West Toronto likely off a push to Bolton.


CPR Trenton Division Added photo of two US units (CV 4550 GT 4445) near Oshawa unusual sight.

Station gallery Added Wilkinson new contributor Eugene Kirkham.


CPR Toronto Yard Scroll down to diesel shop. Added photo of sanding towers.

Yard engine gallery 3 Added (scroll down) 7024 in Block lettering paint scheme including link to subsequent owner. .


CNR Predecessors >

Canadian Northern
Added link (scroll down to Toronto-Ottawa main line) 1933 map of abandoned main line between Port Hope and Cobourg.


Shortlines >

Ontario Southland
Scroll down to St.Thomas Sub and click on link to St.Thomas Sub. full page.
Added (scroll way down to CAMI) two more photos of the extended siding at Thomas Road Ingersoll.



Photographs >

Photograph Galleries >

Trains >

BCR steam
Added photo of VIA diesel powered North Pole Express using NRHS coaches.


CNR diesel

Added interesting old photo of 4294 with a passenger special at Picton.
Do you know what it was about? CONTACT US Reward!


CPR diesel 1400 old paint schemes. Added 1/22 eng 1411_1414 old black and white 8 x 10.


CP Rail Added new thumbnail for SD40-2's. 5565 added also two other images relocated here.


Tourist Added a very unique play train made of wood!
Alberta Prairie Added three heavweight coaches nicely repainted in old CNR colours plus auxiliary water car.
Also, (scroll way down) better photo of Stettler station.
Orford Express New gallery of this fine dining train in Quebec. Unique FL9 diesel and beyond unique M420TR unit.
Rocky Moutaineer
Added RMRX 8011 8015-8013 (ex CN wide nose) also 8017 standard cab GP40 nee PC. Also 8016 with a long history!




CNR diesels
US subsidiaries Added GP38-2 (thumbnail scroll to bottom) GT 5858 ex RI 4316. Also added DWP 5910 in modern paint scheme. GT 6402 and 6412 the latter with a foreboding sky! Also, scroll down to covered wagons section to see GTW 9012, GTW 9024 and GT 9026 in various paint schemes over the years.


CPR steam

U3 class Added (scroll down) great old photo of 6253 in pre-WWII paint scheme. It would be around for 40 years!

Ottawa West See (first photo) what 1227 is doing then (scroll way down) great old photo of 5106.


CPR diesels

S-2 model Added (scroll down) 7024 last unit of 3rd order in later Block paint scheme.

CP Rail diesels Baldwin yard units Added 7069 in orginal Mulitimark paint scheme.

Subsequent owners.

LTEX sales Added (link) PESX 8250.

Added Railserve a contract switching outfit starting with some of nine 8200's. Special thanks to Bruce Mercer for roster data. Also, added SEMO Port link with MRIX 8207 in great new paint scheme.

GO Added photo of EMDX 201 and Portland and Western 3004 ex GO 726 nee Rock Island 381.
Read about long history of GP40 units upgraded -2 710 3300 HP. Also, added LTEX 18520.


QNS&L diesels
Added 311 (ex 238) returning from rebuild one of 5 units upgraded SD40-3.
Also, 151 and subsequent owners (scroll to bottom) RLK 4205.




British Columbia

BC Hydro Added (scroll down) 902 2nd unit of two SW900RS unit order.

Southern of BC Added leased CITX 3032 their first SD40-2.


Added (scroll down) Hudson Bay link (below map) to aerial view of Churchill VIA station. Checkout other aerial of Port



Rail America Added (scroll down to very bottom) Southern Ontario RLK 4205.



Quebec-Gatineau Added SW1500's 1501_1505 and GP38 2008.

Sartigan All-Alco shortline!
Added great aerial view of new 18 silo $15 Million grain centre. See newly acquired MLW second last RS-18 built!


CANDO Added CCGX 5307 5311 switching contract Yarbo SK including photos of prior owners.
Also, CEMR Gallery Added (scroll down) prior owners of 4204 added GTW 6220 and DTI 220, added .
CCGX 4206_4022 inc. photos of prior owners. Replaced 5311 better photo.




Ontario Terrace Bay Aditya Birla (formerly, Kimberly-Clark) Added CCGX 4015 (ex OBRY).


Alberta Midland
Added (scroll to very bottom) Northern Plains Rail Services US ex Canadian units NPR 1410 nee CN 1003 GMD1

Transmark Added SSRX 3612 GE B36-7 in a fancy paint job ex BCOL nee ATSF.

Manitoba Added Cargill 607 nee Reserve Mining SD18.

Saskatchewan Added G3 Canada EFCX 1003 nee SP.


Rolling Stock

Anybody know what this is? CONTACT US Please!

Businesses reuse. Other use, museum etc.
Nova Scotia First photo added CN 5227 at Pier 21 in Halifax at Canadian Museum of Immigration. Representing the earlier immigrataion era before it was built. Nicely repainted after neglect and displayed as its work service time as CN 40109.
Alberta First photo CN 79458 Vegreville Park with the world's largest egg!

Added (scroll down to Museums) CP 437136 at Tourist Info Centre in White River.
Also "CP" 79717 "Kick & Push" Railway Heritage Park, Sharbot Lake.




Reused for non-railway purposes such as restaurants, tourist information, museum etc.
Added Vegreville Train Station (ex CNR 1930) used as a restaurant in Vegreville, AB. For Sale May 2018

New gallery started. CPR British Columbia Many interesting photos

CPR Alberta Added photos of Claresholm as local museum with van 434426.

CPR Saskatchewan Added (scroll to bottom) 5 photos of tiny Percival station and the post office plus van 436568.
Also, Unity with CN van 76655. See what is on the platform, something once common in rural areas.
Once both GTP and CPR served this area. Thanks to Chris Martin, Unity Museum.

Portable station using rolling stock. Added very old (1924) photo of Brickburn, MB.
















October 1, 2018



CPR Ships
BCCS Added (scroll down) hand coloured post card of Victoria Wharves CPR Office and ship. 1907 cancel
with hand written message and address. Did it ever get delivered? Can you make out the address? CONTACT US



CPR Smiths Falls Division
Roundhouse Gallery
Added (scroll down) great photo of 2396 on the table looking fresh out of Angus! At the time (1952) 2394-2397 were assigned to the Glen along with 9 others. A far larger quantity of G3's were assigned to St.Luc for freight service.

CPR Trenton Division
Station gallery Peterboro Sub.
Havelock Added (scroll to bottom) more recent photo of Station Restaurant and Bar plus nearby van 434700.
Havelock Sub. Glen Tay Added photo of new station replacing box car train order office part of new main line to Trenton.


CPR subsidiaries

CP Electric Lines
Added link at top to Ride the Red Eye Home an interestibg personal story already posted under Stories includes old photo
of GRR LE&N Galt Station also Glen station once a residence looking like a house rather than a station.

Gallery Interurban cars
Added GRR 862 interurban car and (scroll to bottom) subsequent owner LE&N 797 only radial car preserved. This car was originally at Rail City a very early museum with a short steam train ride on 150 acres private property of Dr. Stanley Groman who in 1955 opened one of the first such operations and grew a big collection long before F.Nelson Blount. Closed 1974 the collection was scattered but both working steam locomtives still survie! B&H 11 2-6-0 recently restored and LA&L 38.



CNR Subsidiaries

New article started for CNR Steamships starting with to/from Toronto/Port Dalhousie and Niagara Falls.



CANDO Central Manitoba gallery Added (scroll down) added CEMR 4002.

TTR Added recent photo showing Flyunder and GO North Bathurst Yard filled with laying over trains.



Toronto Area Industries

The Junction Canada Cycle and Motors Added link to 1907 advertisment for a little-known (as in, never heard of it!) Russell No.12 railway track inspection car. Also, link to old adv for Moline Universal Tractor and Grain Binder. Ever hear of it? Everyones heard of Massey Harris but Moline is a new one for me.





Photograph Galleries


GO Added (scroll down to North Bathurst Yard) two great photos showing the scene looking off Spadina bridge with yard full of trains laying over and one shwoing a small portion of the sea of towers that blights the whole area.

ONR diesel Added three old (1951) colour photos of a pair of RS-3's working at Swastika.
Also, 1509 on small passenger train. See what's in the background.




CNR steam Preserved Added (scroll down) 5702 being upgraded to Angus Pavilion at Exporal also 6069 looking well cared for in a park in Sarnia where it once was part of Bayview Railway Museum outdoor collection of equipment including C&O 608 (scrapped) and GTW 77137 (now at ECRM) wooden vans.

CNR Diesels
Preserved Added recent photos of 3684 (normally indoors Angus Pavilion but outside for special event) and 6765 indoors.
Scroll down to see 44-tonners preserved at PSTR, Musquodoboit Harbour Museum, including several photos subsequent owners before preservation.


CPR steam
Added (scroll down) new subtitle Pontiac Pacific Junction added great old photo 62" drivered 4-4-0 number 4.
G1 class Added (scroll down) 2216 looking fine on the table at the almost new (July 1950) St.Luc roundhouse.


CPR Diesel
Preserved (scroll down) CRM/Exporail Added 1608.

Subsequent owners

Ottawa Central (scroll to bottom) 4204 various owners including very recent at Alco stronghold Delaware Lackawanna.
New contributor Mike Bischak.

US Roads Northern Plains Added 1510_1518.


CNR Steam Preserved
Added great action photo of Ten-Wheeler 1392 proving she is not just preserved but working again!
Also, 1520 still with its Stephenson inside admission valve gear.



QNS&L Diesels
Subsequent owners Precision National Added Amtrak 100 (photo later as 773) and after 30 years it went to one-horse shortline Middletown and New Jersey 773 inc. latest paint scheme under new ownership. Built 7/1951 and still working!

Added (scroll down to subsequent owners) HLCX 6226 (ex 257) one of several SD40 units bought over a number of years.



Ottawa Central Added (scroll to very bottom) new segment for Subsequent owners starting with two photos of ex SFEX 4204 and recent photo of DL 4204. Nee CP 4204 C-424. NOTE: Same photos as in CPR Diesel link above.


Rolling Stock

TH&B Added (scroll to bottom) van 70 which I originally saved after a four year wait for its retirement and with co-operation of Morris Babcock TH&B's General Manager it was prepared for movement at no cost and it was donated to CRHA Toronto and York Division for the Harbourfront Railway Museum. CPR General Manager Eastern Region Al Hill moved it from Hamilton to Toronto for free. When the museum was evicted it became defunct and T&Y walked away from the collection. Some equipment was saved, sent elsewhere, some was scrapped. 70 was chosen by the city for inclusion in the proposed John Street Railway Museum where it is now.



Montreal shops and yards Added (scroll down to St.Luc for this photo and another below it.) Yard nearly new.



Many additions to both of the All Railways catagory galleries.
Reused stations. Residences, museums, tourist information etc.
CPR Ontario District. Added many more photos new 2
New gallery for CPR New Brunswick. reused for residences and other purposes.
New gallery for CPR Manitoba
New gallery for CPR Saskatchewan
New gallery for CPR Alberta.

Note too the recently new catagory for Business reuse, restaurants etc.
CPR rolling stock portables. Added Glen Tay train order office in box car!
New gallery for company houses inc. reused.
Sectionhouses in use and reused. Includes a derelict house in Manyberries, AB restored and rented out by new owners.
If you have anything to add to any of these galleries CONTACT US


Radial Railways

Index Added second view of Radial Railway Station in Hamilton on post card with written message on reverse side.
See how much it cost to mail a post card in 1908. The stamp was one of many issued for Quebec's Tercentenary 1608-1908.



















SEPTEMBER 1st, 2018


Happy 77th Birthday RLK




CPR Ontario District

Station galleries Mac Tier Sub. Kleinburg. Added photo including freight shed. Also two colour photos later years plus modern photo of it preserved in town long used by Scouts.

CPR Bruce Division Hamilton
Added link to 1890 map showing right of way through New Toronto and Mimico for proposed TH&B extension between Hamilton and Toronto.

Also, scroll down to Joint Section Industries for links to St.Lawrence Cement, St.Lawrence Starch (history etc.) aerial of Imperial Oil refinery, all in Port Credit.

CPR Bruce Division Branches Orangeville Added link to 1914 top map of horseshoe curve.

CPR Bruce Branches Teeswater Added very old photo Mount Forest spur Martin's Pond with bridge.


CPR Toronto Division
Leaside added link (scroll down to sub title Leaside Mile 103.6) map CNoR main shops and yard.
Includes CPR main line, yard tracks and station.

Coach Yard Added (link) NEW map showing John Street coach yard, roundhouse etc. Plus TTR and CNR. Circa 1976.
Also, aerial photo pre-1972 coach shop, pig yard, SP&DC Dept. facilities.

Downtown Toronto aerial views.
Added (link) aerial of John Street and Union Station Also CNR & CPR freight sheds 1930's view.

Added (scroll down to West Toronto) link to Swift's meat packing plant history with added photo of a Swift reefer.


CPR Trenton Division Added (scroll down to Port Hope) CN Turbotrain! Detour.
Lindsay, Bobcaygeon and Pontypool
Added (scroll down to photos) old photo of passenger train at Lindsay Jct. Check out the train order office!

Port Mc.Nicoll Sub. (Georgian Bay & Seaboard) Station gallery thumbnails. Eldon Added two great recent photos of what is one of the best station resorations of a residence I have ever seen! New contributor Jeri Danyleyko.


CPR Toronto Yard.
Shops (scroll down) Added two photos of OCS covered hoppers used to deliver sand for diesel units.

Yard engine gallery 3
Added (scroll to very bottom) TH&B 51 following acquisition of the balance of TH&B ownership all road and yard units
were maintained at Toronto Yard. Note: 51 preserved by OSR.


Canadian Pacific Railway Predecessors
Toronto, Grey & Bruce Added (scroll down) No.3 Kincardine narrow gauge 4-4-0 built in England.


Canadian National Predecessors

Grand Trunk/Grand Trunk Pacific
Added photo of early painting of GTR bridge over River Humber in Weston. Note the early years practice of naming river preceeding actual name. Also, photo of incredible GTP trestle at Camrose, AB in 1918 with posed train.

Canadian Northern Added (link below aerial view) detailed map of Leaside yard and shops.
Canadian Northern predecessor Bay of Quinte Added photo of abandoned ruins of Bannockburn enginehouse plus a nicer photo of Erinsville. Added more photos of former stations that have long been residences. Marlbank, Queensboro, Stoco and Tamworth. Do you know of any others? Got a photo? If so, CONTACT US






CANDO Added CEFX 6056, CEFX 6057 leased SD38-2's for new switching contract.

Ontario Southland

St.Thomas Sub.
Added great picture of 6508 leading train past the Beachville Welcome sign which proudly tells of its baseball history.

Port Burwell Sub.(scroll down to Salford) Added photo of 1594_182_6508 all in new paint scheme with big train.


Roberval - Saguenay Diesel roster Added 63 another rebuilt GP38-3

Toronto Terminal
Added (link) NEW map showing John Street coach yard, roundhouse etc. Plus TTR and CNR. Circa 1976.
Note: Same map CPR Coach Yard above and below CNR Facilities. Check each one if interested in seeing similar maps
and photos different dates.




Toronto Streets

Yonge Street
Added great old photo at the foot of Yonge Street at the steamboat dock. A busy scene with not a horseless carriage in sight!


Local delivery trucks. Added unique looking 1936 Studebaker.






Added interesting old photo of a GTRS Locomotive Engineer's "license". Original size: 7" x 11" so, not wallet size!



Photograph Galleries


CPR The Canadian Added four photos along Kicking Horse River. See what is going on here.


GO Transit Added interesting photo of early single level coaches train at Danforth taken from underneath Main Street bridge.
Also, APCU 905 passing St.Joseph's Hospital at Sunnyside.


Royal Trains
Added 1890 Royal tour of the Duke and Duchess of Connaught inc. newspaper coverage of start from Vancouver.

US Roads in Canada.
D&H subsidiary Napierville Junction Added photo MLW RS-2 4050 and photo subsequent owner FC de Cuba 51501


Tourist and Park Trains

Photos of the strangest railway of all! This short monorail was known as the "Peg Leg", officially Southern Ontario Railway
it wasn't officially a railway at all. Short-lived late 19th century operation it took people to and from the amusement park at Crystal Beach near Fort Erie which even attracted US visitors by steamboat.

Aspen Crossing BIG News! Recently CNR 5080 4-6-2 was acquired and will be evaluated for return to operation!
Added two photos of 8454 and train of mish-mash equipment. Also, another photo of 1624 newly in use.

Okanagan Wine Train (Nagle Tours) Added photo of all 11 cars sold to private owner and stored on Aspen Crossing.





BCR diesel. Added photo of PGE 624 MLW demonstrator that became CP 8921.
Subsequent owners Scroll down to Delaware-Lackawanna added DL 3000 (nee 706) in old paint scheme.
Also, 3007 ex GECX 5000 nee 707.


CNR self-propelled steam. Added ex GTR 3 now CNR Instruction Car 15006.

CNR Predecessor roads. Added (scroll down) Northern Railway of Canada previously Ontario, Huron and Simcoe.
Photo of number 1 Lady Elgin, 2 Toronto (drawing) and 2 ready for scrap.

CNR Displayed and preserved Subsequent owners Moguls preserved added second photo of Green Mountain 89.
Not sure what the engineer is doing is this shot but I do know that young guy walking along the platform is about due for retirement by now!

CNR US Subsidiaries steam
Added two photos of OHCR 6325 beautifully restored to operation. Part of the late Jerry Jacobson's roster of steam excursion engines now in the Age of Steam Roundhouse private museum. Jacobson was one of a handfull of men who truely "put their money where their mouth was." F.Nelson Blount was the first along with George M. Hart, and Jack Showalter. R.I.P.


CNR Diesel

Preserved Added 6514_6614 restored in original paint scheme.

US subsidiaries

DTI Added 217, 6221, also 251 and 254 in Windsor.


CPR steam. A2 class 4-4-0 Added (scroll down) 136 with movie train for CBC series about building of the CPR.
Ten-Wheelers Added (scroll way down) E5 class high-drivered 2088 one of 20 built in Scotland by North British.

Added 5754 photographed at St.Luc roundhouse on September 1, 1956 my 15th birthday!
Unfortunately, I never saw any 2-10-0's at Lambton yard when I worked there as they were gone by then.
Doubly disappointing in that my grandfather worked on these engines a few years prior.

Selkirk Added 5921 in two official CPR photographs. See what had to be done to get the second photo!

Preserved inc. subsequent owners operating.
Added (scroll down) 972 owned by George Hart which operated for a number of years on various lines in USA.
Sadly, its overhaul was never completed by Strasburg RR and he was compelled to sell it. It has been in pieces ever since.


CPR Diesel

Leased power
Added D&H 3045 one of a number of Alco S-2's leased for yard work in Montreal. Only time I can recall leased yard engs.
Also, B&LE 725A covered wagon.

Used SD40's Added 5407 ex QNS&L 211. One of 15 units leased then acquired.


CPR Robot Cars Added 1010 ex CLC B unit.


CPR Diesel Subsequent owners Delta Southern Added 1597


CPR Self-propelled

RDC Added 8 x 10 photo (scroll down) night scene 9020 5147 in Spanner article.




ONR Steam Added (scroll down) 600 and 601 4-6-2 Likely taken same or similar date, October 1951. Likely same train.
Note the highly irregular red illuminated number board!

ONR Diesel Added photo 1308 RS-3 early paint scheme. Also, of 1805 (scroll down) first unit in newest paint scheme termed "Arrow" (with nose stripes). An excellent look!

QNS&L diesel subsequent owners. Added WCOR 307 and CP 5407 one of 15 sold.




Hudson Bay Added (link below map) aerial view recent years of the Port of Churchill.


Demonstrators Added MLW 7008 export model RSD8. New gallery for MLW demonstrators groups photos together.





Industrial Locomotives

BC G3 Terminal Added small aerial view.

Vancouver Wharves Added (scroll down) colour photo of 0-6-0M 22 in 1965.


Gallery Added (scroll to very bottom) link to DLCX 24 nee CN 1271 repainted for White Satin brand sugar.


Ontario Dundas Steetley Added more photos and better detailed caption with more history.
Clarkson St.Lawrence Cement Added 45-tonner #nil enroute.
Blenheim Thompsons Added old photo of 100 switching. Does anyone have a photo of their big engine? CONTACT US



Added photo of 4998 working ferry with new passenger ferry F.-A. Gauthier and photo of 40 year old RO-RO ferry Camille - Marcoux which would be scrapped.

Added photo of CN 9591_9639 switching ferry at opposite end of above route.



Rolling Stock

CNR Service Added 55501 double track plow, 56288 flanger.

ONR Work service, vans etc. Added van 83 on work train.

Private owned cars Swift Added photo of a Swift reefer SRLX 5105.



CNR Roundhouses
Added aerial view of Ottawa East roundhouse including Ottawa Union Station and coach yard.
Spadina Added great old scene of shop tracks full of steam engines.

Added (link) NEW map showing CNR Spadina, CPR John Street coach yard, roundhouse etc. Also, TTR. Circa 1976
Note: Same map CPR Coach Yard above and TTR Check each one if interested in seeing similar maps
and photos different dates.

CPR Montreal (scroll down) St.Luc hump yard Added four more old photos (plus enlargements).

CPR Roundhouses
BC Vancouver Added link (look for NEW) map (official) Drake Street area inc. yards, shops and industries. 1962



CNR Ontario

Added nice old black & white photos of Dundas, Lindsay and Peterboro.
Be sure to see what was going on in Lindsay that day. Safety first!


CPR CNR VIA Vancouver
Added (scroll to very bottom) VIA 1409 No.2 Canadian about to depart former CNR Station having been relocated there from former CPR Waterfront Station recentlly acquired by VIA along with CPR trains and equipment.




New All Railways catagory gallery started. Reused stations. Residences, museums, tourist information etc.
Note too the recently new catagory for Business reuse, restaurants etc.
If you have anything to add to any of these galleries CONTACT US





Interurban Railways

NS&T Added (scroll to very bottom) great old colour photo of 623 in Thorold.


Street Railways

Hamilton and Dundas Added 19th century photo of steam dummy powered train with three cars!

Toronto Railway
Added (scroll to very bottom) old hand-coloured post card of TRC car on Bloor Street with not a horseless carriage in sight!


















August 1, 2018



CPR Algoma District

Sudbury gallery.
Added two photos of 8471_8464 with Sudbury-Soo passenger train. Also, 1574_8209 in two different paint schemes.
Steam gallery Added 1267 with No.28 in USA. Note: The last two passenger steam engines light enough to cross the bridge that were kept ICC approved to protect trains 27 and 28 if no diesels available were G5 class 1238 and 1286!


CPR Ontario District

London Division

Passenger history. Added (scroll way down to Budd Cars) two photos of 9050_9051 brand new.

Guelph Junction gallery two Added (scroll down to bottom) 2206 light engine off push to Orrs Lake.

Station gallery
Added (scroll down) MCR Detroit station old postcard. After being closed and abandoned for 30 years and various proposed uses (casino, police HQ, etc. ) it has finally been rescued by Ford Motor Co. which will restore it for their own
use housing 2,500 employees dedicated to electric automobiles. Additional office space is proposed along with apartments.

Toronto Division

West Toronto Diamond.
Added missing third photo of 4051 North heading onto Mac Tier Sub. after backing across the Diamond. See what all is happening here. Also, Added (scroll to very bottom) photo of CN station in far background of above photo.


CPR Trenton Division

Added photo of un-identified track machine at Darlington.

Bowmanville gallery
Added two photos of Burro crane work train and one of CWR trackwork being done in two different seasons.

Smiths Falls roundhouse gallery Added 8599 also, (scroll down) colour photo 1952 of 2396 fresh out of Angus!


CPR Lambton Yard

Road engines Added 902 credit by Dick George shows West Toronto 1935. May actually be Lambton roundhouse.


CPR Toronto Yard Added 1998 view of Pulldown with 9009_5955_5699




Canadian Northern predecessor Bay of Quinte Added recent photo of Erinsville station preserved by locals although unused and has not been used as a railway station since before I was born!


CNR Subsidiaries

Toronto Suburban, Guelph Radial line. Added (scroll down) photo of TTC 4769 on rush hour only extension up Weston Rd past former hydro transformer station. Also, added two links to Earlier street views on Keele Street and Weston Road



Ontario Southland

Rolling Stock Added photos of HMIX contractors equipment and ex CP 404092 baggage car.



Speno rail grinding train. Added one photo July 1972 on CPR in Bowmanville.






Photograph Galleries



AMT Added MUCTC 1304 one year after CPR ended suburban service.

Cartier Added three photos from 1994 "All MLW era". New contributor Graham Atkin. Also, another photo led by 71.


CNR steam

Added 2141 with BC freight. Read about its history hauling last freight train. Its history as CNoR 2-8-0 built by CLC, its preservation and restoration to operation again!

Also, 5299 see what fireman is doing. Also, two 1950's colour photos of passenger trains in Newmarket and Holland Landing including some brief history of the Holland Marsh area. Remember too this was the first railway in Ontario! The "Oats, Straw and Hay". Also, 2547 colour photo at Newmarket. See earlier colour photos of 5296 and 6023 in Newmarket also 2589 in nearby Holland Landing.


CPR diesel Ottawa Added photo of 4069 and an interesting story of what was taking place at the time. 4069 is still around!


Tourist trains

Assiniboine Park Added photos of 24" Crown coal-fired 4-4-0 still running after more than 50 years!

Alberta Prairie Added photo of GMD-1 1118 which clearly shows its pilot plow.

Hanlan's Point Amusement Park Started with photo of old Cagney steam engine and photo newer live steam train.

Rocky Mountaineer Added scenic view of train near Castle Mountain.

TTCA New gallery for now defunct operation on Quebec Central.

New gallery for the newest tourist train Wheatland Express Excursion Train.
Begun June 25, 2018 it is already enjoying good ridership using an interesting mix of rolling stock with a surprise or two!

York-Durham New gallery started all-Alco powered RS-3's 22 nee R&S, 1310 nee ONR and RS-11 3612 nee DW&P.
Includes 8 photos of various multiple previous owners.


US Roads in Canada

Gull Added an ornate 1903 B&M advertisement promoting vacation travel to New England and The Maritimes.




BCR diesel Added (scroll way down) RCC-3 and RCC-6 ex B units converted into Remote Control Cars for Locotrol use.
Note that BCR acquired 10 B units from 3 builders, 5 models and 5 railways!

Subsequent owners (scroll down) HLCX 6205

Cartier Subsequent owners Added SIXX 73

CNR steam

Forney tank engines Added photo of 45 and yet another photo of 49 but this one shows the rear of tank.

Consolidated 2-8-0 Added (scroll down) 2419, 2615 night, 2706.

Mikado 2-8-2 Added (scroll down) 3480 night scene.


CNR steam US Subsidiaries

Added Grand Trunk Railway System 6400. Ever see an engine so lettered? Rare indeed! Only one known to exist.
GTW Added 6302, 6306, 6312, 6314, 6329, 6331, 6405.


CNR diesel

Preserved Added 6311 nee 6529 part of the Southgate private collection. Nicely restored in original CNR paint scheme.
Includes photos in VIA service.
Also, added (scroll down) WM 305 nee CN 6771 on Western Maryland Scenic which later went to Cuyahoga Valley Scenic already in gallery.

US subsidiaries Added (scroll down) CV 5809 then scroll a little farther to GT 4448 see what feature this unit is missing!



CPR steam

Added (scroll down below thumbnails) 109 earlest 0-6-0's various US builders 1883.


Added scroll down to colour photo 374 click on link in caption long displayed in Kitsilano Beach. Also, scroll down a little more nice colour photo from 1958 of No.1 Countess of Dufferin on display outside Winnipeg station.


CPR Ottawa black and white Added (scroll to very bottom) 6876 last V2 class making what was likely its last run!



CPR diesel

Added (scroll to very bottom) 6593 switching in Cote-Saint-Paul long before it gained historical significance. See: CP Rail S-3

Added 8839 last of 200 GP9's unique as the only GMD GP9 built with 567D 1800 HP instead of normal 567C 1750 HP.

CP Rail

SD40 SD40-2
Added 5641 in the very controversial dual flags paint scheme. Americans took great exception to their flag being mutilated.
Also added B5758 with blanked over cab windows as a short-lived way to cut maintenace expenses. A modern "B" unit!

GP9u Added 1695 ex 8839.

RS-18u Added 1858 ex 8778

St.L&H (scroll way down to STLH section) Added 1594 in old CP Rail Action Red paint. Compare to newer Apple Red
that originated on SOO LINE.

Subsequent owners. Added Apache 98 ex 4227 also Northern Plains 1695 ex 8839.


NAR steam Added (scroll to bottom) old colour post card of 73 when it operated on APRA museum property.



BC Southern of BC Rail Link Added 122 and 112 a control cab slug.



Added (scroll to very bottom) great old (1958) colour photos of Paige inspection car 33 and Packard inspection car 34.




Alberta Midland Railway Terminal Added photo of 1695 from parent Northern Plains in US. Including photos of it as
CP 1695 and 8839 the latter unit unique as the only GMD GP9 built with 567D 1800 HP. Note too that 200 GP9's
were the largest quantity of diesels on the roster which would stand as a record until the SD40-2 came along years later!


Carol Mine added IOOC 431505 electric loco.

Ontario See What is New in this Gallery? Several additions.



BC steam

Added (link in caption) photo of nicely repainted, unletterred Bloedel Stewart & Welch 1 Shay on V.I. .
Also, (scroll down to link in caption) CFP 113 once again on display. The very last logging steam engine in BC to operate. .
One can only hope it might run again one day to honour all the loggers who the forests of Vancouver Island.

Scroll down some more to last Comox photo shows (July 2nd) Shay 12 with freight train on display on VI.




Rolling stock

CNR Passenger equipment modern. Added Tempo train public display. Appears to be on North Line through Guelph etc.

CNR Passenger equipment. Created new gallery for Business Cars starting with 15005 a Rule Car and 15038 Toronto Yard Demonstration Unit (strange term) a display car about the new hump yard. Moved 61201 a very different kind of BC.

CNOR Freight equipment Added 42380 box car.

CPR Budd stainless steel equipment.

Added two more old CPR PR Dept. 8x10's showing interior views with Passenger Department (Public Relations Dept. too?)
employees acting as "passengers". Note the closed window blinds to block out activity on next track! Scroll down to Dining car and farther down to Park Car.

Also, (scroll to very bottom) for current photo of Babbling Brook in private car charter service in USA.

CPR service equipment
Added 413159 and 424952 modern newly built long box. Also, 404669 small cube box car modified with end door.
Cranes etc. Added (scroll to very bottom) No. 0-7 shovel mounted on flat car.
Rules, Safety, etc. Added 58 Safety Intsruction Car with a surprise in its long history!


Businesses Food places. Added (scroll down to new segment for Quebec) Subway restaurant complete with "station" and VIA 757 passenger car plus CN 79327 van all nicely set up in park style setting. Also, INDEX added The Depot former station at Craigleith, the Keg former CPR station, London neither of which had any rolling stock. Rails End Gallery and Arts Centre, Haliburton includes tourist info van as well as CNR 2616 elsewhere in Haliburton. Notations added to exisitng entries
that already included a station. Added another photo of Tatamagouche Train Station Inn. More to come! Got any? Looking for The Old Train Station (original Italian eatery) in Orangeville, also Sutton Junction Tea Room at IGA in Sutton.




CNR Yards Scroll down for three links to three views of Turcot Yard in Montreal.

CPR BC only Added POCO shop 8839 in Script paint scheme.



CN Ontario
Added (scroll down) West Toronto which was later lost due to neglect. (same photo as in CPR Toronto Div. addition above)

Added (scroll down) Coquitlam plus this great colour photo of Glacier one of a few built in log cabin style structure.
Also, Vancouver Waterfront Station added BC Transit Sky Train on EXPO Line.

CPR New Brunswick (former stations) Added photo of nicely restored Fredericton station now a government liquor store.

CPR Other Ontario Divisions Added (scroll down to Schreiber Division) Red Rock POW portable station 401510.


CNR Ontario
Added Brighton original GTR station which was closed, bought privately, restored and turned into a railway museum
Memory Junction. Equipment includes CNR 2534 (ex GTR 670) 2-8-0 relocated from Belleville.
Sadly, it was closed at the end of 2016 due to the advanced age of the owners. For sale.

Also, Richmond Hill.

GTR Ontario Added two old postcards Brighton (2), Goderich and Orillia. Not a horseless carriage in sight!


Interurban railways

Toronto Suburban

Weston Road scenes added two photos at new overpass bridge on new Extension to Keele and St.Clair terminal.
Scenes include hydro substation part of very first hydro line from Niagara Falls to Toronto. Long abandoned (lastly ABC Lumber.)

NS&T Interurban gallery 1 Added (scroll down to very bottom) car 623 at very end of track in Port Colborne.


















JULY 1, 2018 Happy Dominion Day!

Canada 151 1867-2018



CPR Bruce Division Mac Tier Sub Added 3428 yard engine (colour) see what this engine is equipped with!


CPR Subsidiaries Added Esquimalt & Nanaimo index page to group various existing galleries together.
Note: Be sure to look at the Victoria shops complex if you are building a model train layout. It is a compact yet complete facility with a roundhouse, back shop, car shop, stores building etc. Even if you are not building a layout it is worth a look.



GJR has record year as OSR completes 20 years of operation! Thanks in part to OSR's "Ass kissingly good service" in the words of Jeff Willsie, OSR President and controlling shareholder! BTW Sturdy MLW's provided much of the horsepower.






Photograph Galleries


CPR The Canadian Added two B&W photos of 1412 No.2 at Banff inc. tailend view.

CPR Ottawa old diesels
Added (scroll down) 7088 (with 3528) link in caption to news clipping reporting first two yard diesels in Ottawa.


ONR Added old photo 1300 no date/location



Rocky Mountaineer New gallery. Off to a small start with RMRX 8014.

SOLRS New feature covering early history restoring ETR 9 0-6-0 including St.Thomas Central and Waterloo Central.

Waterloo-St.Jacobs New gallery started for this defunct tourist train.


VIA Rail
Added 6509 with westbound Super Continental in the mountains with a wide mixture of equipment including a CN RS.





AMT Added (scroll down) 1342 (ex GO) in attractive new paint scheme.

BCR Added (scroll down) 761 (Locotrol master unit) and other units on shop track North Van.




Mountain Added (scroll down) 6043 preserved in Winnipeg.

Northern Added (scroll down) 6250 colour.

Six-wheel-switchers Added (scroll down) 7450 colour.





Steam D-10 class Added (scroll down) 989 with an extra water tender for bad water subdivisions.
G3 class 4-6-2 Added (scroll down) 2464 that illustrates the difficulty in photographing with slow speed (ASA 25) colour.
V class 0-8-0 Added (scroll down) 6946
W class 0-10-0 Added 6952 last of only three yard engines of this wheel arrangement. Each had a different tender! See all 3.



HS Added photo of 14 and 15 fresh out of CLC Kingston.

SD40 used Added 5430 part of 10 units bought after being leased.

Remanufactured SW1200RS to yard units. Added 1251 in new corporate identity Canadian Pacific.

Remanufactured GP9y Added 1598 in new paint scheme for new corporate i.d. CP Rail System.

Subsequent owners

New gallery Buffalo Southern acquired 1847 and 4212 previously sold to Genesee Rail One owned Quebec-Gatineau.

New gallery Foster Townsend Rail Logistics a transload facility barge/rail. 8201 and 8223.

ONR Added 1603 GP9m, 1601 and 1605 GP9's. Note that ONR added SG's to all six of their GP9's.
Also, 1733, 2nd unit in new "Arrow" paint scheme and 1802 with something else interesting.


PGE steam Added (scroll down) 162 second last steam engine. See what the engineer is doing.


PGE diesel

Added 556 one of six 70-tonners that started off dieselization (plus a single 65-tonner).
Also, (subsequent owners) See where all it went and where it is today!



Shortlines Steam New gallery for Stave Falls an obscure shortline built for a hydro-electric dam project. Long gone


BC Southern Ry of BC Added 385 Canada's first SD35!



BC Added (scroll down to very bottom) Western Canada Steel ex CP 6574 and 6583.

Ontario CGE Peterborough Added CGEX 10001 four truck depressed flat.



Rolling Stock


Budd Stainless Steel Added (scroll down) photo of passengers inside a Chateau bedroom.

Freight equipment from steam era. Added 269300 marked WA = Waiting Angus for destroyal.

Work service equipment. Added 411389 (scroll down) typical heavyweight passenger car downgraded to work service.

Auxiliary cranes Added 414338 old small crane with typical steam loco tender downgraded to work service.

Caboose (van) gallery Added 437129 with Script lettering Brownville Junction.



CPR Western Lines BC
Added (scroll down) Mission City. Beautiful station which sadly was lost to fire after years of neglect.






















June 2, 2018



CPR Smiths Falls Division

Brockville Sub. added old colour photo of 2202 one of only 3 G-1's equipped with stokers, leftovers from cancellation of the next 100 G-5's to be ordered out of a planned 600 engines! Dieselization!






Photograph Galleries


Added subsequent owners Mohawk, Adirondack and Northern 2456 one of six C-425's and two
M-420W sold to parent company Genesee Valley Transportation.


CNR diesel SD40-2 Added 5392 one of several unique Ontario Hydro-owned units.


CPR diesel

Added two photos (scroll down) of 1401:2nd fresh out of the rebuild shop. This is the BEST CPR paint scheme ever!
Also, 1401 (1st) with The Dominion.



Subsequent owners. Added (scroll down to bottom) RBRX 18520 one of 3 units leased to SCAX (Los Angeles).


ONR diesel Added (scroll down) 1734 fresh out of the shop in latest paint scheme. Compare it to old paint scheme.




This unique shortline owned by Winnipeg has a long history serving a special purpose and always equipped with old obsolote rolling stock many with long interesting histories. Added (scroll down) ancient wooden coaches 5 and 12, lighweight trailer baggage car 41, old 36 foor wooden box car 402 and 613 truly a one-of-a-kind unique piece of work equipment used to spread ballast and complete with a cupola!



Romaine River Added QIT 10 MP15DC with passenger train with ex Tempo coaches (4 purchased). QIT 1 long on display, this was one of three S-4's with m.u acquired new.





BC Neptune Bulk Terminals (scroll down to NBT 80) link to photo of SP 1271 in Los Angeles.

Alberta Dow Added (scroll down to Dow 1010 caption) link to photo of SP 1271 in Los Angeles.

Manitoba Fixed missing link Prairie Rails Solutions

Ontario See: What's New in this gallery


Quebec Added Rio Tinto (Tracy) 8144 SW1001. Rearranged entire gallery into proper alphabetical order.




Rolling stock

CNR Freight equipment

Added 557420 box car still painted in old scheme for EXPO 86 long after it was over. Also, 730009 a 75 foot auto box car restricted to CNR lines they were somewhat shortlived.

CNR service equipment

Added 59017 auxiliary cook & diner converted from old coach.

CPR freight

Added (scroll down) 293517 a new type box car with two different types of doors.

ONR passenger

Added (scroll down to bottom) 653 latest rebuilt coach, also photo of all four rebuilt cars with more to come. (Interior inc.)

THB freight

Added 3538 40 foot box car builder's photo.
















May 1, 2018

Remembering the Tripleheader May 1, 1960

This website was created to commerate a Sentimental Journey.
The steam era in Canada was drawing to an end.



CPR Bruce Division

Hamilton Sub.
Added (scroll down to thumbnails) 5368 ready to leave Lambton Yard. Could be noon Ham or evening (7 PM) Starlight.


CPR Toronto Division

MacTier Sub. Added photo of No.11 The Canadian stopping at West Toronto depot being hooped up by the operator before moving from the Galt Sub. onto the MacTier Sub. Read details of this photo.

Swansea Scroll down to Paragraph Mimico Switch Line Fixed bad link to Junction Terminal. Lost off server.


CPR Lambton Yard. Added (scroll down to very bottom) 5368 on "Ham" and see what else is in this photo and on street.




Imperial Oil East Edmonton Added CCGX 4021 in current paint scheme. Ex CP 8246 one of three acquired 8/2015.


Mimico Switch Line A little-known "shortline" from ancient history.



Stockyards same link fixed





Photograph Galleries



CNR steam
Added interesting colour photo of Extra 2589 with a very short train that is obviously a local. A great three photo sequence of 6023 with local passenger at Newmarket with interesting things in the photos along with link to much earlier photo when she had smoke deflectors (a.k.a. elephant ears), and yet another interesting photo at Newmarket with 5296 on passenger.


CPR diesel
Added (scroll way down to CP Rail section) SD40-2 5821 leading M-630 (not too common 1976) up Rogers Pass.

CPR diesel The Canadian Added photo of 1432 leading No.2 at Lake Louise. (Compare to older shot above it).
Also, be sure to check out the extensive new material added the Rolling Stock gallery (see below) for Budd stainless steel equipment as well as RDC's and new suburban coaches.




BCR diesel

Added 706 (note lack of zig-zag on two-tone green paint scheme), 759 and) scroll down to BC Rail era added 1003.


CPR Steam

G3 class Added (scroll down) 2323 fresh out of Angus in new paint scheme replacing original one. Larger tender.

M4 class Added (scroll down) second photo of 3442 at Crown Street shop. Check out the unusual sand tower!

N2 class Added (scroll down) 3729 on the Kettle Valley. See what else is in this photo!


CPR Diesel

GP9 Added photo of 8688 still in Script years after CP Rail Multimark paint scheme.

Preserved diesels.

Added recent photo of 4090_4469 and other things preserved at the unique Canadian Museum of Rail Travel in Cranbrook.
Also, photo of 6568 displayed at Saskatchewan Railway Museum.

Subsequent owners
Created new gallery for Belvidere & Delaware/Black River & Western. 1259, 1888, 1889, 8142, 8159.

Created new gallery Respondek Rail Corp. and Port Harbor RR

CP Rail G9u Added 1604 ex 8543.



Added (scroll down) 511 one of six F40PH units. Scroll down to Subsequent owners for photo of Amtrak 411 ex GO 511. Also, 411 later resold for Saratoga & North Creek excursions.



First photo GP9's in gallery, added 204_209.



Steam Added 140 and 204 colourized and T&NO 502, ONR 1100 on shop track.


Added old photo 1201 yard engine (plus colourized image) and scroll down to bottom for SG & EGU added 203 ex B unit.





Great Sandhills
Added two photos of startup power ex Santa Fe GE U boats from NRE. They were replaced about a year or so later.

Torch River Added photo of RIMX (D) 1432 newly arrived.



Added (scroll down to Quebec) two great old 1926 photos of three dinky engines Canadian Abestos, Thetford Mines.



Rolling Stock

CN work equipment.
Added 50515 a Lidgerwood. These powerful winches were used by railways and contractors to build and maintain tracks. They were always called a "Lidgerwood" since the manufacturer's name was painted on the side and was an easier way to identify it. They were powered by steam from the locomotive and were quite powerful.


CPR Budd Stainless Steel equipment. Read all about the details of this equipemnt and the trains it was ordered for.
It may not be what most people have long thought it was. Read about the mysterious "Train X".

Added a number of links for new material. Detailed article about this equipment.
(link) Very detailed article about unique Equipment maintenance program. (link) Canadian content and suppliers. (link)
Details about murals inside Park cars.

1952 Study passenger car equipment requirements. What happened and what did not happen. Some surprises!
Requipping premier cross country trains, RDC's for main line and branchlines, Suburban trains.


CP Rail RDC Added 91 on Public Relations trip for a Boy Scouts and Girl Guides outing. .


CPR service Added 3 photo group 403338, 404051 and 368839.
CPR snow plows etc. Added 400849



Business (and other) use of retired equipment. Added two photos of number 9 of song fame.

Other Scroll down to Ninth River Grand Valley & Southern van added link in caption to private car Saint Lucie Sound.

Scroll to bottom CP 434020 (actually CN 78651) Added link to very recent photo of it at new owner as CN 78651.




CNR Ontario Added (scroll down) James Street Hamilton.

CNR East Added two photos of Saint John Union Station.

CPR NB Added two photos of Saint John Union Station one with CPR Atlantic Limited
















APRIL 2, 2018



CPR Algoma District

Sudbury Division Added brief article about Strauss Bascule Bridge in the SOO which was the longest in the world.


CPR Ontario District

CPR Bruce Division

19th century station gallery.
Forks of Credit. Added great old photo circa 1890 showing trestle as originally built AND the elusive quarry spur!


CPR Toronto Division

Leaside Scroll down to Leaside look for bold link OS Leaside July 1953 Added two more days July 13 and 14, 1953.
Steam engine after steam engine. Only ONE diesel! Just about every class and wheel arrangement you can think of.

John Street Gallery steam engines Added new thumbnail for V class 0-8-0's starting with 6908 and 6926.


CPR Trenton Division

Stations Havelock Sub. Kaladar Added nice old 1925 photo of typical O&Q style Van Horne era station.


CPR Lambton Yard

Steam yard engines Added (scroll to very bottom) old 1937 photo of V3 class 0-8-0 6906.

CPR Toronto Yard

Leased road power 1980's. Added AC 188, KCC 103, 105 and QNSL 218.



CNR Subsidiaries
CNR Electric Toronto Suburban Guelph Radial Added (scroll down) 3 colour photos of former station at Keele & St.Clair
showing changes over the years including TTC. Scroll to bottom for 1920's street view in Islington.




ACR Passenger service
Added (scroll down to bottom) photo of Gift Shop (old 1913 coach) in Agawa Canyon at Tour Train layover point.



Toronto Independent Bus Lines.

West York Coach Lines Added (scroll down to link below photo of tickets) schedule April 1949 brochure. .
The Eileen Avenue route ran past our home where I grew up in York Township one long block north of CPR Lambton roundhouse. We referred to taking the "nickel bus" (even after the fares went up) to distinguish it from the TTC. By the last year or two the old Ford transit buses were beyond well-worn and were often replaced by the newer and bigger Twin Coaches. On occasion a big highway coach would be used on the longer Westmount route.


Toronto Streets

Keele Street (in the Junction)
Added two "newer" photos in 1950's including Roseland Bus Lines Ford in front of Subway Hotel.






Photograph Galleries


BCR RDC Added nice photo of Budd Cars on No. 2 at Lillooet.

CPR The Canadian Added photo of inaugural trip of No.1 at Ottawa West 4/24/1955.
Read detailed description with local history of train movements including steam passenger here.


CPR Ottawa
Added two interesting photos. Passenger power on a local freight! Mail service box car on REAR of passenger train.
What is going on here in each of these scenes? Read all about it.

US Roads in Canada

Added (scroll to bottom) a great old photo (before I was born) showing steam engines etc. in CNR St.Thomas yard.



CPR Steam

V class 0-8-0
Added great old photo of ancient 6809. Read all about its long history. Also, (scroll down) 6905 re-equipped with standard tender, 6909 x2 photos, 6922 (read what may be happening here), and 6931 at unknown location. And (scroll to bottom)
two photos huge 6607 brand new!


CP Rail RDC Added 9300 first of 8 RDC-2 converted to all-coach for Suburban service.


ONR diesel Added (scroll down) 1809.


TH&B Diesel Added a recent photo of ex 57 still working on US shortline Upper Merion and Plymouth.




Stewart Southern Added 1009 one of 3 GE B23 units added to roster.



Lease units, demonstrators etc.

Added BRTX 2009 one-only test unit Brandt genset with John Deere engines! Not a success, long stored.

Added White Pass 111_112_113 narrow gauge units built by Bombardier for British Yukon Ry. the Canadian portion of the White Pass & Yukon and never delivered. Eventual sales detailed.



BC Added (scroll down) Pacific Elevators Hunslet 0-4-0. Be sure to click on link above photo for gallery of photos.



Rolling Stock

Business (and other) use of retired equipment. A major expansion of this new gallery of old photos, mostly from regular contributor Don McQueen. Includes many vans and other freight and passenger cars for many uses. Some moved from place to place over the years. Sadly, many deteriorated and are still being scrapped after decades of non-rail ownership.
Do you have any to add? If so, CONTACT US


CPR Stainless steel passenger. Added (scroll to bottom) recent photo of Babbling Brook observation car in charter use.




CNR Roundhouses Added old undated view of Charlottetown PEI roundhouse and shops.



Vancouver Waterfront. New gallery starting with a great detailed 1923 street scene plus a ship (Built 1915 by CPR)
and including current scenes used by several other public transportation services but no longer CPR owned or used. Sky Train, SeaBus, Greyhound, Pacific Coach Lines, and even a helicopter!













March 1, 2018



CPR Bruce Division

Bruce Branches

Stations: 19th century gallery Teeswater Sub. Added old photo Waldermar with people posing.

Orangeville Subdivision. Orangeville Yard Added link to Superior Portland Cement hand coloured postcard 1907 and message! Added (scroll down) Cataract Added link 1923 map of track layout including quarry spur, turntable etc. then,
added old aerial panoramic view of Forks of Credit. Next, Brampton, Gummed Papers plant about to be demolished.
Just one of many medium sized industries in Brampton and elsewhere on this sub. and many others all over the country.
A time when many things were Made in Canada. A time long gone and forgotten!

Scroll down to Owen Sound Subdivision. Added 1972 colour photo of Owen Sound roundhouse.


Teeswater Subdivision Mount Forest spur added link to 1910 map of tracks and facilities.

Branch Passenger service. Toronto-Orangeville-Owen Sound.
Added two links (below caption 1405) to weekly newspaper story and editorial covering the first diesel passenger train.


CPR London Division
Gallery yard diesels. Added (scroll to very bottom) two views of 8159 switching along waterfront in Windsor.



CPR Smiths Falls Division

Added link to map of all railways Ottawa 1965.


CPR Toronto Division

Station gallery West Toronto
Added (first photo caption) link to Goad's Atlas 1910 showing location of former O&Q Toronto Junction station as being CPRy Freight Station. Then, (scroll down 1955) links in caption to two photos of pay telehone booth! Remember them?
You went into this little booth, closed the door, put a nickle (later years, a dime) in the telephone slot, dialed the number and
if someone answered only two people in the whole world knew what you were talking about! I long for those days especially on public transit when people yap loudly about anything and everything. Personal or otherwise. Often just inane chatter.
Note too what is obviously a publicity photo of the woman on the phone with her little girl. The "train" if it is one, is on the wrong track! Note the man giving a stop hand signal. Likely he was assiting with spotting the units just right place for the photographer.Had the units been on the eastbound track they might have been too cloxe for the camera angle. And, you thought this was just another photograph!


Don River Bridge. Added link Leaside high bridge to a great photo of the completed bridge.
Already uploaded is under construction photo.


John Street Locomotive Department

Construction photos (link) Added (scroll down) aerial view of roundhouse etc. nearing completion August 1929 as seen from opposite angle to earlier view. Enlargment also.

John Street steam engines.

U3 class 0-6-0's added 6210, 6213, 6215, 6239, 6244, 6275 and 6281 spotless! I think that is my "Old Man" relaxing!


Swansea History

Added link in text below 6525 photo for Christie's cookie plant closed in November 2013 and awaiting approval for a massive residential development. Another link for sadly, another Canadian plant and its employment lost, considered as "no longer viable". Campbell's recently announced the upcoming closure of their 87 year old (1931) plant at 60 Birmingham Street in New Toronto. Affecting 380 jobs even though millions of dollars were spent not long ago to upgrade machinery. Campbell's had ended shipping by insulated box cars due to service issues changing to intermodal years ago removing their private siding. It would be nice if the new owners (Highline) of the former Heinz plant in Leamington could take over Campbell's Canadian production even if it had to move there.


CPR Trenton Division.
Port McNicoll history. Added (scroll way down) link to news story 1916 shipping season with details of traffic.


CPR Lambton Yard.
Steam yard engines. Added 6226.


Canadian National

Predecessor railways

Canadian Northern Added (scroll down) coloured picture unique station built for OS&H Ontario's first railway.


GTR Added great old colour travel brochure for Summer Resorts in Quebec.
Also, great old black and white photo of a short passenger train crossing the famed Niagara Gorge dating from 1873!


Toronto Belt Line. Added (scroll down Humber loop) photo of long abandoned Old Mill on Humber river. Also,
Added page for Humber Bay area at bottom of lesser-known Humber loop line with Goad's 1910 map and later photos.
This includes 1950-60's photos of TTC streetcars over level crossing with CNR old belt line.




GMD (scroll down to Export Locomotives). Added SJ 742 a model G12 sent to Sweden and now preserved.


Interurbans and Street Railways

Toronto Suburban Weston Line (scroll down) Added link in caption to aerial photo of Willys-Overland factory

Toronto Transportation Commission Added link to level crossings and grade separations.


Toronto Independent Bus Lines

Danforth Bus Lines and Toronto Coach Lines Added public time table 1953 for highway routes.
This and others were part of the downfall of railway passenger trains especially on branchlines in Ontario.




Added three interesting old photos. Engineers insurance policy beginning of Brotherhood at a time when unions were illegal.
Globe 1910 advertisement for time clocks. These were still in use in the 1950's on CPR.
Also, Samson car mover, a tool that used leverage to move freight cars on a siding etc.


Photograph Galleries



CPR diesel
The Canadian Added view looking down at consist being turned on the wye in Drake Street. See what else is there!

CPR Ottawa old diesel Added (scroll way down) four photos of Train Master diesels, rare in Ottawa. Includes three photo series the first of which is passing near (out of shot) well-known retired CPR railroader L. B. (Bruce) Chapman's long-time home on Gilchrist Avenue. Bruce is a long time personal friend and constant contributor of photos and information for this website.

Royal Trains
CPR Royal Tour 1939 Added (link) map of route.
CNR Royal Tour 1939 Added (link) map of route same as above.

US roads in Canada NOTE: Movie trains relocated to very bottom of page.

Added at top NYC Windsor Station in latter years. Used by CPR trains to/from USA.

NYC-CASO-PC Added (scroll down) three photos of Hagersville Tower including last day.

Pere Marquette/Chesapeake & Ohio/CSX
Added link to large map of all lines Ontario & USofA.



BCR diesel. Added a great find, two builder's photos of 565, 566 MLW RSC-3 (6 axle 4 traction motors). (561 preserved)
Also, (scroll down) 713 and scroll down some more to 4619. New section created (scroll down) for CN ownership years moving here from BC Rail era 4618, 4626, 4645.


CNR steam

Northern type Added (scroll down) 6302 at unknown location. 6400 builders photo and another at Turcot in 1954.


CPR steam Added old coloured postcard of 1991 4-6-4T.
U3 class 0-6-0. Added (scroll down) 6248 what the engineer is saying to the photographer!
Also, 6282 and 6284 on Western Lines.

CPR Diesel

Preserved units. Added 8120 at Kenora RR museum. Sadly, 4723 at Farnham was scrapped recently due to minor vandalism (a van was previously scrapped also vandalized) and lack of funds and interest in a small community.

ONR Steam

Added (scroll down) two digitally coloured old photographs of 306 and 307. Colour photography was expensive back in the 1950's so too did the very slow speed of colour film make moving photos difficult and seldom used for that reason.


TH&B steam Added (scroll down) roster shot of 202 in rods down pose. One of only two 2-8-4 Berkshires in Canada.



GMD covered wagons are here! "Everyone and his brother" came out to see them!



Ontario See What's New in this Gallery?


Rolling stock


Added (scroll down) two photos of PHLX covered hopper cars including 112 one of a big order for grain cars.

Saskatchewan Grain Car Corp. has disposed of its grain car fleet to three shortlines. See details.




CNR Added (scroll down) photo PSC diesel shop with an array of different passengers units on the shop tracks.

CNR Roundhouses Turcot added (scroll down) links to two 1930 aerials of Turcot (bottom) and CPR Glen (upper).




Glen (scroll down) to links two 1930 aerials of Turcot (bottom) and CPR Glen (upper). SAME as above CNR Roundhouses

BC only Added (scroll down to V = Vancouver) aerial Drake St. roundhouse with red outline of a garden! These were common all across the CPR at station and kept by the Agent. Lesser known were a smaller number in yards looked after by sectionmen.


Added (scroll down) view looking down at consist being turned on the wye in Drake Street.
This is same view as above however here, you can get a look at all of the other facilities as well.



CPR Other Ontario Divisions.

Added 3 large aerial photos from 1950 showing relationship Union Station to area including Ottawa West roundhouse.



CPR Palais Station in Quebec City. Added two 1976 colour photos. Note too the previously uploaded 1916 articles.


CPR Alberta. Added (scroll down) Calgary 1920's view plus 1960's colour view of street scene includes Palliser Hotel.


GTR Added link to map of Ottawa Terminals inc. Union Station 1911.



Interurban & Electric Rys.

London & Port Stanley.
Steam era Added link at top to Lake Erie & Detroit River excursion ticket Port Stanley to St.Thomas.


Street Railways (scroll down to link at top of galleries list).

Patterson & Corbin old local maker of electric street cars, horse and trail cars. 1895 advertisement.


















February 1, 2018


E & O

No, not the Erie & Ontario.
In this case it is Errors and Omissions!

Well, an omission in this case.

Late last month an article update omitted a link to an
old article detailing the major rebuild of
electric locomotives
for INCO.

Reminder: Dale Wilson still has copies of his excellent hardcover book about Sudbury Electrics & Diesels.



NOTE: Page count now at 2317! A favourite engine of mine.



Added (scroll to very bottom) link to new page with photos of S S Keewatin following its homecoming repatriation.
Latest happening is the pending move from Port McNicoll as a new developer has acquired the property and wants it gone.
Possible new locations are Midland and Owen Sound. Historically Owen Sound fits best since that is where the ship first steamed from. Additionally, the Owen Sound Marine and Rail Museum at the old CNR station still on its original site along with its newly acquired dining car would add to the theme and attract more visitors. They will draw from each other.


CPR Smiths Falls Division

Brockville Sub. Added great street scene of Brockville bound Number 261.
Bruce Chapman thinks that may be him about to catch the OCS mail being thrown off the baggage car!

Added link for existing station gallery and added recent photo of former Smiths Falls station now a live theatre!

Created new station gallery for Smiths Falls Division stations OTHER than the Falls itself. Starting with:
Carleton Junction and Carleton Place including non-railway use after abandonment. Inc. link to 1901 Royal train.



CPR Lambton Yard

Steam yard engine gallery. Added (scroll down) 0-6-0's 6160 and 6209 c.1937, 1946.


OSR Power gallery. Added (scroll to very bottom) BCOL 644. One of four GE units acquired, the largest OSR power.




Photograph Galleries

Businesses Created new gallery for business re-use of railway rolling stock. Beginning with Clearview Station B&B, Musquodoboit Harbour Railway Museum and Tourist Bureau in Nova Scotia, Ossawippi Express Dining Cars which only recently had a final piece of its chequered past come to an end. Tatamagouche Station Inn in Nova Scotia with the largest number of cabooses. Victoria Station once a big chain of restaurants (only two in Canada) that lasted for a number of years. More to come.
Got any photos? Past or present. How about a McDonald's caboose? CONTACT US





Added (scroll down) colour photo 6701 on historic Store Street in Victoria.
Compare to two older photos. Same location. Three different loco builders, three different paint schemes!


Royal Trains

Tour of 1901 Added (scroll down to bottom) great photo of huge crowd at Carleton Place.



BCR Added (scroll down) 632 ex L&HR C-420, scroll farther down to BC Rail segment for 601 two photos including Starlight Dinner Train plus 602, 603 and 604. Scroll down further to 644 (now OSR) in A-B-B-A consist, also 646, now OSR 646, and GE's 4603, 4608, 4610, 4618, 4621, 4645.

PGE diesel Subsequent owners Added M&B 1012 the only 65-tonner on PGE roster.


CNR steam

Northern type Added 6177, 6180, 6182, 6184 check out the big bag! And, 6200 brand new. Preserved at S&T in Ottawa. Also, 6204 (two), 6233, 6261 and 6262.


CPR steam

P2 class Added (scroll down) 5410, 5413, 5414 and 5417. Some brand new! Also, 5455 with a working wig-wag!

U3 class 0-6-0 Added (scroll down) 6152 with a switchman giving engineer hand signal preparing to line switch for a backup move. All without a radio! Hot summer with canvas awning out and roof hatch open!


CPR diesel

CP Rail gallery Added link to new gallery for early modified GP9 units pre-Ten Year Program.
8200 GP9u RS units added 8200, 8204, 8241 and 8246 with new Beaver logo.


GO diesel Added (scroll down to APCU section) Added 9861 ex ONR A unit later re# 904.



BC SRY Rail Link
Added (scroll down) 128, 135 mother with cab control slug 121, 151 nee BCH 151 rare-for-Canada (3 only) MP15DC.
Also, 905 and 906 (closeup of pilot, M.U. etc.) rare BCE-only SW900RS and 910 one of two SW900 built new with 1000 HP engine!




BC Added (scroll way down) two photos of United Grain Growers 6503 switching the elevator.


Logging steam Added Bloedel Stewart & Welch 1 two views from the seldom-photographed left side of a Shay!

Logging (and paper mill) diesel (scroll down to M's (M&B 76-11 45-tonner) added M&B 1012 (same photo as above)



Cowichan Valley
Added 26 a narrow gauge loco with an interesting history!
Also, 25 a replica speeder of a style used by various logging RR's in BC.


Salem & Hillsborough Added 8245 ex CN S-12
















Lake and Rail Added (scroll down to very bottom) two great colour photos of tug and barge on lake, also Nelson yard.



CPR Eastern Region

CPR Bruce Division

Hamilton Added (scroll down) P2 class 2-8-2 approaching Hamilton Jct. heading to Aberdeen Yard 1956. .

Station gallery
Bolton added 1967 photo. Check out the order boards and who is hanging out. Recognize that thing on the roof?
Woodbridge Added (scroll to bottom) 1965 photo.

CPR London Division

Station gallery Galt. Added 1983 photo. Compare order boards to other photo.
Goderich added 1988 photo plus photo of its present status as Beach Street Station;
London added 1983 photo.

Other history. Changes over the Years. Signalling details. Photo of train at Guelph Junction passing through new CTC signals.



CPR Toronto Division

Stations Leaside Added 1945 view of old station.

Toronto Gallery aerials.
Added link John Street roundhouse and Coach Yard also Union Station. Undated but The Canadian is in south coach yard.

West Toronto Diamond Added (scroll down to link) detailed plan 1963 showing all signals.



CPR Trenton Division

History of Changes over the Years. Added photo of the early style Hot Box Dedector signal and explanation of same.

Doug Hately's Bowmanville Gallery. Added two interesting photos of an unusual move! See what it was.

Station gallery Havelock
Added another photo this one in the VIA era. Lookit all the flowers on the platform! Some paint on that order board mast would have looked nice. Now still a restaurant and two fast food places.

CPR Lambton Yard

Road engines Steam: Added P2's 5368, 5371, 5375 and 5403 (c.1951).



Added SD40 (thumbnail) subsequent owners two photos only surviving SD40 6006 in WC and WGNS paint schemes.

Locomotive gallery.
Scroll down (near bottom) Subsequent owners. Added PREX 1752 plus on Keokuk Junction part of 5 A and 1 B units sold.


CANDO Imperial Oil refinery East Edmonton. Gallery Add CCGX 4008 seven years later in newer paint scheme.


OSR St.Thomas Sub. A little update with a winter photo of 1620_1400 backing over the diamond with CN Cayuga line.



Sudbury Area Mining Railways


Gallery electric locomotives Added (scroll way down) 113_125 the latter one of 5 ex KCC locos rebuilt in Arizona.

Gallery rolling stock Added photos of 14 and 28 two of the many slag pot cars in different empty positions.





Photograph Galleries


AMT Added photo of STCUM doubledeck train led by cab car 900. This equipment all stored out of service.

Cartier Scroll down to Subseqyent owners. Added WNYP 637 (nee CN 2312) with a short train OL-2 to Salamanca.

CPR diesel The Canadian Added a second view the last Canadian ex Ottawa from opposite end of station.

CPR Ottawa old diesels Added same two photos of last Canadian. Also, photo of equipment in coach yard including an
ex NYC View car for Pool Train.


Royal Trains

1939 Royal Tour
Added (link top of page) CPR letter of instructions to conductor and engineer at Smiths Falls. Link; Post Office cancellations.



CNR Steam

Mountain Added 6061 with bullet nose (compare to other photo without).

Northern From the prolific collection of Bud Laws. Added 6104, also 6111 with smoke deflectors and compare to photo without.Plus, 6115, 6126, 6133, 6136, 6143 and 6153 when it was just another Northern and before I was born!

CNR Diesel MLW RSC-14 Added 1754 shortly before it was retired and donated to S&H tourist railway.

CNR US Subsidiaries Diesels Added DW&P 3601 RS-11 in old colours.

CNR interurban QRL&P Added photo of interurban car 454 at US museum.

CNR self-propelled Added (scroll down to bottom) GTW 15805 re-engined with diesel.


CPR Steam
P2 class Added (scroll down numerically) 5371, 5386, 5387b, 5391, 5398, 5401 new, 5406 rods-down pose!

CPR Diesel Subsequent owners. Scroll down to Western New York & Pennsylvania. Added newly repainted 435 ex 4228. (scroll way down) Industrial USA Added LTEX 1206.
Minnesota Commercial Added MNNR 71 ex CP 4711 Caterpillar. See who named for.


ONR Steam Added (scroll to very bottom) "T&NO 137" and display train at museum.


QNS&L Steam Added colour photo of 702 on display.
Diesel Added (scroll down to subsequent owners section) CWB 1002 HLCX 6217 two owners ex 242.



Alberta RLK_AB Added (scroll down) CSCD 1758 relocated to USA subsidiary.

Ontario new gallery Genesee & Wyoming era of Goderich-Exeter Starting with RLK 2211 (ex CP 5010) and GEXR 3393.


Canada Industrial Locomotives

Alberta Added (link near top) new subcatagory: Transload and car storage facilities.
Added Alberta Midland Railway Terminal and Transmark.

Saskatoon Added (scroll down) Richardson Pioneer GMTX 429 GP15-1

Manitoba Added CRGX 609 SD20 enroute to Cargill in Morris.



Port of Montreal Scroll down to Subsequent owners. GMTX 307 ex 8405. All four MP15AC's retired and sold to GATX Rail. MP15AC Rare model in Canada and modified to work as "mother" units with "daughters" (slugs).


Tourist Railways

Salem & Hillsborough
Added photos of ex CN 1754 MLW RSC-14, ex Devco 208 RS-1 lost in massive arson fire in 1994 that destroyed many buildings, rolling stock, locos. CP 29 4-4-0 of NB Chipman fame was heavily damaged as well however, it was later cosmetically restored and displayed at CPR HQ in Calgary. Also, photo of three cabooses. This local tourist railway struggled for several years with low ridership due to its out-of-the-way location replacing steam with diesel but eventually giving up on train rides when track maintenance issues overwelmed the situation. New Brunswick Railway Museum is their new name where many interesting pieces of rolling stock and locomotives are on static display.



Rolling Stock

CPR passenger Budd Stainless Steel (scroll to very bottom) View car ex NYC.




Created (link) new gallery Toronto Downtown grouping exisitng photos of Bathurst Street and Spadina scenes.
Added great photo of 8421 an ex Buffalo Creek (crick) 0-8-0 switching an old passenger car.
Caption date and credit misplaced. If it is yours CONTACT US

CPR BC Added (scroll down) great almost-aerial view of Nelson yard.

Vancouver downtown yards.
Added 1210 switching freight downtown (after Drake Street closed) on Christmas Eve no less!
See also the Good Old Days when Baldwins and Alcos worked the waterfront area.

CPR Added (scroll down) Maintenance of Way seqment with photo of typical section motorcar (detailed specs.) and typical toolhouse plus a little-known fact about these small buildings.

Montreal area. Added link Lachine IMS 2015 also, (scroll down to link) aerial view of Hochelaga 1918.

Added great photo of 3 GP7's backing from Chatham Street roundhouse towards their train in nearby Aberdeen Yard.


Station Galleries

CPR Windsor Station Montreal. Added aerial view 1918.

Stittville Ontario over the Decades. New gallery

Hooping Up trains. All railways. New gallery consolidating existing photos and adding photos.




Last Year's Monthly What's New?







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